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Knowing, Knowledge and Beliefs

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Personal Epistemology and Culture
Barbara K. Hofer

II. Conceptual and Methodological Issues

2. Assessing Teachers’ Epistemological and Ontological Worldviews
Gregory J. Schraw, Lori J. Olafson

3. The Evolution of Self-Authorship
Marcia Baxter Magolda

4. Assessing the Multidimensionality of Students’ Epistemic Beliefs Across Diverse Cultures
Michelle M. Buehl

5. Measurement of Epistemological Beliefs and Learning Strategies of Elementary School Children
Barbara Moschner, Andrea Anschuetz, Stephan Wernke, Uta Wagener

III. Empirical Studies on Cultural-specific Epistemology

6. University Cultures and Epistemic Beliefs: Examining Differences Between Two Academic Environments
Krista R. Muis, Gale M. Sinatra

7. Personal Epistemology in Elementary Classrooms: A Conceptual Comparison of Germany and the United States and a Guide for Future Cross-Cultural Research
Florian C. Haerle, Lisa D. Bendixen

8. A Sociocultural Exploration of Epistemological Beliefs
Iris Tabak, Michael Weinstock

9. An Exploratory Study About the Role of Epistemological Beliefs and Dispositions on Learners’ Thinking About an III-defined Issue in Solo and Duo Problem-solving Contexts
Nicos Valanides, Charoula Angeli

10. Family Environment, Epistemological Beliefs, Learning Strategies, and Academic Performance: A Path Analysis
Francisco Cano, María Cardelle-Elawar

11. Global Certainty Beliefs and College Major: How Strong Are Socialization Effects?
Ulrich Trautwein, Oliver Lüdtke

12. Epistemological Beliefs, Learning, and Teaching: The Hong Kong Cultural Context
Kwok-wai Chan

13. The Use of Internet-based Instruction for the Development of Epistemological Beliefs: A Case Study in Taiwan
Chin-Chung Tsai

14. Assessing the Epistemological and Pedagogical Beliefs Among Pre-service Teachers in Singapore
Chai Ching Sing, Myint Swe Khine

IV. Perspectives on Domain-Specific Epistemology

15. Applying the Theory of an Epistemological Belief System to the Investigation of Students’ and Professors’ Mathematical Beliefs
Marlene Schommer-Aikins

16. Individual Domain-Specific Epistemologies: Implications for Educational Practice
Betsy Palmer, Rose M. Marra

17. Personal Epistemology, Understanding of Multiple Texts, and Learning Within Internet Technologies
Ivar Bråten

18. Epistemic Metacognition in the Context of Information Searching on the Web
Lucia Mason, Angela Boldrin

19. Developing Relational Epistemology Through Relational Pedagogy: New Ways of Thinking About Personal Epistemology in Teacher Education
Joanne Brownlee, Donna Berthelsen

20. Knowledge and Epistemological Beliefs: An Intimate but Complicate Relationship
Rainer Bromme, Dorothe Kienhues, Elmar Stahl

V. Conclusion

21. Challenges and Future Directions for Personal Epistemology Research in Diverse Cultures
Benjamin Wong, Myint Swe Khine, Chai Ching Sing


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