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Probing Experience

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Table of contents

I. Probing in Order to Quantify

1. Experience in Products
Joyce Westerink

2. Inquiring about People’S Affective Product Judgements
Jettie Hoonhout

3. Atmosphere Metrics
Ingrid Vogels

4. In Search of The X-Factor to Develop Experience Measurement Tools
Ingrid Mulder, Harry Vliet

5. Probing Experiences: Logs, Traces, Self-Report and A Sense of Wonder
Erik Geelhoed, Josephine Reid, Richard Hull, Sharon Baurley

6. Objective Emotional Assessment of Industrial Products
Wolfram Boucsein, Florian Schaefer

7. Measuring Experiences in Gaming and TV Applications
Rosemarie J.E. Rajae-Joordens

8. Sensing Affective Experience
Jennifer A. Healey

9. Brain, Skin and Cosmetics: Sensory Aspects Objectivated by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Bernard Querleux

10. The Assessment of Stress
Ad Vingerhoets

11. Discovery of T-Templates and Their Real-Time Interpretation Using Theme
Magnus S. Magnusson

2. Probing in Order to Feed Back

12. Where Will The User “Drive” Future Technology?
Antonio Maria Calvosa, Amedeo Visconti

13. A Wearable Emg Monitoring System for Emotions Assessment
Cecilia Vera-Munoz, Laura Pastor-Sanz, Guiseppe Fico, Maria Teresa Arredondo, Francesca Benuzzi, Angel Blanco

14. Computing Emotion Awareness Through Galvanic Skin Response and Facial Electromyography
Joyce H. D. M. Westerink, Egon L. Broek, Marleen H. Schut, Jan Herk, Kees Tuinenbreijer

15. Unobtrusive Sensing of Psychophysiological Parameters
Martin Ouwerkerk, Frank Pasveer, Geert Langereis

16. It’S Heart Rhythm Not Rate That Counts
Deborah Rozman, Rollin McCraty, Dana Tomasino

17. TRansformative Experience on The Home Computer
Kurt R. Smith

18. The Emotional Computer Adaptive to Human Emotion
Mincheol Whang

19. Using Physiological Measures For Task Adaptation
Ben Mulder, Dick Waard, Piet Hoogeboom, Lennart Quispel, Arjan Stuiver

20. The Usability of Cardiovascular and Electrodermal Measures for Adaptive Automation
Florian Schaefer, Andrea Haarmann, Wolfram Boucsein


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