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Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

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Table of contents

1. Sustainable Development Policies

1. Integrated Environmental Policy in the European Union
Ignazio Musu

2. The Role of Legal Principles for Environmental Management
Massimiliano Montini

3. Valuation of Sustainable Development Policies: Social Multi-criteria Evaluation
Giuseppe Munda

2. Water Management

4. The Groundwater Challenge
Giovanni Maria Zuppi

5. Water Services and Water Policy in Italy
Gilberto Muraro

6. Water Quality Control
Andrea Barbanti

7. New Approaches to Wastewater Treatment Plants in Italy
Franco Cecchi, Paolo Battistoni, Paolo Pavan

8. Integrated Policy Approach to Water Supply Management: A Venetian Project
Paolo Gardin, Adriano Marchini

3. Air Quality Control

9. Monitoring Air Quality in Urban Areas
Ivo Allegrini, Francesca Costabile

10. Sustainable Mobility: Mitigation of Traffic Originated Pollution
Marino Mazzon

4. Waste Management

11. Integrated Waste Management. Technologies and Environmental Control
Luciano Morselli, Ivano Vassura, Fabrizio Passarini

12. Economic Analysis of Waste Management Systems in Europe
Antonio Massarutto

13. Hospital Waste Management
Ivo Pavan, Elena Herrero Hernandez, Enrico Pira

5. Energy Efficiency And Renewables

14. Solar Energy
Roberto Barile

15. Geothermal Energy
Ruggero Bertani

16. Renewable Energy from Biomass: Solid Biofuels and Bioenergy Technologies
Mario Chiadò Rana, Roberta Roberto

17. Wind Energy
Luciano Pirazzi

18. Power Electronics in Distributed Power
Johan H. R. Enslin, Francesco Profumo

19. Energy Optimization of a Building-plant System
Luigi Schibuola

20. The Sino-Italian Environment & Energy Building (SIEEB): A Model for a New Generation of Sustainable Buildings
Federico Butera

21. New Policy Schemes to Promote End-use Energy Efficiency in the European Union
Marcella Pavan

22. Subsidies and Market Mechanisms in Energy Policy
Giancarlo Pireddu

23. CDM – A Policy to Foster Sustainable Development?
Barbara K. Buchner

6. Sustainable Industrial Development

24. Industrial Ecology in a Developing Context
Marian R. Chertow

25. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Integration and Synergy with EMAS Management Systems on the Territory
Gabriella Chiellino

7. Sustainable Urban Development

26. General Aspects of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)
Alessandro Costa

27. A New Perspective for the Future: Environmental Protection and Sustainability in Urban Planning
Michelangelo Savino

28. Brownfields Remediation and Reuse: An Opportunity for Urban Sustainable Development
Margherita Turvani, Stefania Tonin

8. Agriculture And Natural Resource Management

29. Ecological Agriculture: Human and Social Context
Fabio Caporali

30. Sustainable Agriculture in the Frame of Sustainable Development: Cooperation between China and Italy
Maria Lodovica Gullino, Andrea Camponogara, Nevio Capodagli

31. Economics and Policy of Biodiversity Loss
Silvana Dalmazzone

32. Forestry and Rural Development: Global Trends and Applications to the Sino-Italian Context
Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, Maria Emilia Malvolti

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environment, general, Agriculture, Economic Policy, R & D/Technology Policy, Environmental Economics

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501 pages
Natural Sciences

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