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Teaching: Professionalization, Development and Leadership

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Table of contents

I. The Professionalization of Teaching

1. Hoyle: Ambiguity, Serendipity, and Playfulness
David Johnson, Rupert Maclean

2. The Predicament of the Teaching Profession and the Revival of Professional Authority: A Parsonian Perspective
Peter D. John

3. Under ‘Constant Bombardment’: Work Intensification and the Teachers' Role
John Williamson, Marion Myhill

4. Teacher Professionalization in Hong Kong: Historical Perspectives
Anthony Sweeting

5. Teacher Professional Identity Under Conditions of Constraint
Marilyn Osborn

II. Teachers and Their Development

6. Does the Teaching Profession Still Need Universities?
John Furlong

7. Professional Development for School Improvement: Are Changing Balances of Control Leading to the Growth of a New Professionalism?
Agnes McMahon

8. Teacher Professionalism and Teacher Education in Hong Kong
Paul Morris

9. The Enablement of Teachers in the Developing World: Comparative Policy Perspectives
David Johnson

3. Leadership and Management in Support of Teachers

10. Professional Learning Communities and Teachers' Professional Development
Ray Bolam

11. Towards Effective Management of a Reformed Teaching Profession
Mike Wallace

12. Organization and Leadership in Education: Changing Direction
Ron Glatter

13. The Development of Educational Leaders in Malaysia: The Creation of a Professional Community
Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid

4. Teaching as a Profession: Personal Perspectives

14. Professional Freedom: A Personal Perspective
William Taylor

15. From Loose to Tight and Tight to Loose: How Old Concepts Provide New Insights
David H. Hargreaves

16. The Place of Theory in the Professional Training of Teachers
Harold Entwistle

17. Comparative Perspectives on the Changing Roles of Teachers
Patricia Broadfoot

18. The Role of the Private Sector in Higher Education in Malaysia
Thangavelu Marimuthu

19. Changing Conceptions of Teaching as a Profession: Personal Reflections
Eric Hoyle


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