Mellouki, A.

Regional Climate Variability and its Impacts in The Mediterranean Area

Mellouki, A. - Regional Climate Variability and its Impacts in The Mediterranean Area, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Climate and its Variability: Global and Regional Perspective

1. Long-Range Transport of Pollutants Above the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for Air Quality and Regional Climate
Nikolaos Mihalopoulos

2. African Dust: Its Large-Scale Transport over the Atlantic Ocean and its Impact on the Mediterranean Region
Joseph M. Prospero

3. Radiative and Physiological Effects of Increased CO2: How does this Interaction Affect Climate in the Mediterranean Region?
Lahouari Bounoua

4. Climate Altering Trace Gases in the Mediterranean Area: Trends and Source Allocation
Paolo Bonsoni, Riccardo Santaguida, Umberto Giostra, Michela Maione

5. Key Processes for Dust Emissions and their Modeling
Gilles Bergametti, Beartrice Marticorena, Benoit Laurent

2. Modelling of the Global and Regional Phenomena

6. Climate/Water-Cycle Feedbacks in the Mediterranean: The role of Land-Use Changes and the Propagation of Perturbations at the Regional and Global Scale
Millán M. Millán

7. Aerosols Direct Radiative Forcing on Djougou (Northern Benin) During the AMMA Dry Season Experiment
Marc Mallet, V. Pont, C. Liousse, A. Mariscal, V. Thouret, J. Gomes, J. Pelon, S. Obsorne, J. Haywood, P. Dubuisson, J. C. Roger, P. Goloub

3. Climate and Regional Air Quality

8. Impact of Changing Climate and Emissions on Surface Ozone Distributions and Evolution
Hiroshi Tanimoto, Hitoshi Mukai, Toshimasa Ohara, Itsushi Uno

9. Short and Long-Term Transport of Crustal and Anthropogenic Inorganic Components of Coarse and Fine Aerosols over Beirut, Lebanon
Najat A. Saliba, Hovig Kouyoumdjian, Ghada Al Kadamany, Mohammad Roumie

4. Details of Chemical and Aerosols Processes

10. Aerosols in Global Models – Focus on Europe
Maria Kanakidou

11. Measurements of Ozone, Black Carbon and Particle Size Distributions Along a Mediterranean Cruise Track During the Period: October 2005-October 2006
K. Velchev, J. Hjorth, E. Vignati, A. Dell'Acqua, S. Martins dos Santos, F. Dentener, F. Raes

12. Concentration and Chemical Composition of PM2.5 and PM10-2.5 in the Northeastern Mediterranean
Nilgün Kubilay, Mustafa Koçak, Nikos Mihalopoulos

13. Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compound Measurements in the City Centre of Wroclaw, Poland
A. Niedojadlo, K. H. Becker, Y. Elshorbany, R. Kurtenbach, P. Wiesen, A. Schady, A. Zwozdziak, J. Zwozdziak

14. Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHCs) Variability in the Eastern Mediterranean
Cecilia Arsene, A. Bougiatioti, Nikos Mihalopoulos

15. Representation of Chemical Detail in Atmospheric Models
Mike J. Pilling

16. Photoenhanced Uptake of NO2 on Mineral Dust
Christian George, Marieme Ndour, Yves Balkanski, Oumar Ka

17. Gas Phase Processes Relevant to the Mediterranean Some New and Important Topics
I. Barnes, I. Bejan

5. Other Presentations

18. Climate Change and its Impacts in Morocco
Mohamed-Saïd Karrouk

19. The Effect of Climate Changes on the Disposal Facility of Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials in Egypt
Mohammad Abdel Geleel Mohamed

20. Analysis of Down Looking GPS Occultation Simulated Data Using Least Squares and Abel Inversions
Ashraf El-Kutb Mousa, Toshitaka Tsuda

21. Presentation of MADEPODIM Project
Abbès Azzi

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Climate Change, Ecotoxicology

Publication year
NATO Science Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences
Page amount
335 pages
Natural Sciences

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