Wiegandt, Ellen

Mountains: Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge

Wiegandt, Ellen - Mountains: Sources of Water, Sources of Knowledge, ebook


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Table of contents

1. General Concepts and Processes; Mountain Specificities

1. Framing the Study of Mountain Water Resources: An Introduction
Ellen Wiegandt

2. “Water Towers”—A Global View of the Hydrological Importance of Mountains
Daniel Viviroli, Rolf Weingartner

3. The History of Irrigation and Water Control in China'S Erhai Catchment: Mitigation and Adaptation to Environmental Change
Darren Crook, Mark Elvin, Richard Jones, Shen Ji, Gez Foster, John Dearing

4. Scarcity, Equity, and Transparency: General Principles for Successfully Governing the Water Commons
Paul Trawick

5. From Principles to Action: Incentives to Enforce Common Property Water Management
Ellen Wiegandt

2. Multiple Uses and Competition for Mountain Water

6. Hydroelectric Resources Between State and Market in the Alpine Countries
Franco Romerio

7. Crans-Montana: Water Resources Management in an Alpine Tourist Resort
Christophe Clivaz, Emmanuel Reynard

3. Water Conflicts and Conflict Resolution Mechanisms

8. Water Value, Water Management, and Water Conflict: A Systematic Approach
Franklin M. Fisher

9. Evolutionary Explanations of Syrian—Turkish Water Conflict
Serdar S Güner

10. Water Use and Risk: the Use of Prospect Theory to Guide Public Policy Decision-Making
Raymond Dacey

4. Indigenous Knowledge; Technical Solutions

11. Disasters, Development, and Glacial Lake Control in Twentieth-Century Peru
Mark Carey

12. Wetlands and Indigenous Knowledge in the Highlands of Western Ethiopia
Alan Dixon

13. A New Ancient Water Mill:Remembering Former Techniques
Michel Dubas

14. Water-Related Natural Disasters: Strategies to Deal With Debris Flows: The Case of Tschengls, Italy
Walter Gostner, Gian Reto Bezzola, Markus Schatzmann, Hans-Erwin Minor

15. Flood Volume Estimation and Flood Mitigation: Adige River Basin
Salvatore Manfreda, Mauro Fiorentino

16. Hydrological Assessment for Selected Karstic Springs in the Mountain Regions of Bulgaria
Tatiana Orehova, Elena Kirilova Bojilova

5. Policy Implications for Efficient and Equitable Water Use

17. Water and Mountains, Upstream and Downstream: Analyzing Unequal Relations
Urs Luterbacher, Duishen Mamatkanov

18. Creating a Policy Environment for Sustainable Water use
Karina Schoengold, David Zilberman


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