Liang, Shunlin

Advances in Land Remote Sensing

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Table of contents

1. Remote Sensing Systems

1. Recent Advances in Land Remote Sensing: An Overview
Shunlin Liang

2. Passive Microwave Remote Sensing for Land Applications
Thomas J. Jackson

3. Active Microwave Remote Sensing Systems and Applications to Snow Monitoring
Jiancheng Shi

4. Multi-angular Thermal Infrared Observations of Terrestrial Vegetation
Massimo Menenti, Li Jia, Zhao-Liang Li

5. Terrestrial Applications of Multiangle Remote Sensing
Mark J. Chopping

2. Physical Modeling and Inversion Algorithms

6. Modeling the Spectral Signature of Forests: Application of Remote Sensing Models to Coniferous Canopies
Pauline Stenberg, Matti Mõttus, Miina Rautiainen

7. Estimating Canopy Characteristics from Remote Sensing Observations: Review of Methods and Associated Problems
Frédéric Baret, Samuel Buis

8. Knowledge Database and Inversion
Jindi Wang, Xiaowen Li

9. Retrieval of Surface Albedo from Satellite Sensors
Crystal Schaaf, John Martonchik, Bernard Pinty, Yves Govaerts, Feng Gao, Alessio Lattanzio, Jicheng Liu, Alan Strahler, Malcolm Taberner

10. Modeling and Inversion in Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing over Vegetated Land Surfaces
Frédéric Jacob, Thomas Schmugge, Albert Olioso, Andrew French, Dominique Courault, Kenta Ogawa, Francois Petitcolin, Ghani Chehbouni, Ana Pinheiro, Jeffrey Privette

11. Spectrally Consistent Pansharpening
Ari Vesteinsson, Henrik Aanaes, Johannes R. Sveinsson, Jon Atli Benediktsson

12. Data Assimilation Methods for Land Surface Variable Estimation
Shunlin Liang, Jun Qin

13. Methodologies for Mapping Land Cover/Land Use and its Change
Nina Siu-Ngan Lam

14. Methodologies for Mapping Plant Functional Types
Wanxiao Sun, Shunlin Liang

3. Remote Sensing Applications

15. Monitoring and Management of Agriculture with Remote Sensing
Zhongxin Chen, Sen Li, Jianqiang Ren, Pan Gong, Mingwei Zhang, Limin Wang, Shenliang Xiao, Daohui Jiang

16. Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Primary Production and Carbon Cycle
Maosheng Zhao, Steven W. Running

17. Applications of Terrestrial Remote Sensing to Climate Modeling
Robert E. Dickinson

18. Improving the Utilization of Remotely Sensed Data
John R. Townshend, Stephen Briggs, Roy Gibson, Michael Hales, Paul Menzel, Brent Smith, Yukio Haruyama, Chu Ishida, John Latham, Jeff Tschirley, Deren Li, Mengxu Li, Liangming Liu, Gilles Sommeria

19. Emerging Issues in Land Remote Sensing
Shunlin Liang, Michael Schaepman, Thomas J. Jackson, David Jupp, Xiaowen Li, Jiyuan Liu, Ronggao Liu, Alan Strahler, John R. Townshend, Diane Wickland

Keywords: Geosciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Physical Geography, Environmental Physics, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

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518 pages
Natural Sciences

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