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Engineering of Crystalline Materials Properties

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Table of contents

1. Biomineralization Design Strategies and Mechanisms of Mineral Formation: Operating at the Edge of Instability
Lia Addadi, Yael Politi, Fabio Nudelman, Steve Weiner

2. Self-Assembled Monolayers as Templates for Inorganic Crystallization: a Bio-Inspired Approach
Joanna Aizenberg

3. Databases in Crystal Engineering
Alessia Bacchi

4. Case Studies on Intermolecular Interactions in Crystalline Metals
Patrick Batail

5. Crystal Polymorphism
Joel Bernstein

6. Complementarity: Correlating Structural Features with Physical Properties in Supramolecular Systems
Susan A. Bourne

7. Making Crystals from Crystals: A Solid-State Route to the Engineering of Crystalline Materials, Polymorphs, Solvates and Co-Crystals; Considerations on the Future of Crystal Engineering
Dario Braga, Marco Curzi, Elena Dichiarante, Stefano Luca Giaffreda, Fabrizia Grepioni, Lucia Maini, Giuseppe Palladino, Anna Pettersen, Marco Polito

8. Nanostructured Frameworks for Materials Applications
Neil R. Champness

9. Crystal Engineering of Multifunctional Molecular Materials
Eugenio Coronado, Carlos Giménez-Saiz, Carlos Martí-Gastaldo

10. Topological Approaches to the Structure of Crystalline and Amorphous Atom Assemblies
Linn W. Hobbs

11. Hydrogen-Bonded Crystals of Exceptional Dielectric Properties
Andrzej Katrusiak

12. Chirality In Crystals
Reiko Kuroda

13. Design, Characterization and Use of Crystalline Thin Film Architectures at the Air-Liquid Interface
Leslie Leiserowitz, Isabelle Weissbuch, Meir Lahav

14. Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Molecule-Based Magnets
Joel S. Miller

15. From Bonds to Packing: An Energy-Based Crystal Packing Analysis for Molecular Crystals Packing Analysis for Molecular Crystals
Juan J. Novoa*, Emiliana D'Oria

16. On the Calculation and Interpretation of Crystal Energy Landscapes
Sarah L. Price

17. NMR Crystallography and the Elucidation of Structure-Property Relationships in Crystalline Solids
Susan M. Reutzel-Edens

18. Organic Materials for Nonlinear Optics
M. Blanca Ros

19. Building Conducting Materials from Design to Devices
Concepció Rovira

20. Hydrogen Bonding and Concurrent Interactions
Urszula Rychlewska

21. Signalling By Modulation of Intermolecular Interactions
Janet L. Scott, Koichi Tanaka

22. Biomineralization of Organic Phases Associated With Human Diseases
Jennifer A. Swift

23. Crystal Structure Determination from X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data
Maryjane Tremayne

24. Surface Properties of the Binary Alloy Thin Films
Ilona Zasada

Keywords: Chemistry, Materials Science, Crystallography, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Fluids, Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Molecular Medicine

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
Page amount
531 pages
Natural Sciences

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