Düwell, Marcus

The Contingent Nature of Life

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Table of contents

Part I. Contingency of Life and the Ethical

1. The Value of Natural Contingency
Ludwig Siep

2. Between Natural Necessity and Ethical Contingency
Ahmet Hadi Adanali

3. Of Poststructuralist Ethics and Nomadic Subjects
Rosi Braidotti

4. Genetics, a Practical Anthropology
Christoph Rehmann-Sutter

5. Science, Religion, and Contingency
Dietmar Mieth

Part II. Ethical Theories and the Limits of Life Sciences

6. Bioethics and the Normative Concept of Human Selfhood
Ludger Honnefelder

7. Human Cognitive Vulnerability and the Moral Status of the Human Embryo and Foetus
Deryck Beyleveld

8. Needs and the Metaphysics of Rights
Bernard Baertschi

9. The Authority of Desire in Medicine
Matthias Kettner

10. Procreative Needs and Rights
Norbert Campagna

11. Needs, Capacities and Morality
Marcus Düwell

12. Moral Judgement and Moral Reasoning
Albert W. Musschenga

13. Philosophical Reflection on Bioethics and Limits
Theo Willigenburg

Part III. Cases of Limits

14. Finite Lives and Unlimited Medical Aspirations
Daniel Callahan

15. Reproductive Choice: Whose Rights? Whose Freedom?
Brenda Almond

16. Assisted Reproduction and the Changing of the Human Body
Maurizio Mori

17. On the Limits of Liberal Bioethics
Hille Haker

18. The Human Embryo as Clinical Tool
Sheila A.M. McLean

19. The Naked Emperor
Michiel Korthals

Part IV. Abilities and Disabilities

20. Disability: Suffering, Social Oppression, or Complex Predicament?
Tom Shakespeare

21. Disability and Moral Philosophy: Difference Should Count
Sigrid Graumann

22. Neuro-Prosthetics, the Extended Mind, and Respect for Persons with Disability
Joel Anderson

Part V. Others’ Views: Intercultural Perspectives

23. Normative Relations: East Asian on Biomedicine and Bioethics
Gerhold K Becker

24. Limits of Human Existence According to China’s Bioethics
Ole Döring

25. There is the World, and there is the Map of the World
Laurie Zoloth

26. Reflections on Human Dignity and the Israeli Cloning Debate
Carmel Shalev

27. Conceiving of Human Life
Boris Yudin

28. Globalization and the Dynamic Role of Human Rights in Relation to a Common Perspective for Life Sciences
Carlos M. Romeo-Casabona


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