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Integrated Water Management

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Table of contents

1. Concepts and Approaches of Integrated Water Management

1. Introduction
Patrick Meire, Marleen Coenen, Claudio Lombardo, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile

2. Filling the Information Gap between Water Systems and Decision Makers in the Sustainable Development of a Territory
Fabrizio Colaceci, Riccardo Minciardi, Claudio Lombardo, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile

3. Towards an Adaptive Approach in Planning and Management Process
Manuela Pires Rosa

4. The Value of the Italian Civil Protection System in Integrated Water Management For The Mediterranean Environment
Francesca Giannoni, Giorgio Roth, Roberto Rudari

5. Knowledge Discovery in Environmental Data
Joaquín Izquierdo, José L. Díaz, Rafael Pérez, P. Amparo López, José J. Mora

6. NetSyMoD - An Integrated Approach for Water Resources Management
Carlo Giupponi, Alessandra Sgobbi, Jaroslav Mysiak, Roberta Camera, Anita Fassio

7. Water Conflicts: An Unavoidable Challenge from the Transboundary to the Local Dimension
Andrea Nardini, Andrea Goltara, Bertrand Chartier

2. Case Studies

8. An Eco-Hydrological Project on Turkey Creek Watershed, South Carolina, U.S.A
Devendra Amatya, Carl Trettin

9. Integrated Transboundary Management of Lake Constance Driven by the International Commission for the Protection of Lake Constance (IGKB)
Jürg Bloesch, Heinz Gerd Schröder

10. Integrated Water Mangement in the Seven Cities Basin
Tomaz Ponce Dentinho, João Porteiro, Helena Calado, Emiliana Silva, José Carlos Fontes, Paulo Borges, João Marques, Richard Jonker, José Ferreira

11. Establishment of the Iskar Reservoir Minimum Sanitary Storage Capacity
Ivanka Dimitrova

12. Eutrophication in the Blackwater River Catchment, Ireland
Phil Jordan, Colleen Ward, Joerg Arnscheidt, Suzanne McCormick

13. The Proposal of IWRM in the Bouregreg Basin and How it Fits with the UNESCO/HELP Policy Program
Abdellatif Khattabi

14. Impact of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant on the Druksiai Cooler - Lake
Jurate Kriauciuniene, Diana Sarauskiene

15. Transboundary River Contract Semois-Semoy Between Belgium (Wallonia) and France
Francis Rosillon, Jérôme Lobet

16. Ground and Water Levels Change in the Scheldt Basin
Eric Masson, Francis Meilliez

17. The Architecture of a Decision Support System (DSS) for Groundwater Quality Preservation in Terceira Island (Azores)
Tomaz Ponce Dentinho, Riccardo Minciardi, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile, Vasco Silva

18. Greece: Ecosystem Based IWM Plans in the Framework of WFD Implementation: The “Strymon” Pilot Project
Stylianos G. Skias

19. The Role of the Help Programme
Mike Bonell

20. Participation Aspects in the Realisation of the Nete River Basin Management Plan: Methodology and Application
Jan Staes, Patrick Meire, Marleen Coenen

21. The Use of Hydrological Characteristics for Wetland Habitats Protection in Water Management of the Upper Narew River System
Dorota Miroslaw-Swiatek, Tomasz Okruszko, Janusz Kubrak, Ignacy Kardel

22. Saltwater Intrusion in a Unconfined Coastal Aquifer: The Case Study of Cervia (North Adriatic Sea, Italy)
Elisa Ulazzi, Marco Antonellini, Giovanni Gabbianelli

23. International and Inner Transboundary River Basins in the Kaliningrad Oblast, South-Eastern Baltic
Boris Chubarenko, Dmitrii Domnin

3. Reports of the Working Groups

24. Environmental Indicators for Water Resources Management
L. M. (Les) Lavkulich, Elisa Ulazzi

25. Developments in Participation within Integrated Water Management
J. A. Ast, Manuela Pires Rosa, L. L. P. A. Santbergen

26. Conclusion
Patrick Meire, Marleen Coenen, Claudio Lombardo, Michela Robba, Roberto Sacile


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