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Plant Conservation and Biodiversity

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1. Floristic and structural changes related to opportunistic soil tilling and pasture planting in grassland communities of the Flooding Pampa
C. M. Ghersa, S. B. Perelman, S. E. Burkart, R. J. C. León

2. Decreased frugivory and seed germination rate do not reduce seedling recruitment rates of Aristotelia chilensis in a fragmented forest
Carlos E. Valdivia, Javier A. Simonetti

3. Vascular plant diversity and climate change in the alpine zone of the Lefka Ori, Crete
G. Kazakis, D. Ghosn, I. N. Vogiatzakis, V. P. Papanastasis

4. RAPD variation among North Vietnamese Flemingia macrophylla (Willd.) Kuntze ex Merr. accessions
Bettina Heider, Meike S. Andersson, Rainer Schultze-Kraft

5. Non-timber forest product harvesting in alien-dominated forests: effects of frond-harvest and rainfall on the demography of two native Hawaiian ferns
Tamara Ticktin, Ho‘ala Fraiola, A. Namaka Whitehead

6. Tequila and other Agave spirits from west-central Mexico: current germplasm diversity, conservation and origin
Patricia Colunga-GarcíaMarín, Daniel Zizumbo-Villarreal

7. Spatial patterns of dicot diversity in Argentina
Alejandra Juárez, Pablo Ortega-Baes, Silvia Sühring, Walter Martin, Guadalupe Galíndez

8. Unsustainable collection and unfair trade? Uncovering and assessing assumptions regarding Central Himalayan medicinal plant conservation
Helle Overgaard Larsen, Carsten Smith Olsen

9. Woody plant species richness in the Turvo State park, a large remnant of deciduous Atlantic forest, Brazil
Ademir R. Ruschel, Rubens O. Nodari, Bruno M. Moerschbacher

10. Genetic diversity assessment in Somali sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) accessions using microsatellite markers
Marco Manzelli, Luca Pileri, Nadia Lacerenza, Stefano Benedettelli, Vincenzo Vecchio

11. Demand for rubber is causing the loss of high diversity rain forest in SW China
Hongmei Li, T. Mitchell Aide, Youxin Ma, Wenjun Liu, Min Cao

12. Comparing conservation priorities for useful plants among botanists and Tibetan doctors
Wayne Law, Jan Salick

13. Environmental heterogeneity and disturbance by humans control much of the tree species diversity of Atlantic montane forest fragments in SE Brazil
José Aldo A. Pereira, Ary T. Oliveira-Filho, José P. Lemos-Filho

14. Correspondence between scientific and traditional ecological knowledge: rain forest classification by the non-indigenous ribereños in Peruvian Amazonia
K. J. Halme, R. E. Bodmer

15. Species richness, endemism and conservation of Mexican gymnosperms
Raúl Contreras-Medina, Isolda Luna-Vega

16. Impacts of El Niño related drought and forest fires on sun bear fruit resources in lowland dipterocarp forest of East Borneo
G. M. Fredriksson, L. S. Danielsen, J. E. Swenson

17. Pollinator shift and reproductive performance of the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau endemic and endangered Swertia przewalskii (Gentianaceae)
Yuan-Wen Duan, Jian-Quan Liu

18. An analysis of altitudinal behavior of tree species in Subansiri district, Eastern Himalaya
Mukunda Dev Behera, Satya Prakash Singh Kushwaha

19. Distribution, diversity and environmental adaptation of highland papayas (Vasconcellea spp.) in tropical and subtropical America
X. Scheldeman, L. Willemen, G. Coppens d’Eeckenbrugge, E. Romeijn-Peeters, M. T. Restrepo, J. Romero Motoche, D. Jiménez, M. Lobo, C. I. Medina, C. Reyes, D. Rodríguez, J. A. Ocampo, P. Damme, P. Goetgebeur

20. Ecological niche modeling and geographic distribution of the genus Polianthes L. (Agavaceae) in Mexico: using niche modeling to improve assessments of risk status
Eloy Solano, T. Patricia Feria

21. The uses, local perceptions and ecological status of 16 woody species of Gadumire Sub-county, Uganda
John R. S. Tabuti

22. Mapping the geographic distribution of Aglaia bourdillonii Gamble (Meliaceae), an endemic and threatened plant, using ecological niche modeling
M. Irfan-Ullah, Giriraj Amarnath, M. S. R. Murthy, A. Townsend Peterson

23. Optimizing conservation of forest diversity: a country-wide approach in Mexico
Martin Ricker, Iliana Ramírez-Krauss, Guillermo Ibarra-Manríquez, Esteban Martínez, Clara H. Ramos, Guadalupe González-Medellín, Gabriela Gómez-Rodríguez, José Luis Palacio-Prieto, Héctor M. Hernández

24. Seeing the wood for the trees: how conservation policies can place greater pressure on village forests in southwest China
David Melick, Xuefei Yang, Jianchu Xu

25. Medicinal plant conservation and management: distribution of wild and cultivated species in eight countries
Mariel Aguilar-Støen, Stein R. Moe

26. Biodiversity effects on biomass production and invasion resistance in annual versus perennial plant communities
Xiao Lei Jiang, Wei Guo Zhang, Gang Wang


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