Darnault, Christophe J. G.

Overexploitation and Contamination of Shared Groundwater Resources

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Table of contents

I. Depletion and Contamination of Shared Groundwater Resources: An Overview

1. Shared Groundwater Resources: Global Significance for Social and Environmental Sustainability
Shammy Puri, Alice Aureli, Raya M. Stephan

2. Education and Training for Transboundary Groundwater Management as an Instrument of Dialogue and Communication
Alice Aureli, Jean Fried, Jose Luis Martin-Bordes, Shammy Puri, Raya M. Stephan

3. Transboundary Aquifers in International Law: Towards an Evolution
Raya M. Stephan

II. Techniques to Assess the Depletion and Contamination of Shared Groundwater Resources

4. Groundwater Geophysics: From Structure and Porosity Towards Permeability?
Klaus Holliger

5. Quantitative Integration of Hydrogeophysical and Hydrological Data: Geostatistical Approaches
Klaus Holliger, Jens Tronicke, Hendrik Paasche, Baptiste Dafflon

6. Hydrogeological Settings in Dobrudja Area and Groundwater Monitoring Networks in Transboundary Aquifers
Marta Machkova

III. Tools to Predict/Forecast the Future Depletion and Contamination of Shared Groundwater Resources

7. Coupled Surface/Subsurface Flow Systems: Numerical Modeling
Rachid Ababou, Ahmad Al-Bitar

8. Quantitative Stochastic Hydrogeology: The Heterogeneous Environment
Rachid Ababou

IV. Sustainable Measures to Palliate the Overexploitation of Groundwater and Decontaminate Aquifers

9. Coastal Aquifers and Saltwater Intrusion
Itzel G. Godinez, Christophe J. G. Darnault

10. Karst Aquifers: Hydrogeology and Exploitation
Christophe J. G. Darnault

11. Water Quality, Pollution and Conservation
Ülkü Yeti?

12. Physical and Chemical Groundwater Remediation Technologies
Krishna R. Reddy

13. Enhanced Aquifer Recharge
Krishna R. Reddy

V. Approaches to Shared Groundwater Resources Management: Conflict Prevention and Resolution

14. Shared Groundwater Resources Management
Christophe J. G. Darnault

15. Sustainable Development and Integrated Management of Water Resources
Christophe J. G. Darnault

16. Assessing Chemical Status of Shared Groundwater Resources: A Crucial Political, Regulatory and Management Issue
Ewa Kmiecik, Jadwiga Szczepanska, Irena Twardowsk?, Sebastian Stefaniak

17. A Risk-based Integrated Approach for Managing Transboundary Groundwater Resources
Jacques Ganoulis

18. Multicriterion Decision Analysis (MCDA) for Conflict Resolution in Sharing Groundwater Resources
Jacques Ganoulis

19. Strategies for Groundwater Resources Conflict Resolution and Management
W. Todd Jarvis

20. Hydropolitics and Hydroeconomics of Shared Groundwater Resources: Experience in Arid and Semi-arid Regions
Manuel R. Llamas Madurga, Pedro Martínez-Santos, África Hera

21. Hydrodiplomacy and Environmental Security
Christophe J. G. Darnault

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Geosciences, general

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security
Page amount
466 pages
Natural Sciences

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