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Multiple Stressors: A Challenge for the Future

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Table of contents

1. Multiple Stressors: General Overviews

1. Challenges in Radioecotoxicology
Brit Salbu, L. Skipperud

2. The Involvement of Pollution with Fish Health
Brian Austin

3. Effects of Ionizing Radiation Combined with Other Stressors, on Non-Human Biota
Ronald E. J. Mitchel, Marilyne Audette-Stuart, Tamara Yankovich

4. Ecotoxicology – How to Assess the Impact of Toxicants in a Multi-Factorial Environment?
Helmut Segner

5. A Layperson's Primer on Multiple Stressors
Thomas G. Hinton, Kouichi Aizawa

2. Multiple Exposure Data – What Responses are Seen?

6. Effects of Multipollutant Exposures on Plant Populations
Stanislav A. Geras'kin, Alla A. Oudalova, Vladimir G. Dikarev, Nina S. Dikareva, Tatiana I. Evseeva

7. Methodology of Socio-Ecological Monitoring using Cytogenetic Methods
Alla Gorova, Irina Klimkina

8. Role of Genetic Susceptibility in Environmental Exposure Induced Diseases
Soheir Korrea

3. Multiple Stressor Data: Long-Term Effects

9. Post-Radiated and Post-Stressed Volatile Secretions: Secondary Immune and Behavioral Reactions in Groups of Animals
B. P. Surinov, A. N. Sharetsky, D. V. Shpagin, V. G. Isayeva, N. N. Dukhova

10. Radiation-Induced Genomic Instability in the Offspring of Irradiated Parents
Yuri E. Dubrova

11. Evolution Processes in Populations of Plantain, Growing around the Radiation Sources: Changes in Plant Genotypes Resulting From Bystander Effects And Chromosomal Instability
V. L. Korogodina, B. V. Florko

12. Clastogenic Factors, Bystander Effects and Genomic Instability In Vivo
Sergey Melnov, Pavel Marozik, Tatiana Drozd

4. Multiple Stressors: Mechanisms

13. Multidisciplinary Aspects of Regulatory Systems Relevant to Multiple Stressors: Aging, Xenobiotics and Radiation
C. David Rollo

14. Genetic Aspects of Pollutant Accumulation in Plants
A. Kilchevsky, L. Kogotko, A. Shchur, A. Kruk

15. Radiation Risks in the Context of Multiple Stressors in the Environment – Issues for Consideration
Carmel Mothersill, Colin Seymour

16. Protection by Chemicals against Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects
Pavel Marozik, Irma Mosse, Carmel Mothersill, Colin Seymour

17. Considerations for Proteomic Biomarkers in Rainbow Trout Ecotoxicology
Richard W. Smith, Iurgi Salaberria, Phil Cash, Peter Pärt

18. Genetic Effects of Combined Action of Some Chemicals and Ionizing Radiation in Animals and Human Cells
Irma Mosse, L. N. Kostrova, V. P. Molophei

19. Cytogenetic Biomarkers for Exposure to Multiple Stressors
Marco Durante

20. Redox Proteomics – A Route to the Identifi cation of Damaged Proteins
David Sheehan, Raymond Tyther, Vera Dowling, Brian McDonagh

21. Exposure Assessment to Radionuclides Transfer in Food Chain
Maria de Lurdes Dinis, António Fiúza

22. Radiation, Oxidative Stress and Senescence; The Vascular Endothelial Cell as a Common Target
Paul N. Schofield, Jose Garcia-Bernardo

23. Sensitivity of Irradiated Animals to Infection
V. S. Nesterenko, I. S. Meshcherjakova, V. A. Sokolov, R. S. Boudagov, A. F. Tsyb

5. Multiple Stressors: Applied Aspects

24. Features of Somatic Gene Mutagenesis in Different Age Groups of Persons Exposed to Low Dose Radiation
Alexander S. Saenko, Irina A. Zamulaeva

25. State of Ecosystems at Long-term Contamination with Transuranium Radionuclides
V. Kudrjashov, E. Konoplya

26. Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) in Non-Nuclear Industry and Their Impact Into Environment and Occupational Radiation Risk
Boguslaw Michalik

27. Steppe Soils Buffer Capacity and the Multipollution Impact of Industrial Enterprises in Ukraine
Mykola M. Kharytonov, Ann A. Kroik, Larisa V. Shupranova

28. Cancer Risk Assessment in Drinking Water of Izmir, Turkey
Sukru Aslan, Aysen Turkman

29. Enhanced Adsorption of Atrazine in Different Soils in the Presence of Fungal Laccase
Natalia A. Kulikova, Valentina N. Davidchik, Elena V. Stepanova, Olga V. Koroleva

30. Problem of Microelementoze and Technology Allowing its Elimination with the Help of Geothermal Mineralized Sources: New Technology of Microelentoze Elimination
K. T. Norkulova

31. Ecology-related Microbiological and Biochemical Parameters in Assessing Soils Exposed to Anthropogenic Pollution
Zdenek Filip, Katerina Demnerova

32. Molecular and Cellular Effects of Chronic Low Dose-Rate Ionizing Radiation Exposure in Mice
Andreyan N. Osipov

6. Multiple Stressors – Risk Assessment and Legal/Ethical Aspects

33. Modeling the Best Use of Investments for Minimizing Risks of Multiple Stressors on the Environment
Ganna Kharlamova

34. Learning from Chernobyl: Past and Present Responses
Oleg Udovyk

35. Uncertainties from Multiple Stressors: Challenges in Ecological Risk Assessment
Deborah Oughton

36. Nuclear Pollution Exposure and Risk Assessment – The Case of Nuclear Reactors Accidents Involving Radioactive Emission
Bogdan Constantinescu, Roxana Bugoi

37. Multiple Stressors and the Legal Challenge
Colin Seymour, Carmel Mothersill


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