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IUTAM Symposium on Flow Control and MEMS

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Table of contents

1. High Power Density MEMS: Materials and Structures Requirements
S. Mark Spearing

2. MEMS for Flow Control: Technological Facilities and MMMS Alternatives
Philippe Pernod, Vladimir Preobrazhensky, Alain Merlen, Olivier Ducloux, Abdelkrim Talbi, Leticia Gimeno, Nicolas Tiercelin

3. MEMS-Based Electrodynamic Synthetic Jet Actuators for Flow Control Applications
Janhavi S. Agashe, Mark Sheplak, David P. Arnold, Louis Cattafesta

4. Suction and Oscillatory Blowing Actuator
Gilad Arwatz, Ilan Fono, Avi Seifert

5. Numerical Investigation of a Micro-Valve Pulsed-Jet Actuator
Karen L. Kudar, Peter W. Carpenter

6. Characterization of MEMS Pulsed Micro-Jets with Large Nozzles
Jean-Luc Aider, Fabien Harambat, Jean-Jacques Lasserre, Jean-Françcois Beaudouin, Christophe Edouard

7. Magnetically Actuated Microvalves for Active Flow Control
Olivier Ducloux, Yves Deblock, Abdelkrim Talbi, Leticia Gimeno, Nicolas Tiercelin, Philippe Pernod, Vladimir Preobrazhensky, Alain Merlen

8. Micromachined Shear Stress Sensors for Flow Control Applications
Mark Sheplak, Louis Cattafesta, Ye Tian

9. Synthetic Jets and Their Applications for Fluid/Thermal Systems
Michael Amitay

10. Is Helmholtz Resonance a Problem for Micro-Jet Actuators?
Duncan A. Lockerby, Peter W. Carpenter, Christopher Davies

11. Passive Scalar Mixing Downstream of a Synthetic Jet in Crossflow
Glen Mitchell, Emmanuel Benard, Václav Uruba, Richard Cooper

12. Towards a Practical Synthetic Jet Actuator for Industrial Scale Flow Control Applications
Luis Gomes, William Crowther

13. Measurements of Synthetic Jets in a Boundary Layer
Mark Jabbal, Shan Zhong

14. Large-Eddy Simulations of Synthetic Jets in Stagnant Surroundings and Turbulent Cross-Flow
Don K. L. Wu, Michael A. Leschziner

15. Characteristics of Small-Scale Synthetic Jets — Numerical Investigation
Hui Tang, Shan Zhong

16. Large Eddy Simulations of Transitional and Turbulent Flows in Synthetic Jet Actuators
Sanjay Patel, Dimitris Drikakis

17. Model Reduction and Control of a Cavity-Driven Separated Boundary Layer
Espen Åkervik, Jérôme Hœpffner, Uwe Ehrenstein, Dan S. Henningson

18. Collaborative Studies on Flow Separation Control
Wei Long Siauw, Jean Paul Bonnet, Jean Tensi, Avi Seifert, Oxana Stalnov, Vikas Kumar, Farrukh Alvi, Callum Hugh Atkinson, Stephen Trevor, Luis Daniel Gomes

19. High Resolution PIV Study of Zero-Net-Mass-Flow Lift Enhancement of NACA 0015 Airfoil at High Angles of Attack
Trevor Stephens, Julio Soria

20. Separation Control along a NACA 0015 Airfoil Using a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuator
Jérôme Jolibois, Maxime Forte, Eric Moreau

21. Dynamic Surface Pressure Based Estimation for Flow Control
Lawrence Ukeiley, Nathan Murray, Qi Song, Louis Cattafesta

22. The Control of Laminar Separation Bubbles Using High- and Low-Amplitude Forcing
Mark Phil Simens, Javier Jiménez

23. Control of Subsonic Flows with High Voltage Discharges
Pierre Magnier, BinJie Dong, Dunpin Hong, Annie Leroy-Chesneau, Jacques Hureau

24. Control of Flow Separation on a Wing Profile Using PIV Measurements and POD Analysis
Julien Favier, Azeddine Kourta, Gillian Leplat

25. Control of the Shear-Layer in the Wake of an Axisymmetrical Airfoil Using a DBD Plasma Actuator
Maxime Forte, Jérôme Jolibois, Eric Moreau, Gérard Touchard, Michel Cazalens

26. Models for Adaptive Feedforward Control of Turbulence
Kenneth Breuer, Kevin Wu

27. Minimum Sustainable Drag for Constant Volume-Flux Pipe Flows
Ivan Marusic, D. D. Joseph, Krishnan Mahesh

28. Enhancement of Suboptimal Controllability in Wall Turbulence
Olivier Doche, Sedat Tardu, Vincent Kubicki

29. An Improvement of Opposition Control at High Reynolds Numbers
Mathieu Pamiès, Eric Garnier, Pierre Sagaut, Alain Merlen

30. Direct Numerical Simulation of Alternated Spanwise Lorentz Forcing
Stéphane Montesino, Jean-Paul Thibault, Sedat Tardu

31. Boundary Layer Control for Drag Reduction by Lorentz Forcing
Peng Xu, Kwing-So Choi

32. Multi-Scale Flow Control for Efficient Mixing: Laboratory Generation of Unsteady Multi-Scale Flows Controlled by Multi-Scale Electromagnetic Forces
S. Ferrari, P. Kewcharoenwong, L. Rossi, J. C. Vassilicos

33. Multi-Scale Flow Control for Efficient Mixing: Simulation of Electromagnetically Forced Turbulent-Like Laminar Flows
E. Hascoët, L. Rossi, J. C. Vassilicos

34. Active Control of Laminar Boundary Layer Disturbances
M. Gaster

35. Low-Dimensional Tools for Closed-Loop Flow-Control in High Reynolds Number Turbulent Flows
Joseph W. Hall, Charles E. Tinney, Julie M. Ausseur, Jeremy T. Pinier, Andre M. Hall, Mark N. Glauser

36. Evolutionary Optimization of Feedback Controllers for Thermoacoustic Instabilities
Nikolaus Hansen, André S. P. Niederberger, Lino Guzzella, Petros Koumoutsakos

37. Active Cancellation of Tollmien-Schlichting Instabilities in Compressible Flows Using Closed-Loop Control
Marcus Engert, Andreas Pätzold, Ralf Becker, Wolfgang Nitsche

38. Optimal Boundary Flow Control: Equivalence of Adjoint and Co-State Formulations and Solutions
Ranjan Vepa

39. Optimal Growth of Linear Perturbations in Low Pressure Turbine Flows
Atul S. Sharma, Nadir Abdessemed, Spencer Sherwin, Vassilis Theofilis

40. Simulations of Feedback Control of Early Transition in Poiseuille Flow
John McKernan, James F. Whidborne, George Papadakis

41. A Switched Reduced-Order Dynamical System for Fluid Flows under Time-Varying Flow Conditions
Howard H. Hamilton, Andrew J. Kurdila, Anand K. Jammulamadaka

42. Strategies for Optimal Control of Global Modes
Olivier Marquet, Denis Sipp, Laurent Jacquin

43. Modeling and Development of Synthetic Jet Actuators in Flow Separation Control Application
Quentin Gallas

44. Feedback Control Using Extremum Seeking Method for Drag Reduction of a 3D Bluff Body
Jean-François Beaudoin, Olivier Cadot, José Eduardo Wesfreid, Jean-Luc Aider

45. Flow Control in Turbomachinery Using Microjets
Sven-J. Hiller, Tobias Ries, Matthias Kürner

46. ONERA/IEMN Contribution within the ADVACT Program: Actuators Evaluation
E. Garnier, M. Pruvost, O. Ducloux, A. Talbi, L. Gimeno, P. Pernod, A. Merlen, V. Preobrazhensky

47. Control of Flow-Induced Vibration of Two Side-by-Side Cylinders Using Micro Actuators
Baoqing Li, Yang Liu, K. Lam, Wen J. Li, Jiaru Chu

48. Improvement of the Jet-Vectoring through the Suppression of a Global Instability
Vincent G. Chapin, Nicolas Boulanger, Patrick Chassaing

49. Experimental Optimization of Bionic Dimpled Surfaces on Axisymmetric Bluff Bodies for Drag Reduction
Chengchun Zhang, Luquan Ren, Zhiwu Han, Qingping Liu

50. Flow Regularisation and Drag Reduction around Blunt Bodies Using Porous Devices
C.-H. Bruneau, I. Mortazavi, P. Gilliéron

51. The Effects of Aspect Ratio and End Condition on the Control of Free Shear Layers Development and Force Coefficients for Flow Past Four Cylinders in the In-line Square Configuration
Kit Lam, Lin Zou

52. Numerical Simulation on the Control of Drag Force and Vortex Formation by Different Wavy (Varicose) Cylinders
Kit Lam, Yufeng Lin

53. Passive Multiscale Flow Control by Fractal Grids
R. E. E. Seoud, J. C. Vassilicos

54. Hydraulic Model of the Skin Friction Reduction with Surface Grooves
Bettina Frohnapfel, Peter Lammers, Jovan Jovanović, Antonio Delgado

55. Vortex Shedding behind a Tapered Cylinder and Its Control
O. N. Ramesh, R. S. Chopde

56. Control of a Separated Flow over a Smoothly Contoured Ramp Using Vortex Generators
Thomas Duriez, Jean-Luc Aider, Jose Eduardo Wesfreid

57. Biomimetic Flight and Flow Control: Learning from the Birds
Ranjan Vepa

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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IUTAM Bookseries
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