Bonacci, Ongjen

Dangerous Pollutants (Xenobiotics) in Urban Water Cycle

Bonacci, Ongjen - Dangerous Pollutants (Xenobiotics) in Urban Water Cycle, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Challenges In Water Resources Management

1. A Whole-Life Cost Approach To Sewerage And Potable Water System Management
Dragan A. Savic, Slobodan Djordjevic, Adrian Cashman, Adrian Saul

2. Reuse Of Urban Water: Impact Of Product Choice
Geraldine Knops, Marc Pidou, Wilfred Kadewa, Ana Soares, Paul Jeffrey, Bruce Jefferson

3. Urban Water Resources Management In Romania - Perspectives For The Sustainable Development In Order to Supply Water to Human Settlements
Liviu-Daniel Galatchi

4. Water Quality And Wastewater Treatment Systems In Georgia
Mariam Betsiavili, Mariam Ubilava

5. Stormwater Management In Urbanised Areas
Petr Hlavinek

2. Safety And Security Of Water Supply And Sanitation

6. Small Urban Rivers Of Chernivtsi: Level Of Organic Pollutants Content, Main Sources And Effective Green Solutions
Igor Winkler

7. Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Of Sewer Systems In Slovakia
Štefan Stanko

8. Waste Water Treatment From Small Urban Areas
Ivana Mahríková

9. Allium-Assay In Evaluation Of Drinking And Surface Water Mutagenicity
Nataliya Kutsokon

10. Modelling Water Quality For Integrated Water Resources Management At The Basin Scale
Jacques Ganoulis

3. Xenobiotics And Its Treatment, Impact Assessment

11. Polar Organic Micropollutants In The Water Cycle
Juliane Hollender, Heinz Singer, Christa S. McArdell

12. Pharmaceuticals And Personal Care Products (Ppcp) In Canadian Urban Waters: A Management Perspective
Jiri Marsalek

13. Viruses In Ground Water
Philip Berger

14. Ecohydrology Of Dojran Lake
Cvetanka Popovska, Ongjen Bonacci

15. Polychlorinated Biphenyls In Urban Environment Of Belarus: Sources, Pollution, Problems Of Monitoring
Tamara Kukharchyk, Valery Khomich, Sergey Kakareka, Svetlana Utochkina

16. Phytotoxicity Assessment Of Effluent Waters, Surface Water And Sediments
Danguole Montvydiene, Danute Marciulioniene, Vilmante Karlaviciene, William Hogland

17. Monitoring And Modelling Pesticide Dynamics In Surface Water
Piet Seuntjens, Katrijn Holvoet, Peter A. Vanrolleghem

18. Methods For Toxicity Testing Of Xenobiotics In Wastewater Treatment Plants And In Receiving Water Bodies
Gianni Andreottola, Paola Foladori, Giuliano Ziglio, Chiara Cantaloni, Laura Bruni, Maria Cadonna

19. Chromium And Atrazine Contamination Of The Ljubljansko Polje Aquifer
Mitja Brilly, Brigita Jamnik, Damjana Drobne

4. Wastewater Treatment And Reuse

20. Cost Modelling In Waste Water Treatment Processes: An Empirical Analysis For Spain
Francesc Hernandez-Sancho, R. Sala-Garrido

21. Review On The Assessment Of The Removal Efficiency Of Wastewater Treatment Plants For Selected Xenobiotics
Norbert Kreuzinger

5. Poster Section

22. Aqueous Photocatalysis, Natural Organic Matter Characterization And Removal: A Case Study Of The Photacatalytic Oxidation of Fulvic Acid
Ceyda Senem Uyguner, Miray Bekbolet

23. Chemical And Ecological Problems Of Small Reservoirs At Designing Of Wastewater Treatment Installations
Alla Fedorovna Choban, Igor Winkler

24. Facts, Contradictions And Possible Improvement Actions For Hazardous Wastewater Management - A Case Study
Maura Teodorescu, Carmen Gaidau

25. Complex Kinetic Indexes For Estimation Of Surface And Waste Water Quality
Irina Veniaminovna Semenova

26. Continually Measured Orp And Ph Signal For Control Of Nitrogen Removal
Petra Pagacova, Andrea Blstakova, Miloslav Drtil, Zuzana Jakubcova, Martin Fiala

27. Operation Of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant With Submerged Membrane Modules
Lucia Dancova, Igor Bodik, Andrea Blstakova, Zuzana Jakubcova

28. The Comparative Study Of The Overall Effect Of Crude Oil On Fish In Early Stages Of Development
Nijole Kazlauskiene, Milda Zita Vosyliene, Egle Ratkelyte

29. Evaluation Of Vilnius City (Lithuania) Snow Pollution Toxicity By Use Of Fish Biotests
Milda Zita Vosyliene, Nijole Kazlauskiene, A. Milukaite

30. Minimization Of Dangerous Pollutants In The New Sanitation Concept For Separation Treatment Of Wastewater
Tatiana Sklenarova

31. Pollution Of Ground Sources Of Drinking Water With Technogenic Tritium
Olga Momot, Boris Synzynys, Gennady Kozmin, Igor Silin


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