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Computational Plasticity

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Table of contents

1. A Multi-Scale Continuum Theory for Heterogeneous Materials
Franck Vernerey, Cahal McVeigh, Wing Kam Liu, Brian Moran

2. Towards a Model for Large Strain Anisotropic Elasto-Plasticity
F. J. Montáns, K. J. Bathe

3. Localized and Diffuse Bifurcations in Porous Rocks Undergoing Shear Localization and Cataclastic Flow
Ronaldo I. Borja

4. Dispersion and Localisation in a Strain–Softening Two–Phase Medium
René Borst, Marie-Angèle Abellan

5. New Developments in Surface-to-Surface Discretization Strategies for Analysis of Interface Mechanics
Tod A. Laursen, Bin Yang

6. Particle Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics Problems
J. Oliver, J. C. Cante, R. Weyler, C. González, J. Hernandez

7. Micro-Meso-Macro Modelling of Composite Materials
P. Wriggers, M. Hain

8. Numerical Modeling of Transient Impact Processes with Large Deformations and Nonlinear Material Behavior
Ekkehard Ramm, Tobias Erhart, Wolfgang A. Wall

9. A Computational Model For Viscoplasticity Coupled with Damage Including Unilateral Effects
D. R. J. Owen, F. M. AndradePires, E. A. de SouzaNeto

10. On Multiscale Analysis of Heterogeneous Composite Materials: Implementation of Micro-to-Macro Transitions in the Finite Element Setting
D. Perić, E. A. de SouzaNeto, A. J. CarneiroMolina, M. Partovi

11. Assessment of Protection Systems for Gravel-Buried Pipelines Considering Impact and Recurrent Shear Loading Caused by Thermal Deformations of the Pipe
B. Pichler, Ch. Hellmich, St. Scheiner, J. Eberhardsteiner, H. A. Mang

12. Enriched Free Mesh Method: An Accuracy Improvement for Node-based FEM
Genki Yagawa, Hitoshi Matsubara

13. Modelling of Metal Forming Processes and Multi-Physic Coupling
J.-L. Chenot, F. Bay

14. Enhanced Rotation-Free Basic Shell Triangle. Applications to Sheet Metal Forming
Eugenio Oñate, Fernando G. Flores, Laurentiu Neamtu

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Structural Mechanics, Building Construction, HVAC, Refrigeration

Publication year
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
Page amount
283 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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