Leszczynski, Jerzy

Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids

Leszczynski, Jerzy - Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena in Nucleic Acids, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Radiation Induced Molecular Phenomena In Nucleic Acids: A Brief Introduction
Manoj K. Shukla, Jerzy Leszczynski

2. Single-Reference Methods for Excited States in Molecules and Polymers
So Hirata, Peng-Dong Fan, Toru Shiozaki, Yasuteru Shigeta

3. An Introduction to Equation-of-Motion and Linear-ResponseCoupled-Cluster Methods for Electronically Excited Statesof Molecules
John D. Watts

4. Exploring Photobiology and Biospectroscopy with the Sac-Ci (Symmetry-Adapted Cluster-Configuration Interaction) Method
Jun-Ya Hasegawa, Hiroshi Nakatsuji

5. Multiconfigurational quantum chemistry for ground and excited states
Björn O. Roos

6. Relativistic Multireference Perturbation Theory: Complete Active-Space Second-Order Perturbation Theory (CASPT2) With The Four-Component Dirac Hamiltonian
Minori Abe, Geetha Gopakmar, Takahito Nakajima, Kimihiko Hirao

7. Structure and Properties of Molecular Solutes in Electronic Excited States: a Polarizable Continuum Model approach based on the Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
Roberto Cammi, Benedetta Mennucci

8. Nonadiabatic Excited-State Dynamics of Aromatic Heterocycles: Toward the Time-Resolved Simulation of Nucleobases
Mario Barbatti, Bernhard Sellner, Adélia J. A. Aquino, Hans Lischka

9. Excited-State Structural Dynamics of Nucleic Acids and TheirComponents
Glen R. Loppnow, Brant E. Billinghurst, Sulayman A. Oladepo

10. Ultrafast Radiationless Decay in Nucleic Acids: Insights From Nonadiabatic Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
Nikos L. Doltsinis, Phineus R. L. Markwick, Harald Nieber, Holger Langer

11. Decay Pathways of Pyrimidine Bases: From Gas Phase to Solution
Wei Kong, Yonggang He, Chengyin Wu

12. Isolated DNA Base Pairs, Interplay Between Theory and Experiment
Mattanjah S. de Vries

13. Isolated Guanine: Tautomerism, Spectroscopy And Excited State Dynamics
Michel Mons, Iliana Dimicoli, François Piuzzi

14. Computational Study of UV-Induced Excitations of DNA Fragments
Manoj k. Shukla, Jerzy Leszczynski

15. Non-Adiabatic Photoprocesses of Fundamental Importance toChemistry: From Electronic Relaxation of DNA Bases to IntramolecularCharge Transfer in Electron Donor-Acceptor Molecules
Marek Z. Zgierski, Takashige Fujiwara, Edward C. Lim

16. Photostability and Photoreactivity in Biomolecules: Quantum Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Base Monomers and Dimers
Luis Serrano-Andrés, Manuela Merchán

17. Computational Modeling of Cytosine Photophysics and Photochemistry: From the Gas Phase to DNA
Luis Blancafort, Michael J. Bearpark, Michael A. Robb

18. From the Primary Radiation Induced Radicals in DNAConstituents to Strand Breaks: Low Temperature EPR/ENDOR Studies
David M. Close

19. Low Energy Electron Damage To DNA
Léon Sanche

20. Radiation Effects On DNA: Theoretical Investigations Of Electron, Hole And Excitation Pathways To DNA Damage
Anil Kumar, Michael D. Sevilla

21. Stable Valence Anions of Nucleic Acid Bases and DNA Strand Breaks Induced by Low Energy Electrons
Janusz Rak, Kamil Mazurkiewicz, Monika Kobylecka, Piotr Storoniak, Maciej Haranczyk, Iwona DAbkowska, Rafal A Bachorz, Maciej Gutowski, Dunja Radisic, Sarah T. Stokes, Soren N. Eustis, Di Wang, Xiang Li, Yeon Jae Ko, Kit H. Bowen


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