Lyubchik, Svetlana

Recent Advances in Adsorption Processes for Environmental Protection and Security

Lyubchik, Svetlana - Recent Advances in Adsorption Processes for Environmental Protection and Security, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Extension of Dubinin’s Theory to Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions
Fritz Stoeckli, Dash M. Nevskaia, Eva Castillejos-Lopez, Teresa A. Centeno

2. Applications of Immersion Calorimetry in Dubinin’s Theory and in Electrochemistry
Teresa A. Centeno, Fritz Stoeckli

3. Adsorption on Activated Carbon: One Underlying Mechanism?
Peter Lodewyckx

4. Adsorption of Organic Vapour Pollutants on Activated Carbon
A. J. Fletcher, M. J. Kennedy, X. B. Zhao, J. B. Bell, K. Mark Thomas

5. Adsorption Behaviour of Lignosulphonates on the Interfaces Water–Inorganic/Organic Solids, Used for Paper Production
Galina Telysheva, Tatiana Dizhbite, Anna Andersone, Aleksandrs Volperts

6. Adsorption Properties of Polymer Adsorbents
Juriy Hradil

7. SAXS Characterization of Solid/Vapor Interfaces in Polymer-Based Microporous Carbons With Different Surface Chemistry
Kristina László, Erik Geissler

8. Co-Adsorption of Cesium Chloride Molecules and Thulium Atoms on 2DGF on Re
Nazim Nasrullayev

9. Controlling Porosity to Improve Activated Carbon Applications
Angel Linares-Solano, D. Lozano-Castelló, M. A. Lillo-Ródenas, D. Cazorla-Amorós

10. Liquid-Phase Adsorption/Oxidation of Sulfur-Containing Species by Activated Carbon
R. V. R. A. Rios, J. Silvestre-Albero, A. Sepulveda-Escribano, F. Rodriguez-Reinoso

11. Adsorption Properties of Functional Silicas Towards Some Toxic Metal Ions in Water Solutions
Valentin Tertykh, Lilya Polishchuk, Victor Yanishpolskii, Elina Yanovska, Arsentij Dadashev, Valerii Karmanov, Olya Kichkiruk

12. Waste Conversion into Activated Carbon for Heavy Metal Removal from Waste Water
Svetlana Lyubchik, M. Khodorkovskij, T. Makarova, Liliya Tikhonova, José Paulo Mota, Isabel Fonseca

13. Modeling Carbon Mask Adsorptive Filters
José Miguel Loureiro, Ana Mafalda Ribeiro

14. Adsorption Processes in Gas Mask Filter Canisters: Practical Aspects, New Materials and Modeling
Marco J. G. Linders

15. Hydrogen Adsorption on Carbon Materials at High Pressures and Different Temperatures
F. Suárez-García, M. Jordá-Beneyto, D. Lozano-Castelló, D. Cazorla-Amorós, Angel Linares-Solano

16. Adsorbed Natural Gas Technology
José Paulo Mota


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