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Toward Agroforestry Design

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

1. Ecological Knowledge and Agroforestry Design: An Introduction
S. Jose, A. M. Gordon

2. Resource Allocation in Agroforestry Systems: Aboveground Processes

2. Biophysical Changes Resulting from 16 Years of Riparian Forest Rehabilitation: An Example from the Southern Ontario Agricultural Landscape
Maren Oelbermann, Andrew M. Gordon, Narinder K. Kaushik

3. Ecological Development and function of Shelterbelts in Temperate North America
C. W. Mize, J. R. Brandle, M. M. Schoeneberger, G. Bentrup

4. Forage Production Under and Adjacent to Robinia pseudoacacia in Central Appalachia, West Virginia
C. M. Feldhake, D. P. Belesky, E. L. Mathias

5. Light Intensity Effects on Growth and Nutrient-use Efficiency of Tropical Legume Cover Crops
V. C. Baligar, N. K. Fageria, A. Paiva, A. Silveira, J. O. Souza, E. Lucena, J. C. Faria, R. Cabral, A. W. V. Pomella, J. Jorda

6. Interspecific Competition in a Pecan-cotton Alley-cropping System in the Southern United States: Is Light the Limiting Factor?
D. S. Zamora, S. Jose, P. K. R. Nair, J. W. Jones, B. J. Brecke, C. L. Ramsey

7. Modification of Microclimate and Associated Food Crop Productivity in an Alley-cropping System in Northern Sudan
H. Shapo, H. Adam

8. Tree–Crop Interactions in Fruit Tree-based Agroforestry Systems in the Western Highlands of Guatemala: Component Yields and System Performance
J. G. Bellow, P. K. R. Nair, T. A. Martin

9. Biophysical Interactions Between Timber Trees and Arabica Coffee in Suboptimal Conditions of Central America
P. Vaast, R. Kanten, P. Siles, J. Angrand, A. Aguilar

3. Resource Allocation in Agroforestry Systems: Belowground Processes

10. Agroforestry Management Effects on Plant Productivity Vectors within a Humid–Temperate Hardwood Alley-cropping System
G. R. Kiparski, A. R. Gillespie

11. Root Competition for Phosphorus Between Coconut Palms and Interplanted Dicot Trees Along a Soil Fertility Gradient in Kerala, India
H. B. S. Gowda, B. M. Kumar

12. Establishment of Cordia dodecandra A.DC. with Bixa orellana L. on Calcareous Soils in Yucatán, Mexico
M. Reuter, H. Tiessen, J. J. Jimenez-Osornio, J. Pohlan, P. L. G. Vlek

13. Tree Foliage Polyphenols and Nitrogen Use in Crop–Livestock Systems of Southern Africa: Strategies for Increasing Efficiency
P. L. Mafongoya, L. Hove

4. Towards Better Understanding: Analytical and Modeling Tools for Agroforestry Research

14. The Role of Ecosystem-level Models in the Design of Agroforestry Systems for Future Environmental Conditions and Social Needs
J. P. Kimmins, C. Welham, F. Cao, P. Wangpakapattanawong, L. Christanty

15. Radiation Availability in Agroforestry System of Coffee and Rubber Trees
C. A. Righi, A. M. P. Lunz, M. S. Bernardes, C. R. Pereira, D. Dourado-Neto, J. L. Favarin

16. Modeling Green Manure Additions in Alley-Cropping Systems: Linking Soil Community Dynamics and Nitrogen Mineralization
Y. Carrillo, C. Jordan

17. Separating the Tree–Soil–Crop Interactions in Agroforestry Parkland Systems in Saponé (Burkina Faso) using WaNuLCAS
J. Bayala, M. Noordwijk, B. Lusiana, K. Ni'matul, Z. Teklehaimanot, S. J. Ouedraogo

5. Synthesis

18. Applying Ecological Knowledge to Agroforestry Design: A Synthesis
A. M. Gordon, S. Jose


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