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Operations Research and Health Care

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Table of contents

1. Health Care Delivery: Current Problems and Future Challenges
Margaret L. Brandeau, François Sainfort, William P. Pierskalla

2. Capacity Planning and Management in Hospitals
Linda V. Green

3. Location of Health Care Facilities
Mark S. Daskin, Latoya K. Dean

4. Ambulance Service Planning: Simulation and Data Visualisation
Shane G. Henderson, Andrew J. Mason

5. Supply Chain Management of Blood Banks
William P. Pierskalla

6. Evaluating the Efficiency of Hospitals’ Perioperative Services Using Dea
Liam O’Neill, Franklin Dexter

7. Benchmarking Using DEA: The Case of Mental Health Organizations
Yasar A. Ozcan, Elizabeth Merwin, Kwangsoo Lee, Joseph P. Morrissey

8. Using Simulation in an Acute-care Hospital: Easier Said Than Done
Michael W. Carter, John T. Blake

9. Estimating Risks to the Public Health
Rose Baker

10. Modeling Health Outcomes for Economic Analysis
Thitima Kongnakorn, François Sainfort

11. Duct Tape for Decision Makers: The Use of or Models in Pharmacoeconomics
Anke Richter

12. Drug Policy: Insights from Mathematical Analysis
Jonathan P. Caulkins

13. Modeling The Costs and Effects of Maintenance Treatment for Opiate Addiction
Gregory S. Zaric

14. Harm Reduction in The Control of Infectious Diseases Among Injection Drug Users
Harold Pollack

15. The Cost Effectiveness of Partially Effective HIV Vaccines
Douglas K. Owens, Donna M. Edwards, John F. Cavallaro, Ross D. Shachter

16. Designing Pediatric Formularies for Childhood Immunization Using Integer Programming Models
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Edward C. Sewell

17. Allocating Resources to Control Infectious Diseases
Margaret L. Brandeau

18. Microbial Risk Assessment for Drinking Water
Stephen E. Chick, Sada Soorapanth, James S. Koopman

19. Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy
Ruth Davies, Sally C. Brailsford

20. Decision Making for Bioterror Preparedness: Examples from Smallpox Vaccination Policy
Edward H. Kaplan, Lawrence M. Wein

21. Models for Kidney Allocation
Stefanos A. Zenios

22. Planning in the Face of Politics: Reshaping Children’s Health Services in Inner London
Mike Cushman, Jonathan Rosenhead

23. Modeling Medical Treatment Using Markov Decision Processes
Andrew J. Schaefer, Matthew D. Bailey, Steven M. Shechter, Mark S. Roberts

24. Dynamic Influence Diagrams: Applications to Medical Decision Modeling
Gordon B. Hazen

25. Assessment of the Benefits of Anesthesia Patient Risk Reduction Measures
M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell

26. An Asthma Policy Model
A. David Paltiel, Karen M. Kuntz, Scott T. Weiss, Anne L. Fuhlbrigge

27. A Bayesian Network to Assist Mammography Interpretation
Daniel L. Rubin, Elizabeth S. Burnside, Ross Shachter

28. Optimization and Decision Support in Brachytherapy Treatment Planning
Eva K. Lee, Marco Zaider

29. Radiotherapy Treatment Design and Linear Programming
Allen Holder

30. Optimization Tools for Radiation Treatment Planning in Matlab
Michael C. Ferris, Jinho Lim, David M. Shepard

31. Transmission Model Analysis of Nontypeable Haemophilus Influenzae
James S. Koopman, Ximin Lin, Stephen E. Chick, Janet R. Gilsdorf

32. The Impact of Novel Treatments on A? Burden in Alzheimer’s Disease: Insights from A Mathematical Model
David L. Craft, Lawrence M. Wein, Dennis J. Selkoe

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, General Practice / Family Medicine, Production/Logistics, Public Finance & Economics, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Health Informatics

Publication year
International Series in Operations Research & Management Science
Page amount
882 pages

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