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Managing Critical Infrastructure Risks

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Table of contents

Part 1. Overview of Critical Infrastructure and Environmental Security

1. Understanding Environmental Security At Ports And Harbors
Richard J. Wenning, S. E. Apitz, Alper Baba, M. Citron, Katherine Elliott, N. Al-Halasah, Lawrence Kapustka, Mihaela Lazarescu, M. Mohamed, Rob Rutjes

2. A Brief Analysis Of Threats And Vulnerabilities In The Maritime Domain
N. O. Bakir

3. Environmental And Human Security In The Mediterranean
Jacques Ganoulis

Part 2. Port Critical Infrastructure and Management Frameworks

4. Protection of Hazardous Installations and Critical Infrastructures - Complementarity of Safety and Security Approaches
F. Fontaine, B. Debray, Olivier Salvi

5. Applying Risk Assessment To Secure The Containerized Supply Chain
M. van de Voort, H. Willis, D. Ortiz, S. Martonosi

6. Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Scira Menoni

7. Lifeline Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment
Scira Menoni, F. Pergalani, M. P. Boni, V. Petrini

8. A Network Security Architecture Using The Zachman Framework
A. B. Ramadan, M. Hefnawi

Part 3. Ecological Risks in Harbors and Coastal Areas

9. Conceptual Frameworks To Balance Ecosystem And Security Goals
S. E. Apitz

10. Invasive Species
Lawrence Kapustka, G. Linder

11. Evaluating Risks From Contaminated Sediments at Industrial Ports and Harbors
Richard J. Wenning, M. T. Sorensen, V. S. Magar

12. Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms
Igor Linkov, A. Fristachi, F. K. Satterstrom, A. Shifrin, J. Steevens, G. A. Clyde Jr, G. Rice

Part 4. Decision-Making and Risk Assessment Methods, Tools, and Applications for Critical Infrastructure and Port Security

13. Decision Analysis Tools for Safety, Security, and Sustainability Of Ports and Harbors
Gregory Parnell, Jose Rui Figueira, Steven Bennett, N. Bobylev, Michele Del Pup, Jacques Ganoulis, N. Haruvy, Scira Menoni, Francesca Peruzzo, Olivier Salvi, Vardan Sargsyan, Uwe Schlink, Shakinaz El Sheltawi, Debra Schnelle

14. A Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Approach for Prioritization of Performance Metrics
Igor Linkov, F. K. Satterstrom, A. Tkachuk, A. Levchenko, T. P. Seager, Jose Rui Figueira, T. Tervonen

15. Risk-Cost-Benefit Analysis For Port Environmental Security Investments
James H. Lambert

16. Applying Game Theory to Balance Risk and Cost for Security Inspection Systems
J. Boon, B. M. Gorman

17. Complex Secure Solutions for Sustainable Practices in Armenia
Vardan Sargsyan

18. Global Changes, New Risks, And Novel Methods And Tools Of Their Assessment
K. Atoyev, A. Tomin, T. Aksionova

19. Collaborative Public-Private Risk Assessment In Vessel Traffic Safety
R. G. Ross

20. Decision Evaluation for Complex Risk Networked Systems Development Progress
T. Sullivan, A. Grebenkov, B. Yatsalo, Igor Linkov, Gregory A. Kiker, Lawrence Kapustka

Part 5. Case Studies in Risk Management

21. A Model for Optimal Industrial Wastewater Treatment as a Tool for Managing Port Environmental Security and Sustainability
N. Haruvy, S. Shalhevet

22. The Safe Operation Of Constantza Port During Winter
Mihaela Lazarescu

23. Environmental Health In Port And Harbor Areas
Uwe Schlink, C. Steinert, M. Richter, C. Petrescu, O. Suciu, R. Ionovici, O. Herbarth

24. Environmental Security In Urban Areas
Uwe Schlink, M. Rehwagen, M. Richter, O. Herbarth, A. B. Ramadan

25. Potential Risk And Control Of Contamination In The Gulf Of Aqaba-Jordan
N. Al-Halasah, B. Y. Ammary

26. Sustainability And Vulnerability Analysis Of Critical Underground Infrastructure
N. Bobylev

27. Application Of Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix (Riam) Method For Waste Disposal Site
Alper Baba

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Facility Management, Environmental Economics, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series
Page amount
502 pages
Natural Sciences

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