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Shallow Lakes in a Changing World

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Table of contents

1. Phosphorus reference concentrations in European lakes
A. C. Cardoso, A. Solimini, G. Premazzi, L. Carvalho, A. Lyche, S. Rekolainen

2. Benthic nutrient fluxes in a eutrophic, polymictic lake
D. F. Burger, D. P. Hamilton, C. A. Pilditch, M. M. Gibbs

3. Modeling nitrogen cycling in a coastal fresh water sediment
Richard W. Canavan, Anniet M. Laverman, Caroline P. Slomp

4. Sediment phosphorus cycling in a large shallow lake: spatio-temporal variation in phosphorus pools and release
Bryan M. Spears, Laurence Carvalho, Rupert Perkins, Alex Kirika, David M. Paterson

5. Nitrate dynamics in a reed belt of a shallow sand dune lake in Japan: Analysis of nitrate retention using stable nitrogen isotope ratios
Haruo Fukuhara, Fumiko Nemoto, Yoko Takeuchi, Nobushige Toda

6. Temporal trends of ion contents and nutrients in three Kenyan Rift Valley saline-alkaline lakes and their influence on phytoplankton biomass
S. O. Oduor, M. Schagerl

7. Elongation and mat formation of Chara aspera under different light and salinity conditions
Irmgard Blindow, Manuela Schütte

8. Searching for allelopathic effects of submerged macrophytes on phytoplankton—state of the art and open questions
Elisabeth M. Gross, Sabine Hilt, Paola Lombardo, Gabi Mulderij

9. Allelopathic activity of Stratiotes aloides on phytoplankton—towards identification of allelopathic substances
Gabi Mulderij, Birgit Mau, Ellen Donk, Elisabeth M. Gross

10. The role of aquatic macrophytes in microhabitatual transformation of physical-chemical features of small water bodies
Tomasz Joniak, Natalia Kuczynska-Kippen, Barbara Nagengast

11. Assessment in two shallow lakes of a hydroacoustic system for surveying aquatic macrophytes
I. J. Winfield, C. Onoufriou, M. J. Or’Connell, M. Godlewska, R. M. Ward, A. F. Brown, M. L. Yallop

12. Combining limnological and palaeolimnological approaches in assessing degradation of Lake Pskov
Mihkel Kangur, Jaan-Mati Punning, Külli Kangur, Reet Laugaste, Tönu Möls

13. Sediment diatom assemblages and composition of pore-water dissolved organic matter reflect recent eutrophication history of lake peipsi (Estonia/Russia)
Atko Heinsalu, Tiiu Alliksaar, Aina Leeben, Tiina Nõges

14. Factors influencing taxonomic composition and abundance of macrozoobenthos in extralittoral zone of shallow eutrophic lakes
Janusz Zbikowski, Jaroslaw Kobak

15. The role of cladocerans reflecting the trophic status of two large and shallow Estonian lakes
Juta Haberman, Reet Laugaste, Tiina Nõges

16. Contribution of different zooplankton groups in grazing on phytoplankton in shallow eutrophic Lake Võrtsjärv (Estonia)
H. Agasild, P. Zingel, I. Tõnno, J. Haberman, T. Nõges

17. Horizontal dynamics of Zooplankton in subtropical Lake Bianca (Uruguay) hosting multiple Zooplankton predators and aquatic plant refuges
Carlos Iglesias, Guillermo Goyenola, Nestor Mazzeo, Mariana Meerhoff, Elena Rodó, Erik Jeppesen

18. Functional response of Anodonta anatina feeding on a green alga and four strains of cyanobacteria, differing in shape, size and toxicity
Babette M. Bontés, Antonie M. Verschoor, L. Miguel Dionisio Pires, Ellen Donk, Bas W. Ibelings

19. The role of herbivorous water birds in aquatic systems through interactions with aquatic macrophytes, with special reference to the Bewick’s Swan — Fennel Pondweed system
Marcel Klaassen, Bart A. Nolet

20. Cascading trophic effects in pampean shallow lakes: results of a mesocosm experiment using two coexisting fish species with different feeding strategies
María B. Boveri, Rolando Quirós

21. Impact of hydrology on aquatic communities of floodplain lakes along the Daugava River (Latvia)
Davis Gruberts, Ivars Druvietis, Elga Parele, Jana Paidere, Arkadijs Poppels, Janis Prieditis, Arturs Skute

22. Shallow lake restoration by nutrient loading reduction—some recent findings and challenges ahead
Erik Jeppesen, Martin Søndergaard, Mariana Meerhoff, Torben L. Lauridsen, Jens Peder Jensen

23. Reaction of large and shallow lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv to the changes of nutrient loading
Tiina Nõges, Arvo Järvet, Anu Kisand, Reet Laugaste, Enn Loigu, Boris Skakalski, Peeter Nõges

24. Spatial and temporal diversity of small shallow waters in river Lužnice floodplain
David Pithart, Radka Pichlová, Michal Bílý, Jaroslav Hrbácek, Katerina Novotná, Libor Pechar

25. Potential for the development of submerged macrophytes in eutrophicated shallow peaty lakes after restoration measures
R. J. W. Haterd, G. N. J. Heerdt

26. The importance of drawdown and sediment removal for the restoration of the eutrophied shallow lake Kraenepoel (Belgium)
Jeroen Wichelen, Steven Declerck, Koenraad Muylaert, Ivan Hoste, Vanessa Geenens, Jochen Vandekerkhove, Erik Michels, Niels Pauw, Maurice Hoffmann, Luc Meester, Wim Vyverman

27. Why biomanipulation can be effective in peaty lakes
Gerard Heerdt, Michiel Hootsmans

28. State of the art in the functioning of shallow Mediterranean lakes: workshop conclusions
Meryem Beklioglu, Susana Romo, Ifigenia Kagalou, Xavier Quintana, Eloy Bécares

29. Changes in bacterial and ciliate densities with trophic status in Mediterranean shallow lakes
Ana Conty, Francisco García-Criado, Eloy Bécares

30. The relationship between phytoplankton species dominance and environmental variables in a shallow lake (Lake Vrana, Croatia)
Marija Gligora, Andelka PlenkovicMoraj, Koraljka Kialj, István Grigorszky, Danijela Peroš-Pucar

31. Comparative biodiversity of crustaceans and aquatic insects from various water body types in coastal Mediterranean wetlands
Dani Boix, Jordi Sala, Stéphanie Gascon, Mònica Martinoy, Jaunie Gifre, Sandra Brucet, Anna Badosa, Rocío López-Flores, Xavier D. Quintana

32. Land use changes and associated environmental impacts on the Mediterranean shallow Lake Stymfalia, Greece
E. S. Papastergiadou, A. Retalis, P. Kalliris, Th. Georgiadis

33. Impact of climatic variability on parameters used in typology and ecological quality assessment of surface waters—implications on the Water Framework Directive
Peeter Nõges, Wouter Bund, Ana Cristina Cardoso, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen

34. Shallow lakes, the water framework directive and life. What should it all be about?
Brian Moss

35. Submerged macrophyte vegetation and the European Water Framework Directive: assessment of status and trends in shallow, alkaline lakes in the Netherlands
H. Coops, F. C. M. Kerkum, M. S. Berg, I. Splunder

36. Climate-induced shifts in an experimental phytoplankton community: a mechanistic approach
Lisette N. Senerpont Domis, Wolf M. Mooij, Jef Huisman

37. Impact of climatic fluctuations on characeae biomass in a shallow, restored lake in The Netherlands
Winnie J. Rip, Maarten R. L. Ouboter, Hans J. Los

38. Response of macro in vertebrates to warming, nutrient addition and predation in large-scale mesocosm tanks
Heidrun Feuchtmayr, Dermot McKee, Ian F. Harvey, David Atkinson, Brian Moss

39. The role of temperature in the population dynamics of smelt Osmerus eperlanus eperlanus m. spirinchus Pallas in Lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia)
Andu Kangur, Peeter Kangur, Külli Kangur, Tõnu Möls

40. Predicting the effect of climate change on temperate shallow lakes with the ecosystem model PCLake
W. M. Mooij, J. H. Janse, L. N. Senerpont Domis, S. Hülsmann, B. W. Ibelings

41. Shallow lakes theory revisited: various alternative regimes driven by climate, nutrients, depth and lake size
Marten Scheffer, Egbert H. Nes


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