Dascalu, Cristian

Defect and Material Mechanics

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Table of contents

1. Preface
C. Dascalu, G. A. Maugin

2. Reciprocity in fracture and defect mechanics
R. Kienzler

3. Configurational forces and gauge conditions in electromagnetic bodies
Carmine Trimarco

4. The anti-symmetry principle for quasi-static crack propagation in Mode III
Gerardo E. Oleaga

5. Configurational balance and entropy sinks
Marcelo Epstein

6. Application of invariant integrals to the problems of defect identification
Robert V. Goldstein, Efim I. Shifrin, Pavel S. Shushpannikov

7. On application of classical Eshelby approach to calculating effective elastic moduli of dispersed composites
K. B. Ustinov, R. V. Goldstein

8. Material forces in finite elasto-plasticity with continuously distributed dislocations
Sanda Cleja-Tigoiu

9. Distributed dislocation approach for cracks in couple-stress elasticity: shear modes
P. A. Gourgiotis, H. G. Georgiadis

10. Bifurcation of equilibrium solutions and defects nucleation
Claude Stolz

11. Theoretical and numerical aspects of the material and spatial settings in nonlinear electro-elastostatics
Duc Khoi Vu, Paul Steinmann

12. Energy-based r-adaptivity: a solution strategy and applications to fracture mechanics
Michael Scherer, Ralf Denzer, Paul Steinmann

13. Variational design sensitivity analysis in the context of structural optimization and configurational mechanics
Daniel Materna, Franz-Joseph Barthold

14. An anisotropic elastic formulation for configurational forces in stress space
Anurag Gupta, Xanthippi Markenscoff

15. Conservation laws, duality and symmetry loss in solid mechanics
Huy Duong Bui

16. Phase field simulation of domain structures in ferroelectric materials within the context of inhomogeneity evolution
Ralf Müller, Dietmar Gross, David Schrade, B. X. Xu

17. An adaptive singular finite element in nonlinear fracture mechanics
Ralf Denzer, Michael Scherer, Paul Steinmann

18. Moving singularities in thermoelastic solids
Arkadi Berezovski, Gérard A. Maugin

19. Dislocation tri-material solution in the analysis of bridged crack in anisotropic bimaterial half-space
T. Profant, O. Ševecek, M. Kotoul, T. Vysloužil

20. Study of the simple extension tear test sample for rubber with Configurational Mechanics
Erwan Verron

21. Stress-driven diffusion in a deforming and evolving elastic circular tube of single component solid with vacancies
Chien H. Wu

22. Mode II intersonic crack propagation in poroelastic media
Enrico Radi, Benjamin Loret

23. Material forces for crack analysis of functionally graded materials in adaptively refined FE-meshes
Rolf Mahnken

24. A multiscale approach to damage configurational forces
C. Dascalu, G. Bilbie


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