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Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology

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Table of contents

I. Non-primate Mammals

1. Earliest Evidence of Deltatheroida (Mammalia: Metatheria) from the Early Cretaceous of North America
Brian M. Devis, Richard L. Cifelli, Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska

2. Evolution of Hind Limb Proportions in Kangaroos (Marsupialia: Macropodoidea)
Benjamin P. Kear, Michael S. Y. Lee, Wayne R. Gerdtz, Timothy F. Flannery

3. Changing Views in Paleontology: The Story of a Giant (Megatherium, Xenarthra)
Christine Argot

4. Evolutionary Morphology of the Tenrecoidea (Mammalia) Forelimb Skeleton
Justine A. Salton, Eric J. Sargis

5. Postcranial Morphology of Apheliscus and Haplomylus (Condylarthra, Apheliscidae): Evidence for a Paleocene Holarctic Origin of Macroscelidea
Tonya A. Penkrot, Shawn P. Zack, Kenneth D. Rose, Jonathan I. Bloch

6. Postcranial Skeleton of the Upper Paleocene (Itaboraian) “Condylarthra” (Mammalia) of Itaboraí Basin, Brazil
Lilian P. Bergqvist

7. Postcranial Osteology of Mammals from Salla, Bolivia (Late Oligocene): Form, Function, and Phylogenetic Implications
Bruce J. Shockey, Federico Anaya

8. Evolution of the Proximal Third Phalanx in Oligocene-Miocene Equids, and the Utility of Phalangeal Indices in Phylogeny Reconstruction
Jay A. O’Sullivan

9. Adaptive Zones and the Pinniped Ankle: A Three-Dimensional Quantitative Analysis of Carnivoran Tarsal Evolution
P. David Polly

II. Primates

10. The Biogeographic Origins of Primates and Euprimates: East, West, North, or South of Eden?
Mary T. Silcox

11. Evaluating the Mitten-Gliding Hypothesis for Paromomyidae and Micromomyidae (Mammalia, “Plesiadapiformes”) Using Comparative Functional Morphology of New Paleogene Skeletons
Doug M. Boyer, Jonathan I. Bloch

12. Morphological Diversity in the Skulls of Large Adapines (Primates, Adapiformes) and Its Systematic Implications
Marc Godinot, Sébastien Couette

13. Primate Tibiae from the Middle Eocene Shanghuang Fissure-Fillings of Eastern China
Marian Dagosto, Daniel L. Gebo, Xijun Ni, Tao Qi, K. Christopher Beard

14. Rooneyia, Postorbital Closure, and the Beginnings of the Age of Anthropoidea
Alfred L. Rosenberger, Russell Hogg, Sai Man Wong

15. Epitensoric Position of the Chorda Tympani in Anthropoidea: a New Synapomorphic Character, with Remarks on the Fissura Glaseri in Primates
Wolfgang Maier

16. Evolutionary Morphology of the Guenon Postcranium and Its Taxonomic Implications
Eric J. Sargis, Carl J. Terranova, Daniel L. Gebo

17. Analysis of Selected Hominoid Joint Surfaces Using Laser Scanning and Geometric Morphometrics: A Preliminary Report
William E. H. Harcourt-Smith, Melissa Tallman, Stephen R. Frost, David F. Wiley, F. James Rohlf, Eric Delson

18. Comparative Primate Bone Microstructure: Records of Life History, Function, and Phylogeny
Johanna Warshaw


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