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Biodiversity and Conservation in Europe

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Table of contents

1. Biodiversity gradients in the Alps: the overriding importance of elevation
Fabrizio Sergio, Paolo Pedrini

2. Determining high value areas for steppe birds in Spain: hot spots, complementarity and the efficiency of protected areas
Juan Traba, Eladio L. García de la Morena, Manuel B. Morales, Francisco Suárez

3. The Berger–Parker index as an effective tool for monitoring the biodiversity of disturbed soils: a case study on Mediterranean oribatid (Acari: Oribatida) assemblages
Tancredi Caruso, Gaia Pigino, Fabio Bernini, Roberto Bargagli, Massimo Migliorini

4. The effects of fire on communities, guilds and species of breeding birds in burnt and control pinewoods in central Italy
Emiliano Ukmar, Corrado Battisti, Luca Luiselli, Marco A. Bologna

5. Indicators for plant species richness in pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) forests of Germany
Stefan Zerbe, Inga Schmidt, Jörg Betzin

6. The social negotiation of nature conservation policy: conserving pinewoods in the Scottish Highlands
Andrew C. Midgley

7. Identifying new buffer areas for conserving waterbirds in the Mediterranean basin: the importance of the rice fields in Extremadura, Spain
J. M. Sánchez-Guzmán, R. Morán, J. A. Masero, C. Corbacho, E. Costillo, A. Villegas, F. Santiago-Quesada

8. Impact of wind turbines on birds in Zeebrugge (Belgium)
Joris Everaert, Eric W. M. Stienen

9. The Iberian ibex is under an expansion trend but displaced to suboptimal habitats by the presence of extensive goat livestock in central Spain
Pelayo Acevedo, Jorge Cassinello, Christian Gortazar

10. Testing indicators of epiphytic lichen diversity: a case study in N Italy
Juri Nascimbene, Pier Luigi Nimis, Lorenzo Marini

11. Analysis and evaluation of ecosystem resilience: an economic perspective with an application to the Venice lagoon
Lucia Vergano, Paulo A. L. D. Nunes

12. Natural oak forest vs. ancient pine plantations: lizard microhabitat use may explain the effects of ancient reforestations on distribution and conservation of Iberian lizards
Luisa Amo, Pilar López, José Martín

13. Tracking the effects of one century of habitat loss and fragmentation on calcareous grassland butterfly communities
Emmanuelle Polus, Sofie Vandewoestijne, Julie Choutt, Michel Baguette

14. The distribution pattern of centipedes in four primeval forests of central Slovakia
Marc Jabin, Werner Topp, Jan Kulfan, Peter Zach

15. Tuber spp. biodiversity in one of the southernmost European distribution areas
M. Pomarico, G. Figliuolo, G. L. Rana

16. Multi-scale analysis of butterfly diversity in a Mediterranean mountain landscape: mapping and evaluation of community vulnerability
Stefano Scalercio, Roberto Pizzolotto, Pietro Brandmayr

17. Habitat use of booted eagles (Hieraaetus pennatus) in a Special Protection Area: implications for conservation
José E. Martínez, Iluminada Pagán, José A. Palazón, José F. Calvo

18. Is the wild rabbit (Oryctolaguscuniculus) a threatened species in spain? Sociological constraints in the conservation of species
Emilio Virgós, Sara Cabezas-Díaz, Jorge Lozano

19. Identifying core areas in a species’ range using temporal suitability analysis: an example using little bustards Tetrax Tetrax L. in Spain
Patrick E. Osborne, Susana Suárez-Seoane

20. Discovery of a regular nesting area of loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta in southern Italy: a new perspective for national conservation
Toni Mingozzi, Giampiero Masciari, Giuseppe Paolillo, Brunella Pisani, Manuela Russo, Alessandro Massolo

21. Benefits of habitat restoration to small mammal diversity and abundance in a pastoral agricultural landscape in mid-Wales
Dorian Moro, Stephanie Gadal

22. Modelling habitat use and distribution of golden eagles Aquila chrysaetos in a low-density area of the Iberian Peninsula
Luis Tapia, Jesús Domínguez, Luis Rodríguez

23. The arctic fox Alopex lagopus in Fennoscandia: a victim of human-induced changes in interspecific competition and predation?
Vidar Selås, Jon Olav Vik

24. Do biodiversity patterns in Dutch wetland complexes relate to variation in urbanisation, intensity of agricultural land use or fragmentation?
Jan E. Vermaat, Hasse Goosen, Nancy Omtzigt

25. Translocation of an endangered insect species, the field cricket (Gryllus campestris Linnaeus, 1758) in northern Germany
Axel Hochkirch, Kathrin A. Witzenberger, Anje Teerling, Friedhelm Niemeyer

26. Conservation of taxonomic and biological trait diversity of European stream macroinvertebrate communities: a case for a collective public database
Bernhard Statzner, Núria Bonada, Sylvain Dolédec

27. Ecotourism disturbance to wildfowl in protected areas: historical, empirical and experimental approaches in the Camargue, Southern France
Matthieu Guillemain, Romain Blanc, Christelle Lucas, Michel Lepley

28. The effect of femel- and small scale clear-cutting on ground dwelling spider communities in a Norway spruce forest in Southern Germany
Christian Huber, Caroline Schulze, Manuela Baumgarten


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