Alon, Ilan

Business Education and Emerging Market Economies

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Table of contents

I.Developing A Knowledge-Based Economy

1. Introduction
Ilan Alon, John R. McIntyre

2. Multinational Consultants as Contributors to Business Education and Economic Sophistication in Emerging Markets
David L. McKee, Yosra A. McKee, Don E. Garner

3. What Is Missing from Business Education? Meeting the Needs of Emerging Market Business Education
Richard Reeves-Ellington

4. University Educational Reform in Transition Economies: The Case of China
Richard Fey, Alan Zimmerman

5. Challenges for Executive Education in Latin America
David C. Bruce, João Marcelo Sombra, Pedro Carrillo

6. Business Education in Brazil: Hybridism and Tensions
Thomaz Wood, Ana Paula Paes Paula

II.Curricular and Course Content Innovations

7. Replicating Business Education Programs in Emerging Countries
Virginia Yonkers

8. Linguistic Competency, Cultural Understanding, and Business Education in Ukraine
Lyudmila Bordyuk, Richard E. Lee

9. Case-Based Teaching in Business Education in the Arab Middle East and North Africa
Kate Gillespie, Liesl Riddle

10. Graduate Certificate for Students with Undergraduate Degrees from Foreign Universities: Implications for Students and Schools in Emerging Markets
C. McInnis-Bowers, E. Byron Chew, Michael R. Bowers

11. Training Heritage Students for Managing in Emerging Markets: The Case of Business in Israel in the United States
Daniel Laufer

12. Usefulness of Micro-Business Models in Developing Countries
Charles M. Wood

13. Virtually Situated Learning Environments - the Business Educational Model for Developing Countries in a Knowledge Era
Sandra Jones, Jackie McCann

14. Using Experiential Exercises to Underscore the Challenges and Opportunities of Emerging Markets
Jonathan P. Doh, Sushil Vachani

15. Experiential Learning in Emerging Markets: Leveraging the Foreign Experience
James P. Johnson

16. The Use of Global Work-Directed Teams in Promoting International Competence: The Case of Croatia
David M. Currie, Denisa Krbec, Serge Matulich

17. Entrepreneurship Education in Argentina: The Case of the San Andres University
Sergio Postigo, María Fernanda Tamborini

III.Strategic International Educational Alliances

18. India and Business Education: A Model For Curricular Cooperation in Response to New Opportunities
Earl H. Potter, Badie N. Farah

19. Business Education in Russia: A Siberian Perspective
G. Scott Erickson, Richard Insinga, Vladimir Kureshov

20. National Economics University and Boise State University: International Cooperation in Vietnam
N.K. Napier, N.T.T. Mai

21. An Emerging Market Player in International Business Education: The Case of Wits Business School
Saul Klein, Mike Ward

22. Final Reflections: The Business Education-Economic Development Nexus in Emerging Economies
John R. McIntyre, Ilan Alon


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