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Intelligent Knowledge-Based Systems

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Table of contents

Volume I.. Knowledge-Based Systems

1. Platform-Based Product Design and Development: Knowledge Support Strategy and Implementation
Xuan F. Zha, Ram D. Sriram

2. Knowledge Management Systems in Continuous Product Innovation
Mariano Corso, Antonella Martini, Luisa Pellegrini, Emilio Paolucci

3. Knowledge-Based Measurement of Enterprise Agility
Nikos C. Tsourveloudis

4. Knowledge-Based Systems Technology in the Make or Buy Decision in Manufacturing Strategy
P. Humphreys, R. McIvor

5. Intelligent Internet Information Systems in Knowledge Acquisition: Techniques and Applications
Shian-Hua Lin

6. Aggregator: A Knowledge Based Comparison Chart Builder for eShopping
F. Kokkoras, N. Bassiliades, I. Vlahavas

7. Impact of the Intelligent Agent Paradigm on Knowledge Management
Janis Grundspenkis, Marite Kirikova

8. Methods of Building Knowledge-Based Systems Applied in Software Project Management
Cezary Orlowski

9. Security Technologies to Guarantee Safe Business Processes in Smart Organizations
István Mezgár

10. Business Process Modelling and Its Applications in the Business Environment
Brane Kalpic, Peter Bernus, Ralf Muhlberger

11. Knowledge Based Systems Technology and Applications in Image Retrieval
Eugenio Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini, Marina Mongiello

Volume II.. Information Technology

12. Techniques in Integrated Development and Implementation of Enterprose Information Systems
Choon Seong Leem, Jong Wook Suh

13. Information Systems Frameworks and Their Applications in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Systems
Adrian E. Coronado Mondragon, Andrew C. Lyons, Dennis F. Kehoe

14. Modelling Techniques in Integrated Operations and Information Systems in Manufacturing Systems
Qian Wang, Chris R. Chatwin, R. C. D. Young

15. Techniques and Analyses of Sequential and Concurrent Product Development Processes
Marko Starbek, Janez Grum, Aleš Brezovar, Janez Kušar

16. Design and Modeling Methods for Components Made of Multi-Heterogeneous Materials in High-Tech Applications
Ke-Zhang Chen, Xin-An Feng

17. Quality and Cost of Data Warehouse Views
Andreas Koeller, Elke A. Rundensteiner, Amy Lee, Anisoara Nica

18. Web Data Extraction Techniques and Applications Using the Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Jussi Myllymaki, Jared Jackson

19. Product Life Cycle Management in the Digital Age
Jörg Niemann, Engelbert Westkämper

20. Product Redesign and Pricing in Response to Competitor Entry: A Marketing-Production Perspective
George C. Hadjinicola, K. Ravi Kumar

21. Knowledge Discovery by Means of Intelligent Information Infrastructure Methods and Their Applications
Henry C. W. Lau, Christina W. Y. Wong, Andrew Ning

Volume III.. Expert and Agent Systems

22. Techniques in Knowledge-Based Expert Systems for the Design of Engineering Systems
G. A. Britton, S. B. Tor, W. Y. Zhang

23. Expert Systems Technology in Production Planning and Scheduling
Kostas Metaxiotis, Dimitris Askounis, John Psarras

24. Applying Intelligent Agent-Based Support Systems in Agile Business Processes
Chun-Che Huang

25. The Knowledge Base of a B2B eCommerce Multi-Agent System
Chunyan Miao, Nelly Kasim, Angela Goh

26. From Roles to Agents: Considerations on Formal Agent Modeling and Implementation
Ivan Romero Hernandez, Jean-Luc Koning

27. Agent-Based elearning Systems: A Goal-Based Approach
Zhiqi Shen, Robert Gay, Yuan Miao

28. Combining Temporal Abstraction and Data Mining Methods in Medical Data Analysis
Tu Bao Ho, Trong Dung Nguyen, Saori Kawasaki, Si Quang Le

29. Distributed Monitoring: Methods, Means and Technologies
Antonio Liotta

30. Finding Patterns in Image Databases
Wynne Hsu, Mong Li Lee, Jing Dai

31. Cognition Techniques and Their Applications
Srikanta Patnaik, K. Karibasappa

Volume VI.. Intelligent Systems

32. Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Intelligent Systems in Product Design and Development
Xuan F. Zha

33. Intelligent Patient Monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit and the Operating Room
Richard W. Jones

34. Mission Critical Intelligent Systems
Tolety Siva Perraju, Garimella Uma

35. An Intelligent Hybrid System for Business Forecasting
Xiang Li, Cheng-Leong Ang, Robert Gay

36. Intelligent Systems Technology in the Fault Diagnosis of Electronic Systems
Billy Fenton, T. M. McGinnity, Liam P. Maguire

37. Techniques in the Utilization of the Internet and Intranets in Facilitating the Development of Clinical Decision Support Systems in the Process of Patient Care
Sistine A. Barretto, James R. Warren

38. Risk Analysis and the Decision-Making Process in Engineering
Mauricio Sánchez-Silva

39. Mechatronics and Smart Structures Design Techniques for Intelligent Products, Processes, and Systems
Victor Giurgiutiu

40. Engineering Interaction Protocols for Multiagent Systems
Marc-Philippe Huget, Jean-Luc Koning

Volume V.. Neural Networks, Fuzzy Theory and Genetic Algorithms

41. Neural Network Systems Technology and Applications in CAD/CAM Integration
Yong Yue, Lian Ding, Kemal Ahmet

42. Neural Network Systems Technology and Applications in Product Life-Cycle Cost Estimates
Kwang-Kyu Seo

43. Neural Network Systems Technology in the Analysis if Financial Time Series
Renate Sitte, Joaquin Sitte

44. Fuzzy Rule Extraction Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks in High-Dimensional Data
F. Admiraal-Behloul, Johan H. C. Reiber

45. Fuzzy Decision Modeling of Product Development Processes
Juite Wang, Andrew Kusiak

46. Evaluation and Selection in Product Design for Mass Customization
Xuan F. Zha, Ram D. Sriram, Wen F. Lu, Fu J. Wang

47. Genetic Algorithm Techniques and Applications in Management Systems
Carl K. Chang, Yujia Ge

48. Assembly Sequence Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
Lee H. S. Luong, Romeo Marin Marian, Kazem Abhary

49. Kernel-Based Self-Organized Maps Trained with Supervised Bias bor Gene Expression Data Mining
Stergios Papadimitriou

50. Computational Intelligence for Facility Location Allocation Problems
Shing-Hwang Doong, Chih-Chin Lai, Chih-Hung Wu

Keywords: Computer Science, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Business Information Systems, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet)

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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