Gorb, Stanislav N.

Functional Surfaces in Biology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Surface Properties and their Functions in Biological Systems
Stanislav Gorb

Part I. Protection and Defence

2. Biological Properties of Fruit and Seed Slime Envelope: How to Live, Fly, and Not Die
Agnieszka Kreitschitz

3. Easily Damaged Integument of Some Sawflies (Hymenoptera) is Part of a Defence Strategy Against Predators
Jean-Luc Boevé

Part II. Anti–wetting

4. Water Repellence in Gecko Skin: How Do Geckos Keep Clean?
Uwe N. Hiller

5. Anti-Wetting Surfaces in Heteroptera (Insecta): Hairy Solutions to Any Problem
Pablo Perez-Goodwyn

6. Water Repellent Properties of Spiders: Topographical Variations and Functional Correlates
Gail E. Stratton, Robert B. Suter

7. Dry in the Water: The Superhydrophobic Water Fern Salvinia – a Model for Biomimetic Surfaces
Zdenek Cerman, Boris F. Striffler, Wilhelm Barthlott

8. Brochosomal Coatings of the Integument of Leafhoppers (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae)
Roman A. Rakitov

Part III. Transport

9. Pull, Push and Evaporate: The Role of Surfaces in Plant Water Transport
Anita Roth-Nebelsick

Part IV. Aerodynamics

10. Molding and Carving Cell Surfaces: The Joke of a Fold and the Origin and Evolution of Feathers
Lorenzo Alibardi

Part V. Acoustics

11. Surface Structure of Sound Emission Organs in Urania Moths
Alejandro Barro, Marianne Vater, Martha Pérez, Frank Coro

Part VI. Sensory Systems

12. Functional Coupling of Cercal Filiform Hairs and Campaniform Sensilla in Crickets
Ralph Heußlein, Heribert Gras, Werner Gnatzy

Part VII. Optics

13. Advanced Photonic Systems on the Wing-Scales of Lepidoptera
Peter Vukusic

14. Sub-micron Structures Causing Reflection and Antireflection in Animals
Andrew R. Parker

15. Surface Colors of Insects: Wings and Eyes
Doekele G. Stavenga

16. Butterfly Photonics: Form and Function
Abigail L. Ingram

Keywords: Life Sciences, Life Sciences, general, Engineering, general, Physics, general, Plant Sciences

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