Annable, Michael D.

Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites

Annable, Michael D. - Methods and Techniques for Cleaning-up Contaminated Sites, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Remediation of Metal and Metalloid Contaminated Groundwater
Ludo Diels, Karolien Vanbroekhoven

2. Bioremediation In Situ of Polluted Soil in a Uranium Deposit
Stoyan Groudev, Irena Spasova, Marina Nicolova, Plamen Georgiev

3. Vital Soil Versus Contaminants
P. Doelman

4. Chemical Oxidation for Clean Up of Contaminated Ground Water
Robert L. Siegrist, Michelle L. Crimi, Junko Munakata-Marr, Tissa Illangasekare, Pamela Dugan, Jeff Heiderscheidt, Ben Petri, Jason Sahl

5. Detection and Measurement Techniques to Identify the Presence of NAPLs in the Field
Ilse Keer, Jan Bronders, Kaat Touchant, Jeroen Verhack, Danny Wilczek

6. Immobilization of Heavy Metals and Stable Organics from Aqueous Systems on Modified Activated Carbon
Tudor Lupascu, Maria Teodorescu

7. Remediation of the Former Military Airport: Triangle Zatec
Robert Raschman, Jan Vanek

8. Aquifer Remediation and Chemical Recovery following a Spill due to an Earthquake in Turkey
Caner Zanbak

9. How to Remediate Pollution with Mercury and Hexachloro-Cyclohexane Residues in a Chemical Plant
Svetomir Hadzi Jordanov

10. Decision Support System for Evaluation of Treatment Train for Removal of Micropollutants
Petr Hlavinek, Jiri Kubik

11. Simulation of the Radon Flux Attenuation in Uranium Tailings Piles
Maria Dinis, António Fiúza

12. Biochemical Oxidation – A Pathway for Ammonia Removal from Aquatic Systems
Maria Sandu, P. Spataru, Tatiana Arapu, T. Lupascu

13. Biobeds - Biotechnology for Environmental Protection from Pesticide Pollution
María Del Pilar Castillo, Lennart Torstensson

14. Incd-Ecoind Experience in Bio-Treatment of the Organic Compounds and Heavy Metals Polluted Soils
Elisabeta Pena Leonte, Margareta Nicolau, Ileana Ghita, Radu Mitran, Virgil Rosca, Ciprian Dumitrescu, Costel Bumbac

15. Review of Characterization and Remediation Technologies for NAPL's in Groundwater
Walter W. Kovalick

16. Mass Flux as a Remedial Performance Metric at NAPL Contaminated Sites
Michael D. Annable

17. Carbon/Polymer Composite Adsorption-Filtering Materials for Individual Protective Systems
Mykola T. Kartel, Yuriy V. Savelyev, Nickos Kanellopoulos


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