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Advanced Combustion and Aerothermal Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Power Systems Engineering Science and Technology

1. Generation and Alleviation of Combustion Instabilities in Swirling Flow
Nick Syred

2. Modern Trends of Power Engineering Development
Aleksander F. Rizhkov, V. E. Silin, N. S. Sharef, E. V. Tokar

3. Influence of the Heat-and-Power Plants of Ukraine on the Environment and Primary Ways of Pollution Reduction
A. S. Babyak, Artem Khalatov, S. V. Shevtsov

4. Techniques to Limit NOX Emissions
L. Szecowka, M. Poskart

5. Development of Energy Technology for Burning Brown Coal with a Selection of Iron Liquid Slag, Together with Carbon Dioxide Utilization
M. J. Nosirovich

6. Intensified Fluidized Bed Burning of the Angren Brown Coal Containing an Increased Amount of Ash
R. Babahodzhaev

7. Thermodynamics of Modern Low-Emission (Low-NOX) Processes in the Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels
Boris Soroka

8. Current Status and Challenges within Fluidized Bed Combustion
Mikko Hupa

9. Fluidized Bed Combustion is the Universal Technology of Firing Fossil Fuels and Various Types of Wastes
V. A. Borodulya

2. Solid Fuel Combustion Techniques and Augmentation

10. Plasma-Supported Coal Combustion Modeling and Full-Scale Trials
V. E. Messerle, A. B. Ustimenko

11. Investigation of Pulverized Coal Combustion
A. P. Burdukov, V. I. Popov

12. Solid Fuel Plasma Gasification
V. E. Messerle, A. B. Ustimenko

3. Environmental and Related Studies

13. Some Advances in Two-Phase Thermofluid Research for Environmental Protection and Pollution Reduction
P. J. Bowen

14. CFD Modeling of Gas Release and Dispersion: Prediction of Flammable Gas Clouds
Vladimir Agranat, A. V. Tchouvelev, Z. Cheng, S. V. Zhubrin

15. Turbulent Combustion and Thermal Radiation in a Massive Fire
Alexander Yu. Snegirev, S. A. Isaev

16. Mathematical Model of Filtered Isolation in a High-Temperature Furnace with Oriented Injection of the Cooler
E. D. Sergievskij

4. Biomass and Alternative Fuels

17. Development of Biomass and Gas Cofiring Technology to Reduce Greenhouse Gaseous Emissions
I. Barmina, A. Descnickis, A. Meijere, Maija Zake

18. Investigations of Institute for Engineering Thermophysics (Thermogasdynamics Department) in the Area of Combustion and Gasification Of Alternative Fuels
Artem Khalatov, I. I. Borisov, S. G. Kobzar, G. V. Kovalenko, O. E. Khlebnikov

19. Combined Energetic and Environmental Fundamentals of Selection of the Fuel Type to Ensure the Production Processes: Theory and Applications
P. Sandor, Boris Soroka

20. Reduction and Treatment of Waste in Power Generation
A. J. Griffiths, K. P. Williams

5. Boilers, Furnaces and Related Systems

21. Cleaning of Flue Gases of Thermal Power Stations from Ash and Sulfur Dioxide by Emulsifier: Wet Cleaning Unit
S. Borysenko, L. Malyy, G. Bykovchenko, L. Badakva, Y. Korchevy, A. Maystrenko

22. Advanced High-Efficiency and Low-Emission Gas-Fired Drum-Drying Technology
Yaroslav Chudnovsky, A. Kozlov

23. The Organization of Internal Recirculation of Smoke Gases in Reversive Water-Cooled Chambers of Combustion of Boilers for their Modernization
V. Demchenko, A. Dolinskiy, Alexander I. Sigal

24. Engine Emission Control Using Optimized Cooling Air Distribution between Combustor and Turbine Hot Section
B. Glezer

25. The Influence of Moisture in Air on the Working Efficiency of Boilers in the Industrial and Municipal Energy Sectors
A. Dolinskiy, Alexander I. Sigal

6. New and Novel Techniques for Power Systems

26. Flameless Oxidation Technology
Ambrogio Milani, J. G. Wünning

27. Pulse Detonation Engines: Advantages and Limitations
Nickolay Smirnov

28. The Trapped Vortex Combustor: An Advanced Combustion Technology for Aerospace and Gas Turbine Applications
Claudio Bruno, M. Losurdo

29. The Role of Fuel Cells in Generating Clean Power and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
S. A. Ali

30. Active Electric Control of Emissions from Swirling Combustion
I. Barmina, A. Descnickis, A. Meijere, Maija Zake

31. Influence of Gas Discharge Plasma on Combustion of a High-Speed Hydrocarbon Flow
Valery M. Shibkov, V. G. Gromov, R. S. Konstantinovskij

32. Variable Fuel Placement Injector Development
Kevin Brundish, M. N. Miller, L. C. Morgan, A. J. Wheatley

33. Comparative Study of Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Evaporation Models for Vaporizing Droplet Arrays at High-Pressure
Grazia Lamanna, H. Sun, M. Schüler, B. Weigand, D. Magatti, F. Ferri

34. Results of Environmental Retrofit for Gas Pipeline Gas-Pumping Units
Anatoly Soudarev, S. Vesely, E. Vinogradov, Y. Zakharov

35. Application of Advanced Technologies in Production of Low Emission Combustors and Turbine Components
Norm Turoff

Keywords: Engineering, Power Engineering, Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Renewable Energy Sources, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Energy Economics

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