Anderson, Pamela Sue

New Topics in Feminist Philosophy of Religion

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Table of contents

1. Feminists and Fools: Imagination and Philosophy of Religion
Marije Altorf

2. Rethinking the “Problem of Evil” with Hannah Arendt and Grace Jantzen
Morny Joy

3. Horizons and Limitations of Muslim Feminist Hermeneutics: Reflections on the Menstruation Verse
Shuruq Naguib

4. Is Unconditional Forgiveness Ever Good?
Anca Gheaus

5. Simone Weil’s Social Philosophy: Toward a Post-Colonial Ethic
Inese Radzins

6. Bargaining with Spiritual Patriarchy: Women in the Shas1 Movement in Israel
Henriette Dahan Kalev

7. Temptress on the Path: Women as Objects and Subjects in Buddhist Jataka Stories
Naomi Appleton

8. Is Literature Any Help in Liberating Eve and Mary?
Dorota Filipczak

9. The Abandoned Fiancée, or Against Subjection
Daniel Whistler

10. Kant and the Present
Daphne Hampson

11. The Lived Body, Gender and Confidence
Pamela Sue Anderson

12. In Defence of Female Genius: Maude Royden and Passionate Celibacy
Alison Jasper

13. Becoming the Goddess: Female Subjectivity and the Passion of the Goddess Radha
Jessica Frazier

14. Bodies in Space: Transcendence and the Spatialization of Gender
Roxana Baiasu

15. The Unfolding of Our Lives with Others: Heidegger and Medieval Mysticism
Ben Morgan

16. Beauvoir and the Transcendence of Natality
Alison Martin

17. The Body as Site of Continuity and Change
Paul S. Fiddes

18. The Problem of Transcendence in Irigaray’s Philosophy of Sexual Difference
Patrice Haynes

19. An Ethics of the In-Between: A Condition of Possibility of Being and Living Together
Anne-Claire Mulder

20. Creating a Space for Practical Wisdom: The Dance of Transcendence Incarnate
Laurie Anderson Sathe

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Phenomenology, Religious Studies, Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Metaphysics

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