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Vertebrate Conservation and Biodiversity

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Table of contents

1. Responses of plant and bird communities to prescribed burning in tallgrass prairies
Fred Dyke, Jamie D. Schmeling, Shawn Starkenburg, Sung Heun Yoo, Peter W. Stewart

2. Population trends and spatial synchrony in peripheral populations of the endangered Lesser grey shrike in response to environmental change
David Giralt, Francisco Valera

3. Monitoring mammals in the Caxiuanã National Forest, Brazil – First results from the Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) program
Simone Souza Martins, James G. Sanderson, José Sousa e Silva-Júnior

4. Grassland versus non-grassland bird abundance and diversity in managed grasslands: local, landscape and regional scale effects
Péter Batáry, András Báldi, Sarolta Erdos

5. Biogeographic patterns of the East African coastal forest vertebrate fauna
Ermias T. Azeria, Isabel Sanmartín, Stefan Ås, Allan Carlson, Neil Burgess

6. Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus) on Guafo Island: the largest seabird colony in the world?
Ronnie Reyes-Arriagada, Paulo Campos-Ellwanger, Roberto P. Schlatter, Cheryl Baduini

7. Mexico in the international reptile skin trade: a case study
Inés Arroyo-Quiroz, Ramón Pérez-Gil, Nigel Leader-Williams

8. Use of forest fragments by blue-winged macaws (Primolius maracana) within a fragmented landscape
Maria Flávia Conti Nunes, Mauro Galetti

9. Commercialization and use of snakes in North and Northeastern Brazil: implications for conservation and management
Rômulo Romeu da Nóbrega Alves, Gentil Alves Pereira Filho

10. Philopatry, dispersal patterns and nest-site reuse in Lesser Grey Shrikes (Lanius minor)
A. Krištín, H. Hoi, F. Valera, C. Hoi

11. Conservation biogeography of anurans in Brazilian Cerrado
José Alexandre Felizola Diniz-Filho, Luis Mauricio Bini, Míriam Plaza Pinto, Thiago Fernando L. V. B. Rangel, Priscilla Carvalho, Sibelius Lellis Vieira, Rogério Pereira Bastos

12. Avian responses to tourism in the biogeographically isolated high Córdoba Mountains, Argentina
Lisandro Heil, Esteban Fernández-Juricic, Daniel Renison, Ana M. Cingolani, Daniel T. Blumstein

13. Population decline of loggerhead turtles: two potential scenarios for Fethiye beach, Turkey
Ç. Ilgaz, O. Türkozan, A. Özdemir, Y. Kaska, M. Stachowitsch

14. Habitat use, roost selection and conservation of bats in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar
Amyot Kofoky, Daudet Andriafidison, Fanja Ratrimomanarivo, H. Julie Razafimanahaka, Daniel Rakotondravony, Paul A. Racey, Richard K. B. Jenkins

15. Territoriality and Survivorship of the Sierra Madre Sparrow in La Cima, México
Adán Oliveras Ita, Héctor Gómez Silva

16. Analysis of the species description process for a little known invertebrate group: the limnoterrestrial tardigrades (Bilateria, Tardigrada)
Noemí Guil, Francisco J. Cabrero-Sañudo

17. Environmental correlates for species richness among amphibians and reptiles in a climate transition area
Claudia Soares, José Carlos Brito

18. Amphibian diversity in East African biodiversity hotspots: altitudinal and latitudinal patterns
J. C. Poynton, S. P. Loader, E. Sherratt, B. T. Clarke

19. China Subregional Avian Endemism and Biodiversity Conservation
Fu-Min Lei, Guo-An Wei, Hong-Feng Zhao, Zuo-Hua Yin, Jian-Li Lu

20. How resilient are Andean montane forest bird communities to habitat degradation?
Niall O’Dea, Robert J. Whittaker

21. Human and natural impacts on forests along lower Tana river, Kenya: implications towards conservation and management of endemic primate species and their habitat
Nancy Nthenya Moinde-Fockler, Nicholas Otienoh Oguge, Genesio Mugambi Karere, Daniel Otina, Mbaruk Abdalla Suleman

22. Fragmentation causes rarity in common marmosets in the Atlantic forest of northeastern Brazil
Antonio R. Mendes Pontes, Iran C. Normande, Amaro C. A. Fernandes, Patrícia F. Rosas Ribeiro, Marina L. Soares

23. Distribution, abundance, and habitat use of introduced Boa constrictor threatening the native biota of Cozumel Island, Mexico
Irene Romero-Nájera, Alfredo D. Cuarón, Cristopher González-Baca

24. Camera-trap studies of maned wolf density in the Cerrado and the Pantanal of Brazil
Mogens Trolle, Andrew J. Noss, Edson S. Lima, Julio C. Dalponte

25. Mammal survey at a ranch of the Brazilian Cerrado
Mogens Trolle, Marcos Cesar Bissaro, Helbert Medeiros Prado

26. Surveying carnivores at large spatial scales: a comparison of four broad-applied methods
José Miguel Barea-Azcón, Emilio Virgós, Elena Ballesteros-Duperón, Marcos Moleón, Manuel Chirosa

27. Habitat and landscape factors associated with neotropical waterbird occurrence and richness in wetland fragments
Demetrio Luis Guadagnin, Leonardo Maltchik

28. Livestock husbandry as a tool for carnivore conservation in Africa’s community rangelands: a case–control study
Rosie Woodroffe, Laurence G. Frank, Peter A. Lindsey, Symon M. K. ole Ranah, Stephanie Romañach

29. Comparison of funding and demand for the conservation of the charismatic koala with those for the critically endangered wombat Lasiorhinus krefftii
Clem Tisdell, Hemanath Swarna Nantha

30. Nest site selection in middle and great spotted woodpeckers Dendrocopos medius & D. major: implications for forest management and conservation
Gilberto Pasinelli

31. An Evaluation of the Contribution of Cultivated Allspice (Pimenta Dioca) to Vertebrate Biodiversity Conservation in Nicaragua
David I. King, Martin D. Hernandez-Mayorga, Richard Trubey, Raul Raudales, John H. Rappole


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