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Participation and Learning

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Table of contents

1. Participation and Learning: Developing Perspectives on Education and the Environment, Health and Sustainability
Alan Reid, Bjarne Bruun Jensen, Jutta Nikel, Venka Simovska

2. Stepping Back from ‘The Ladder’: Refl ections on a Model of Participatory Work with Children
Roger A. Hart

3. Differentiating and Evaluating Conceptions and Examples of Participation in Environment-Related Learning
Alan Reid, Jutta Nikel

4. Learning in and as Participation: A Case Study from Health-Promoting Schools
Venka Simovska

5. Environmental Learning and Categories of Interest: Exploring Modes of Participation and Learning in a Conservation NGO
William Scott, Stephen Gough

6. Participation and the Ecology of Environmental Awareness and Action
Louise Chawla

7. Participation, Situated Culture, and Practical Reason
Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Rob O'Donoghue

8. From Practice to Theory: Participation as Learning in the Context of Sustainable Development Projects
Paul Vare

9. Participation and Sustainable Development: The Role and Challenges of Mediating Agents
Jeppe Læssøe

10. Mental Ownership and Participation for Innovation in Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development
Søren Breiting

11. Participation, Education, and Democracy: Implications for Environmental Education, Health Education, and Education for Sustainable Development
Karsten Schnack

12. What Comes Before Participation? Searching for Meaning in Teachers' Constructions of Participatory Learning in Environmental Education
Paul Hart

13. Participatory Pedagogy in Environmental Education: Reproduction or Disruption?
Mary J. Barrett

14. Elusive Participation: Methodological Challenges in Researching Teaching and Participatory Learning in Environmental Education
Paul Hart

15. Student Participation in School Ground Greening Initiatives in Canada: Refl ections on Research Design Decisions and Key Findings
Janet E. Dyment

16. Researching Participation using Critical Discourse Analysis
Debbie Heck

17. Youth Participation in Local Environmental Action: An Avenue for Science and Civic Learning?
Tania M. Schusler, Marianne E. Krasny

18. A Clash of Worlds: Children Talking About their Community Experience in Relation to the School Curriculum
Robert Barratt, Elisabeth Barratt Hacking

19. Sustainability Education, Whole School Approaches, and Communities of Action
Tony Shallcross, John Robinson

20. School Councils as an Arena for Pupils' Participation in Collaborative Environmental Education Projects
Monica Carlsson, Dawn Sanders


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