Nackenhorst, Udo

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics

Nackenhorst, Udo - IUTAM Symposium on Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Multigrid Methods for Unilateral Contact Problems with Friction
Frédéric Lebon, Michel Raous, Iulian Rosu

2. Contact Dynamics with Lagrange Multipliers
Stephan Brunßen, Stefan Hüeber, Barbara Wohlmuth

3. Some Advances in Mathematical Programming Method for Numerical Simulation of Contact Problems
H. W. Zhang, A. H. Liao, Z. Q. Xie, B. S. Chen, H. Wang

4. Finite Element Analysis of Nonsmooth Frictional Contact
Anna Pandolfi, Michael Ortiz

5. Energy-Momentum Conserving Schemes for Frictionless Dynamic Contact Problems
Peter Betsch, Christian Hesch

6. Symmetrization of Various Friction Models Based on an Augmented Lagrangian Approach
Alexander Konyukhov, Karl Schweizerhof

7. Adaptive BEM for Contact Problems with Friction
Alexey Chernov, Ernst P. Stephan

8. Recent Extensions of Mortar-Based Contact Formulations: Lubrication Modeling and Parallel Implementations
Tod A. Laursen, Eui Joong Kim, Bin Yang

9. A Coupled Contact and Decohesion Analysis of Laminated Beams
Alberto Carpinteri, Marco Paggi, Giorgio Zavarise

10. Smooth Frictional Contact between Beams in 3D
Przemyslaw Litewka

11. Nonlinear Boundary Problems for a Cylinder
Alexander Shermenev

12. Evolution from the Hertzian Contact Model to Non-Hertzian Conditions for Fast Dynamic Simulations
Hugues Chollet, Michel Sebes, Jean Bernard Ayasse

13. A Fully Implicit Approach for the Numerical Treatment of Tractive Rolling
M. Ziefle, Udo Nackenhorst

14. A Study on 3D Contact of Rough Surfaces Considering Finite Elastoplasticity
Alex Alves Bandeira, Paulo M. Pimenta, Peter Wriggers

15. Frictional Contact for Pile Installation
Daichao Sheng

16. The Influence of Contact Pressure on the Dynamic Friction Coefficient in Cylindrical Rubber-Metal Contact Geometries
M. A. Jiménez, J. M. Bielsa, R. Rodríguez, S. Dobón

17. Modular Modelling of Dynamic Systems with Elastomer Contacts
M. Kröger, P. Moldenhauer, G. Gäbel

18. Two FEM Approaches for the Prediction and Quantification of “Stick-Slip” Phenomena on Rubber-Metal Sliding Contacts
M. A. Jiménez, J. M. Bielsa, R. Rodríguez, C. Bernad

19. Contact Mechanics of Wearing out Solids
Alfred Zmitrowicz

20. Modelling of Grain Boundaries Contact in Metals
N. M. Vlasov, I. I. Fedik

21. Segregation of Particulate Material Using the Discrete Element Method
Hashem Alkhaldi, Peter Eberhard

22. Unilateral Contact and Damage Analysis in Masonry Arches
M. Campo, G. A. Drosopoulos, J. R. Fernández, G. E. Stavroulakis

23. Discontinuous Numerical Analysis of Masonry Vaults
R. Bravo, J. L. Pérez-Aparicio


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