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International Handbook of Comparative Education

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Table of contents

Section 1. The Creation and Re-creation of a Field

1. Joint Editorial Introduction
Robert Cowen, Andreas Kazamias

2. On History and on the Creation of Comparative Education
Robert Cowen

3. The Modernist Beginnings of Comparative Education: The Proto-Scientific and the Reformist-Meliorist Administrative Motif
Pella Kaloyannaki, Andreas M. Kazamias

4. Forgotten Men, Forgotten Themes: The Historical-Philosophical-Cultural and Liberal Humanist Motif in Comparative Education
Andreas M. Kazamias

5. The Scientific Paradigm in Comparative Education
Dimitris Mattheou

6. Theories of the State, Educational Expansion, Development, and Globalizations: Marxian and Critical Approaches
Liliana Esther Olmos, Carlos Alberto Torres

7. Comparative Education in Europe
Wolfgang Mitter

8. World-Systems Analysis and Comparative Education in the Age of Globalization
Robert F. Arnove

9. Reflections on the Development of Comparative Education
Val D. Rust, Brian Johnstone, Carine Allaf

10. Comparative Education: Historical Reflections
Andreas M. Kazamias

Section 2. Political Formations and Educational Systems

11. Paideia and Politeia: Education, and the Polity/State in Comparative Education
Andreas M. Kazamias

12. Empires and Education: The British Empire
Gary McCulloch

13. Comparing Colonial Education Discourses in the French and Portuguese African Empires: An Essay on Hybridization
Ana Isabel Madeira

14. Education and State Formation in Italy
Donatella Palomba

15. Social Change and Configurations of Rhetoric: Schooling and Social Exclusion–Inclusion in Educational Reform in Contemporary Spain
Miguel A. Pereyra, J. Carlos González Faraco, Antonio Luzón, Mónica Torres

16. Modernity, State-Formation, Nation Building, and Education in Greece
Andreas M. Kazamias

17. The Developmental State, Social Change, and Education
Wing-Wah Law

18. The Developing States and Education: Africa
John Metzler

19. Varieties of Educational Transformation: The Post-Socialist States of Central/Southeastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Iveta Silova

20. The European Union and Education in Spain
José Luis García Garrido

Section 3. The National, The International, and The Global

21. Editorial Introduction: The National, The International, and the Global
Robert Cowen

22. Who is Strolling Through the Global Garden? International Agencies and Educational Transfer
Jason Beech

23. Mobility, Migration and Minorities in Education
Noah W. Sobe, Melissa G. Fischer

24. Fundamentalisms and Secularisms: Education and La Longue Durée

David Coulby

25. The Double Gestures of Cosmopolitanism and Comparative Studies of Education
Thomas S. Popkewitz

26. Multicultural Education in a Global Context: Addressing the Varied Perspectives and Themes
Carl A. Grant, Ayesha Khurshid

27. International Development Education
Nancy Kendall

28. The OECD and Global Shifts in Education Policy
Fazal Rizvi, Bob Lingard

29. Can Multilateral Banks Educate the World?
Claudio Moura Castro

30. Towards the European Panopticon: EU Discourses and Policies in Education and Training 1992–2007
George Pasias, Yiannis Roussakis

Section 4. Industrialisation, Knowledge Economies and Education

31. Editorial Introduction: Industrialisation, Knowledge Societies and Education
Robert Cowen

32. Industrialization and Public Education: Social Cohesion and Social Stratification
Jim Carl

33. Industrialisation, Knowledge Economies and Educational Change: A Note on Argentina and Brazil
Márcia Cristina Passos Ferreira

34. Education, Jobs, and Vocational Training
Leslie Bash

35. The Evaluative State as Policy in Transition: A Historical and Anatomical Study
Guy Neave

36. From Coherence to Differentiation: Understanding (Changes In) the European Area for Higher Education and Research
Wim Weymans

37. Mammon, Markets, and Managerialism — Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Contemporary Educational Reforms
Anthony Welch

38. Lifelong Learning and Globalisation: Towards a Structural Comparative Model
Peter Jarvis

39. Education in Network Society: Critical Reflections
Eva Gamarnikow

40. Education and Economic Development: Evaluations and Ideologies
Eleni Karatzia-Stavlioti, Harris Lambropoulos

Section 5. Postcolonialism

41. Editorial Introduction
Elaine Unterhalter

42. Reflecting On Postcolonialism and Education: Tensions and Dilemmas of an Insider
Vinathe Sharma-Brymer

43. Democratic Inequalities: The Dilemma of Elementary Education in India
Vimala Ramachandran

44. Curriculum Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa: When Local Meets Global
Linda Chisholm, Ramon Leyendecker

45. Gender and Education in Developing Contexts: Postcolonial Reflections on Africa
Deevia Bhana, Robert Morrell, Rob Pattman

46. Reinventing Educational Spaces, Building Active Citizenship: Two Brazilian Experiences
Tristan McCowan, Luís Armando Gandin

47. Perspectives on Children and Violence
Jenny Parkes

48. An Indigenous Discourse to Cradle Our Cognitive Heritage and Script Our Aspirations: Reflections from India and Africa
Anita Rampal

49. Human Rights and the Limitations of Releasing Subaltern Voices in a Post-Apartheid South Africa
Nazir Carrim

50. Social Justice, Development Theory and the Question of Education
Elaine Unterhalter

Section 6. Cultures, Knowledge and Pedagogies

51. On Educational Knowledge — A Neglected Theme in Comparative Education
Andreas Kazamias

52. What Knowledge is of Most Worth? An Old Question Revisited in England
Denis Lawton

53. The Enlightenment and Religion, Knowledge and Pedagogies in Europe
Thyge Winther-Jensen

54. The Church and the State in Argentina and Brazil: Knowledge, Religion and Pedagogy
Maria C.M. de Figueiredo-Cowen, Silvina Gvirtz

55. Confucianism, Modernities and Knowledge: China, South Korea and Japan
Terri Kim

56. Hinduism, Modernity and Knowledge: India
Joseph W. Elder

57. Reflections On Educational Transitions In Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey
Jennifer Ashkenazi

58. Christianity, Modernities and Knowledge
Gerald Grace

59. Towards a Comparative Pedagogy
Robin Alexander

60. Pedagogical and Educational Change for Sustainable Knowledge Societies
Andy Hargreaves

Section 7. New Thinking

61. Editorial Introduction: New Thinking
Robert Cowen

62. Mapping Comparative Education After Postmodernity
Rolland G. Paulston

63. Politics, Theory, and Reality in Critical Pedagogy
Michael W. Apple, Wayne Au

64. The Future of Intercultural Studies In Multicultural Societies
Jagdish S. Gundara

65. Feminism, Liberation, and Education
Nelly P. Stromquist

66. Comparative Education, Postmodernity and Historical Research: Honouring Ancestors
Marianne A. Larsen

67. Aspects of Educational Transfer
David Phillips

68. Agamemnon Contra Prometheus: Globalisation, Knowledge/Learning Societies and Paideia in the New Cosmopolis
Andreas M. Kazamias

69. Beyond Methodological ‘ISMS’ in Comparative Education in an Era of Globalisation
Roger Dale, Susan Robertson

70. Education, Philosophy and the Comparative Perspective
Terence H. McLaughlin

Section 8. The Cutting Edge — Questioning the Future

71. Comparison: QUO Vadis?
Gita Steiner-Khamsi

72. Digital Technology and Education: Context, Pedagogy and Social Relations
Andrew Brown

73. Rethinking Context in Comparative Education
Michael Crossley

74. Big Stories, Small Stories: Beyond Disputatious Theory Towards ‘Multilogue’
Sonia Mehta

75. Comparative Education in two Asian Contexts: A Juxtaposition and Some Questions
C. Wang, J. Dong, M. Shibata

76. National Cultural Identities, Discourse Analysis and Comparative Education
Eleftherios Klerides

77. Time for a Scientific Revolution? From Comparative Education to Comparative Learnology
Patricia Broadfoot

78. Reclaiming a Lost Legacy: The Historical Humanist Vision in Comparative Education
Andreas M. Kazamias

79. Then and Now: Unit Ideas and Comparative Education
Robert Cowen

80. Conclusion
Robert Cowen, Andreas M. Kazamias

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Learning & Instruction, Sociology of Education

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