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Human Motion

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Table of contents

1. 2D Tracking

1. Understanding Human Motion: A Historic Review
Reinhard Klette, Garry Tee

2. The Role of Manifold Learning in Human Motion Analysis
Ahmed Elgammal, Chan-Su Lee

3. Recognition of Action as a Bayesian Parameter Estimation Problem over Time
Volker Krüger

4. The William Harvey Code: Mathematical Analysis of Optical Flow Computation for Cardiac Motion
Yusuke Kameda, Atsushi Imiya

5. Detection and Tracking of Humans in Single View Sequences Using 2D Articulated Model
Filip Korč, Václav Hlaváč

2. Learning

6. Combining Discrete and Continuous 3D Trackers
Gabriel Tsechpenakis, Dimitris Metaxas, Carol Neidle

7. Graphical Models for Human Motion Modelling
Kooksang Moon, Vladimir Pavlović

8. 3D Human Motion Analysis in Monocular Video: Techniques and Challenges
Cristian Sminchisescu

9. Spatially and Temporally Segmenting Movement to Recognize Actions
Richard Green

10. Topologically Constrained Isometric Embedding
Guy Rosman, Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Ron Kimmel

3. 2D–3D Tracking

11. Contours, Optic Flow, and Prior Knowledge: Cues for Capturing 3D Human Motion in Videos
Thomas Brox, Bodo Rosenhahn, Daniel Cremers

12. Tracking Clothed People
Bodo Rosenhahn, Uwe G. Kersting, Katie Powell, Thomas Brox, Hans-Peter Seidel

13. An Introduction to Interacting Simulated Annealing
Juergen Gall, Bodo Rosenhahn, Hans-Peter Seidel

14. Motion Capture for Interaction Environments
Daniel Grest, Reinhard Koch

15. Markerless Motion Capture for Biomechanical Applications
Lars Mündermann, Stefano Corazza, Thomas P. Andriacchi

4. Biomechanics and Applications

16. Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Movement: The Discrepancy Between Clinical Gait Analysis and Activities of Daily Life
Dieter Rosenbaum, Mirko Brandes

17. Optimization of Human Motion Exemplified with Handbiking by Means of Motion Analysis and Musculoskeletal Models
Harald Böhm, Christian Krämer

18. Imitation Learning and Transferring of Human Movement and Hand Grasping to Adapt to Environment Changes
Stephan Al-Zubi, Gerald Sommer

19. Accurate and Model-free Pose Estimation of Crash Test Dummies
Stefan K. Gehrig, Hernán Badino, Jüergen Gall

5. Modelling and Animation

20. A Relational Approach to Content-based Analysis of Motion Capture Data
Meinard Müller, Tido Röder

21. The Representation of Rigid Body Motions in the Conformal Model of Geometric Algebra
Leo Dorst

22. Video-based Capturing and Rendering of People
Christian Theobalt, Marcus Magnor, Hans-Peter Seidel

23. Interacting Deformable Objects
Matthias Teschner, Bruno Heidelberger, Matthias Müller-Fischer

24. From Performance Theory to Character Animation Tools
Michael Neff, Eugene Fiume

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Human Physiology, Sports Medicine

Publication year
Computational Imaging and Vision
Page amount
643 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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