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Advances in Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering II

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Table of contents

1. Supporting Participative Joint Decisions in Integrated Design and Manufacturing Teams
Stephen C-Y. Lu, Amanda Conger

2. Know-How Reuse in the Conceptual Design Phase of Complex Engineering Products
Stephan Rudolph

3. Numerical Optimization of an Industrial Multi-Steps Stamping Process by Using the Design of Experiment Method
Yann Ledoux, Eric Pairel, Robert Arrieux

4. Validation Problems of Virtual Prototyping Systems Used in Foundry for Technology Optimization of Ductile Iron Castings
Zenon Ignaszak

5. Simulation of Forming Processes, with Friction, Coupling Finite Elements and Boundary Elements
Dominique Bigot, Hocine Kebir, Jean-Marc Roelandt

6. Experimental and Numerical Study of the Tool in Water Jet Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
Bostjan Jurisevic, Viktor Sajn, Mihael Junkar, Franc Kosel

7. Hybrid (Bolted/Bonded) Joints Applied to Aeronautic Parts: Analytical One-Dimensional Models of a Single-Lap Joint
Eric Paroissien, Marc Sartor, Jacques Huet

8. Precision Study of a Decoupled Four Degrees of Freedom Parallel Robot Including Manufacturing and Assembling Errors
R. Rizk, N. Andreff, J. C. Fauroux, J. M. Lavest, G. Gogu

9. Numerical Simulation of Parallel Robots with Decoupled Motions and Complex Structure in a Modular Design Approach
Zhen Wu, Rani Rizk, Jean-Christophe Fauroux, Grigore Gogu

10. Constraints Automatic Relaxation to Design Products with Fully Free Form Features
Jean-Philippe Pernot, Qian Qiao, Philippe Véron

11. Rapid and Accurate Data Integration Method for Reverse Engineering Applications
Jafar Jamshidi, Antony Roy Mileham, Geraint Wyn Owen

12. Observations on Data Relating to User Browsing Behaviour and Usage of Electronic Information
Duncan Campbell, Steve Culley, Chris McMahon

13. ICT System Requirements in Collaborative Design with Suppliers
Eric Blanco, Marie-Anne Le Dain

14. Direct Measurement of Dynamic Structural Deformations in Order to Improve Dynamic Models of PKM
Tony Canoc, Frédéric Chapelle, Pascal Ray, Jean-Marc Lavest

15. Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Flexible Parts in a Real-Time Virtual Environment for Aided Design
Frédéric Druesne, Jean-Luc Dulong, Pierre Villon

16. Knowledge Base Formulation for Aided Design Tool
Jérôme Pailhès, Mohammed Sallaou, Jean-Pierre Nadeau

17. Calibration Accuracy of a Parallel Structure Machine Tool with Respect to Machined Part Quality
Hélène Chanal, Emmanuel Duc, Pascal Ray

18. An Ontology Architecture for Standards Integration and Conformance in Manufacturing
Laurent Deshayes, Sebti Foufou, Michael Gruninger

19. Knowledge Loss in Design Reviews
Gregory Huet, Christopher A. McMahon, Florence Sellini, Stephen J. Culley, Clément Fortin

20. Internet/Intranet/Extranet-Based Systems in the CESICED Platform for Virtual Product Development Environment
George Dragoi, Costel Emil Cotet, Sebastian Rosu, Luminita Rosu

21. Which Representation for Sets of Product and Associated Services during the Design Process?
Nicolas Maussang, Daniel Brissaud, Peggy Zwolinski

22. Knowledge Management Aspects for Business Process Management: An Approach through the Information Management within and between Processes — Case Study at STMicroelectronics
Hendrik Busch, Mickael Gardoni, Michel Tollenaere

23. Machining Strategy Choice: Performance Viewer
Laurent Tapie, Kwamivi Bernardin Mawussi, Bernard Anselmetti

24. Towards an Approach for Rapid Copying of Free-Form Surfaces in 5-Axis Machining
Pierre Breteau, François Thiébaut, Pierre Bourdet, Claire Lartigue

25. Manufacturing Plant Layout Supported with Data Mining Techniques
Bruno Agard, Catherine Da Cunha

26. Empowering CAPP Systems with Human-Computer Interaction Study
Vincent Capponi, François Villeneuve

27. Optimization of Gear Tolerances by Statistical Analysis and Genetic Algorithm
Jérome Bruyere, Jean-Yves Dantan, Fangcai Wu, Regis Bigot

28. Modal Tolerancing — Application to Gap and Flush Analyses
Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Serge Samper, Fabien Formosa, Maurice Pillet

29. Evaluation of Machining Dispersions for Turning Process
Arnaud Lefebvre, Valéry Wolff

30. Fundamental Understanding of the Segmented Chip Genesis for Smart Machining. A Contribution in Hard Material Turning
T. Mabrouki, S. Belhadi, J.-F. Rigal

31. Identification of Plunge Milling Parameters to Compare with Conventional Milling
Mohamad Al-Ahmad, Alain d’Acunto, Patrick Martin

32. Agility in High Speed Machining: Optimization between Tool and Holder
Abdelkarim Ben Mhenni, Christian Mascle, Marek Balazinski

33. Kinematic Performances in 5-Axis Machining
Sylvain Lavernhe, Christophe Tournier, Claire Lartigue

34. Dynamic Analyses and Design Optimization of High-Speed Spindle-Bearing System
Vincent Gagnol, Belhassen C. Bouzgarrou, Pascal Ray, Christian Barra

35. Identification of Cutting Relations in High Speed Milling
Stéphanie Bissey-Breton, Gérard Poulachon, François Lapujoulade

36. Using 3D CAD Models for Programming High Speed Machining
Zenobia Weiss, Roman Konieczny, Radoslaw Paszkiewicz

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial and Production Engineering, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Computational Intelligence

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