Husebye, Eystein S.

Earthquake Monitoring and Seismic Hazard Mitigation in Balkan Countries

Husebye, Eystein S. - Earthquake Monitoring and Seismic Hazard Mitigation in Balkan Countries, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Tectonic Framework and Geodynamics of the South Balkan Region

1. Patterns of Cenozoic Extensional Tectonism in the South Balkan Extensional System
B. Clark Burchfiel, Robert W. King, Radoslav Nakov, Tzanko Tzankov, Nikola Dumurdzanov, Todor Serafi movski, Angel Todosov, Bilbil Nurce

2. Crustal Motion and Strain Accumulation in the South Balkan Region Inferred from GPS Measurements
Valentin Kotzev, Robert W. King, B. Clark Burchfiel, Angel Todosov, Bilbil Nurce, Radoslav Nakov

II. Seismicity Studies in the South Balkan Region

3. Recent Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey and Active Tectonics of the Aegean and Marmara Seas
Tuncay Taymaz, Onur Tan, Seda Yolsal

4. Estimates of Stress Drop and High Frequency Diminution Parameter from Strong Motion Data Recorded in Albania
L. Lambro Duni, Neki Kuka

5. Seismicity of Croatia
Snježana Markušić

6. Seismicity of the Pannonian Basin
László Tóth, Péter Mónus, Zoltán Bus, Erzsébet Györi

III. Seismic Network Operations on Global, Regional and National Scales

7. The CTBTO International Monitoring System and Global Seismicity
Rashad Kebeasy

8. The IRIS Consortium: Community Based Facilities and Data Management for Seismology
Shane Ingate

9. The Mediterranean Broad Band Seismographic Network Anno 2005/06
Salvatore Mazza, M. Olivieri, A. Mandiello, P. Casale

10. GEOFON and its Role in Earthquake Monitoring and Tsunami Warning
Winfried Hanka, Joachim Saul

11. The Karelian Regional Seismic Network in NW Russia
Tatiana Matveeva, Yury V. Fedorenko, Eystein S. Husebye

IV. Seismic Network Operations, Event Location and 2-D Signal Detection

12. Cossack Ranger II – A High Quality, Versatile and Affordable 3-Component Short-Period Seismograph
Yury V. Fedorenko, Eystein S. Husebye, Tatiana Matveeva

13. A 2-D Seismic Signal Detector for Stand Alone 3-Component stations
Yury V. Fedorenko, Eystein S. Husebye, Tatiana Matveeva

14. Accurate Location of Seismic Sources With and Without Travel Time Model
V. Pinsky

15. Earthworm Auto-Earthquake Location Performance and Recent Improvements in Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, Archiving and Dissemination at Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute
Childs Dean, Karabulut Hayrullah, Kömeç Ahu, Aktar Mustafa

V. Seismic Hazard Analysis and Assessment

16. Data Driven Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment Procedure for Regions with Uncertain Seimogenic Zones
Andrzej Kijko

17. Seismicity and Seismic Hazard Assessment in Greece
Theodoros M. Tsapanos

18. Are Rock Avalanches and Landslides Due to Large Earthquakes or Local Topographic Effects? A Case Study of the Lurøy Earthquake of August 31, 1819, A 3D Finite Difference Approach
T. R. M. Kebeasy, Eystein S. Husebye, S. Hestholm

Keywords: Geosciences, Geosciences, general, Geophysics/Geodesy, Computer Applications in Geosciences

Publication year
NATO Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Page amount
18 pages
Natural Sciences

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