Hobill, David W.

Short-Period Binary Stars: Observations, Analyses, and Results

Hobill, David W. - Short-Period Binary Stars: Observations, Analyses, and Results, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Compact Relativistic Binary Systems

1. Black Hole Binaries: The Journey from Astrophysics to Physics
Jeffrey E. McClintock

2. Searches for Gravitational Waves from Binary Neutron Stars: A Review
Warren G. Anderson, Jolien D. E. Creighton

3. Observations of the Double Pulsar PSR J0737–3039A/B
Ingrid H. Stairs, M. Kramer, R. N. Manchester, M. A. McLaughlin, A. G. Lyne, R. D. Ferdman, M. Burgay, D. R. Lorimer, A. Possenti, N. D'Amico, J. M. Sarkissian, G. B. Hobbs, J. E. Reynolds, P. C. C. Freire, F. Camilo

4. Gravitational Lensing in Compact Binary Systems
David W. Hobill, John Kollar, Julia Pulwicki

II. Accreting Neutron Star Binaries

5. Accreting Neutron Stars in Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Systems
Frederick K. Lamb, Stratos Boutloukos

6. Observations and Modeling of Accretion Flows in X-ray Binaries
Denis A. Leahy

III. Cataclysmic Variable Systems

7. Modeling the Hot Components in Cataclysmic Variables: Info on the White Dwarf and Hot Disk from GALEX, FUSE, HST and SDSS
Paula Szkody

8. The Cool Components in Cataclysmic Variables: Recent Advances and New Puzzles
Steve B. Howell

9. Models for Dynamically Stable Cataclysmic Variable Systems
Albert P. Linnell

IV. Modeling Short-Period Eclipsing Binaries

10. Distance Estimation for Eclipsing X-ray Pulsars
R. E. Wilson, H. Raichur, B. Paul

11. The Tools of the Trade and the Products they Produce: Modeling of Eclipsing Binary Observables
Eugene F. Milone, Josef Kallrath

12. The Closest of the Close: Observational and Modeling Progress
W. Hamme, R. E. Cohen

V. Aspects of Short-Period Binary Evolution

13. Common Envelope Evolution Redux
Ronald F. Webbink


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