Lieth, Helmut

Mangroves and Halophytes: Restoration and Utilisation

Lieth, Helmut - Mangroves and Halophytes: Restoration and Utilisation, ebook


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Table of contents

I. General Aspects

1. Concepts for Different Uses of Halophytes
Helmut Lieth

2. Global Water Crisis: The Potential of Cash Crop Halophytes to Reduce the Dilemma
Hans-Werner Koyro, Helmut Lieth

3. Present Efforts to Develop Sustainable Saline Production Systems
Helmut Lieth

4. Studies on Halophytes and Salinity Problems in Mediterranean Agriculture
A. Belligno, V. Sardo

II. Saline Ecosystems in Venezuela

5. Investigations Proposed in Venezuela for the Development of Systems for the Sustainable Utilisation of Halophytes, in the Context of International Development
Helmut Lieth, Brigitte Herzog

6. Diagnostics About the State of Mangroves in Venezuela: Case Studies from the National Park Morrocoy and Wildlife Refuge Cuare
Maria Beatriz Barreto

7. Contribution of Seagrass Ecosystems to the Venezuelan Coastline Vegetation
Beatriz E. Vera Vegas

III. Experimental Systems

8. Comparative Biochemical Study of the Rhizosphere of Rhizophora mangle and its Associated Species Cyperus sp. in the Ciénaga de Soledad (Colombia)
Jorge E. Paolini, Luz Esther Sánchez-Arias

9. Creation of Mangrove “Productive Oases”: Community Participation for the Sustainable Utilization of Halophytes
Jon Paul Rodríguez, Luz Esther Sánchez-Arias

10. Mangrove Restoration in a Tropical Semiarid Environment: A Case Study in Landscape Design
Rosario Fraino Pannier, Federico Pannier

11. Mangrove Establishment on Artificial Islands: A Case Study
Federico Pannier, Rosario Fraino Pannier

12. The Effect of Temperature on the Accumulation of Salts and Chromium in Seedlings of Avicennia germinans (“Mangle Salado”) and Rhizophora mangle (“Mangle Rojo”) Exposed to Tannery Wastewaters
Luz Esther Sánchez-Arias, Augusto Ruiz Castro

13. Salt Tolerance of Chenopodium quinoa Willd., Grains of the Andes: Influence of Salinity on Biomass Production, Yield, Composition of Reserves in the Seeds, Water and Solute Relations
Hans-Werner Koyro, Helmut Lieth, Sayed Said Eisa

14. Biosaline Biomass for Energy, a Solution for Saline Wastelands
Jeannette Hoek

Keywords: Life Sciences, Ecology, Ecosystems, Plant Ecology, Environmental Management, Climate Change

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Tasks for Vegetation Sciences
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215 pages
Natural Sciences

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