Sheffield, John W.

Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development

Sheffield, John W. - Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Energy Security Through Hydrogen
John W. Sheffield

2. 21st Century's Energy: Hydrogen Energy System
T. Nejat Veziroglu

3. Energy Policy is Technology Politics – The Hydrogen Energy Case
Carl-Jochen Winter

4. Hydrogen from Renewables
Nicolas Lymberopoulos

5. Hydrogen Fueling Sustainability of Energy Systems, Regional Integration, and Development: The Sahara Wind Project
Khalid Benhamou

6. Pathway for Hydrogen in Urban Transit System
Tapan K. Bose, Ahmed Hourri, Gilles Y. Champagne, R. P. Fournier

7. Energy Transitions in Transportation: Is it a Technology or a Policy-driven Process?
Rosàrio Macário

8. Prospects for Hydrogen as a Military Fuel
Kevin D. Pointon, Barry Lakeman

9. The US Military and Hydrogen in Missouri
Stephen Tupper

10. Fuel Cells for Clean Power Generation: Status and Perspectives
Frano Barbir

11. Performance of Single-chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Isaiah Kellogg, Umit Koylu, Fatih Dogan

12. Hydrogen Production from Solar Energy
Engin Ture

13. Chemical Synthesis of Mixed Oxide Powders for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Electrolyte and Electrodes
Cinar Öncel, Mehmet Ali Gülgün

14. Solar Hydrogen Production in Algeria: Perspectives and Applications
S. Labed

15. Biohydrogen Production by Anaerobic Biological Fermentation of Agriculture Waste
Mu'taz Al-Alawi

16. Hydrogen Energy System for Sustainable Development
Naim Hamdia Afgan, Maria G. Carvalho

17. Renewable Energy in Armenia: State-of-the-art and Development Strategies (Hydropower)
Suren Gevorgyan, Vardan Sargsyan

18. Renewable Energy in Armenia: State-of-the-art and Development Strategies (Wind, Solar, and Hydrogen Energy)
Suren Gevorgyan, Vardan Sargsyan

19. Thermodynamic Efficiency Analysis of a Hydrogen Production System Fueled with Hydrocarbon Fuels for Fuel Cell Applications
Atilla Ersoz, Fehmi Akgün, Evren Günen

20. Development of Ecologically Friendly Technology for Gasification of Municipal Solid Wastes
Maxim Slenkin, Georgiy Geletukha

21. Prospects for Sustainable Development of Ukrainian Energy Sector
Oleg Udovyk, Oksana Udovyk

22. The Latest Activities of International Ecoenergy Academy on Renewable Energy Development in Azerbaijan
F. G. Aliyev, F. F. Aliyev

23. The Hydride Systems and Peculiarities of Hydrogen Solubility in these Structures
Svetlana Yu Zaginaichenko, Dmitry V. Schur, Zinaida A. Matysina


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