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Integration of Information for Environmental Security

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Table of contents

1. Environmental Security

1. An Integrated Approach for Environmental Security in the Nato Countries Based on Remote Sensing and Gis Technologies
H. G. Coskun

2. Geospatial Integration and Fusion Techniques for Environmental Monitoring and Security
M. Ehlers

3. Integrated Use of Multispectral Satellite and Airborne Sensors as A Tool for Detecting Biological Hot Spots and Monitor of Aquatic Environment Security
V. Melentyev, V. I. Chernook

4. Data Policy and Management Issues for Integration of Information: The Gmes Projects and Plans
G. Schreier

5. The Importance of ITU-CSCRS for Natural Disaster Monitoring: A Case Study — Flooding in The Maritsa River
F. Sunar

6. Information Products to Study Environmental Threats and Dangerous Phenomena in the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas
V. N. Belokopytov, A. K. H. Khaliulin, E. A. Godin, S. K. Konovalov, S. P. H. Dotsenko, A. V. Ingerov, O. V. Sergeyeva, V. P. Gorbunov

7. GIS and Models for Environmental Health Action Plans
O. Udovyk

2. Information Security, Integration of Information

8. Artificial Neural Networks in Water Resources
H. K. Cigizoglu

9. Application of Space Technology in Support of Security and Safety of Critical Infrastructure
S. Kurnaz*, R. B. Rustamov

10. Online Information as an Important Source for Environmental Impact Studies
P. B. Almeida

11. The Use of Numerical Simulation for Oil Spill Contingency Plan
S. Can, H. Yilmaz, F. Celik

12. Implementing the Gis Elements of the European Water Framework Directive
N. Charneca

13. Monitoring Microcatchment by Using Satellite Imagery: Kiziloz Sample
M. Dagci, G. Kusek

14. Emergency Warnings With Short Message Service
J. P. Fernandes

15. Sustainable Development in Ukraine: Problem, New Vision, Solution
A. Gorobets

16. The Role of Space Assets in Providing for Public Security
F. Ince

17. Role of Geospatial Information and Geospatial Information Application Software Systems for Security
A. Kopar

3. Disaster Forecasting and Prevention

18. Spatial Data Infrastructures for Emergency Services and Security Management
R. Bill

19. Forest Fires and Remote Sensing
A. Calle, J.-L. Casanova

20. Natural and Environmental Risks in Marine and Coastal Areas
M. Morovi?

21. Integrated Monitoring System for Seismic Risk Assessment in Vrancea Area
M. Zoran

22. Forests and Natural Disasters
H. E. Çel?k

23. The Role of Remote Sensing and GIS for Security
H. G. Coskun*, U. Alganci, G. Usta

24. Technological Risk Assessment and Management: Can We Integrate Terrorist Attacks?
K. Fedra

25. Environmental Impact of Lng Terminals in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)
*V. Mala?i?, J. Faganeli, A. Malej

26. Disaster Management Education and Policies in Turkey
D. N. Ural

4. Water Resources Management

27. Integrated Information Base for Sustainable Water Resources Management
N. B. Harmancioglu

28. Coastal Zone Management/Coastal Information System
D. Maktav

29. Wastewater Management in Istanbul
A. Samsunlu

30. Ship's Ballast Water And marine Pollution
T. Satir

31. Specialized Multidisciplinary Information System as a Tool to Support Monitoring of Marine Ecosystem
D. Y. Slipetskyy, O. V. Sergeyeva, V. P. Gorbunov

32. Management of Water Supply Systems of Metropoles: Istanbul Example
B. Yegen, B. Önoz

Keywords: Geosciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Ecotoxicology, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Environmental Management

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
Page amount
10 pages
Natural Sciences

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