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Science with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array

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Table of contents

1. The Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array: overview&status
Massimo Tarenghi

2. ALMA capabilities for observations of spectral line emission
Alwyn Wootten

3. ALMA capabilities for observations of continuum emission
T. L. Wilson

4. Star and planet-formation with ALMA: an overview
EwineF. Dishoeck, JesK. Jørgensen

5. High-mass star forming regions: An ALMA view
R. Cesaroni

6. Early stages of star formation
Philippe André, Patrick Hennebelle, Nicolas Peretto

7. Chemistry in low-mass star forming regions
Yuri Aikawa

8. Molecular outflows observed with ALMA
DebraS. Shepherd

9. Unveiling the chemistry of hot protostellar cores with ALMA
M. Guélin, N. Brouillet, J. Cernicharo, F. Combes, A. Wooten

10. High resolution submillimeter observations of massive protostars
C. L. Brogan, T. R. Hunter, R. Indebetouw, C. J. Chandler, Y. L. Shirley, R. Rao, A. P. Sarma

11. High-resolution mm interferometry and the search formassiveprotostellar disks: the case of Cep-A HW2
Claudia Comito, Peter Schilke, Ulrike Endesfelder, Izaskun Jiménez-Serra, Jesus Martín-Pintado

12. The Class 0 source Barnard 1c
Brenda Matthews, Edwin Bergin, Antonio Crapsi, Michiel Hogerheijde, Jes Jørgensen, Dan Marrone, Ramprasand Rao

13. APEX and ATCA observations of the southern hot core G327.3-0.6 and its environs
Friedrich Wyrowski, Per Bergman, Karl Menten, Jürgen Ott, Peter Schilke, Sven Thorwirth

14. The physical conditions in the BHR71 outflows
Bérengère Parise, Arnaud Belloche, Silvia Leurini, Peter Schilke

15. Interstellar deuteroammonia
D. C. Lis, M. Gerin, E. Roueff, T. G. Phillips, D. R. Poelman

16. Massive star formation in the southern Milky Way
Leonardo Bronfman

17. SMA observations of the magnetic fields around a low-mass protostellar system
J. M. Girart, R. Rao, D. P. Marrone

18. ASTE observations of the massive-star forming region Sgr B2: a giant impact scenario
Tetsuo Hasegawa, Takaaki Arai, Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Fumio Sato

19. A new view of proto-planetary disks with ALMA
Stéphane Guilloteau, Anne Dutrey

20. Observational signature of planet formation: The ALMA view
Nagayoshi Ohashi

21. Detecting protoplanets with ALMA
Sebastian Wolf

22. The study of young substellar objects with ALMA
Antonella Natta, Leonardo Testi

23. A submillimeter view of protoplanetary dust disks
Sean M. Andrews, Jonathan P. Williams

24. Studies of dense cores with ALMA
Mario Tafalla

25. Chemistry in the ISM: the ALMA (r)evolution
Eric Herbst

26. High angular resolution imaging of the circumstellar material around intermediate mass (IM) stars
A. Fuente

27. Polarization measurements of molecular lines
Richard M. Crutcher

28. Molecular clouds and star formation in the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way
Akiko Kawamura

29. Complex organic molecules in an early stage of protostellar evolution
Nami Sakai, Takeshi Sakai, Satoshi Yamamoto

30. Revealing the “fingerprints” of the magnetic precursor ofC-shocks
Izaskun Jiménez-Serra, Jesús Martín-Pintado, Arturo Rodríguez-Franco, Paola Caselli, Serena Viti, Tom Hartquist

31. A new evolutionary scenario of intermediate-mass star-formation revealed by multi-wavelength observations of OMC-2/3
Satoko Takahashi, Masao Saito, Shigehisa Takakuwa, Ryohei Kawabe

32. Scientific role of ACA for low-mass star-formation study
Shigehisa Takakuwa, Daisuke Iono, Baltasar Vila-Vilaro, Tomohiko Sekiguchi, Ryohei Kawabe

33. Planetary atmospheres with ALMA
Emmanuel Lellouch

34. Cometary science with ALMA
Dominique Bockelée-Morvan

35. Observations of asteroids with ALMA
Amy J. Lovell

36. ALMA as the ideal probe of the solar chromosphere
Maria A. Loukitcheva, Sami K. Solanki, Stephen White

37. The study of evolved stars with ALMA
Hans Olofsson

38. Molecular lines from protoplanetary nebulae: observations with ALMA
Valentín Bujarrabal

39. Planetary nebulae and ALMA
P. J. Huggins

40. Chemistry in the circumstellar medium
T. J. Millar

41. Understanding the chemical complexity in Circumstellar Envelopes of C-Rich AGB stars: the case of IRC +10216
M. Agúndez, J. Cernicharo, J. R. Pardo, J. P. FonfríaExpósito, M. Guélin, E. D. Tenenbaum, L. M. Ziurys, A. J. Apponi

42. New Plateau de Bure observations of M?1–92; unveiling the core
Javier Alcolea, Valentín Bujarrabal, Roberto Neri

43. A massive, dusty toroid with large grains in the pre-planetary nebula IRAS22036+5306
R. Sahai, K. Young, N. Patel, C. Sánchez Contreras, M. Morris

44. Gas dynamics and structure of galaxies
Kazushi Sakamoto

45. Investigations of star formation in galaxies using ALMA
Min S. Yun

46. Probing the feeding and feedback of activity near and far
S. García-Burillo, F. Combes, J. Graciá-Carpio, A. Usero, M. Guélin

47. Chemical complexity in galaxies
Jean L. Turner, David S. Meier

48. Chemistry in luminous AGN and starburst galaxies
Susanne Aalto

49. Dense gas in normal and active galaxies
Kotaro Kohno, Koichiro Nakanishi, Tomoka Tosaki, Kazuyuki Muraoka, Rie Miura, Hajime Ezawa, Ryohei Kawabe

50. Spectroscopic surveys of cosmic evolution
Nick Scoville

51. Observations of molecular clouds in nearby galaxies with ALMA
Nario Kuno, Akihiko Hirota, Tomoka Tosaki, Rie Miura

52. Luminous infrared galaxies with the submillimeter array: probing the extremes of star formation
C. D. Wilson, G. R. Petitpas, D. Iono, A. Peck, M. Krips, B. E. Warren, A. J. Baker, M. S. Yun, Y. Pihlstrom, C. Mihos, S. Matsushita, M. Juvela, P. T. P. Ho, T. J. Cox, L. Armus

53. The Galactic Center as nearby extragalactic chemical laboratory
Sergio Martín, Miguel Angel Requena-Torres, Jesús Martín-Pintado, Rainer Mauersberger

54. Studying the first galaxies with ALMA
C. L. Carilli, F. Walter, R. Wang, A. Wootten, K. Menten, F. Bertoldi, E. Schinnerer, P. Cox, A. Beelen, A. Omont

55. Detecting the most distant (z>7) objects with ALMA
Fabian Walter, Chris Carilli

56. Redshift distribution of the submillimeter extragalactic background light
Wei-Hao Wang, Lennox L. Cowie, Amy J. Barger

57. Molecular absorptions in high-z objects
F. Combes

58. Molecular signature of star formation at high redshifts
Serena Viti, Chris J. Lintott

59. Dense molecular gas in a sample of LIRGs and ULIRGs: Thelow-redshift connection to the huge high-redshift starbursts and AGNs
Javier Graciá-Carpio, Santiago García-Burillo, Pere Planesas


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