Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa

Education In Human Creative Existential Planning

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Table of contents

1. Education For Creative Planning
Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Section I. Section I

2. Human Being as a Creative Differentiator of the Logos of Life
Zaiga Ikere

3. Education And The Ontopoietic Conception Of Life
Daniela Verducciv

4. Phenomenological Approach in Education
Kiymet Selvi

5. Poetry and Knowledge in Plato’S Critique of Sophistic Education
Andrina Tonkli-Komel

6. Civilizational Contexts of the Contemporary Educational Crisis
Jan Szmyd

Section II. Section II

7. Beyond Knowledge
Brian Grassom

8. Philosophical System and Art Experience in Hegel and Gadamer
Alon Segev

9. Distance Education “Here” and “now”
Mara Rubene

10. Art As The Possibility Of Philosophical
Dean Komel

11. Can Art Be Taught?
Patricia Trutty-Coohill

Section III. Section III

12. Ethical View upon the Human Situation Within the “Unity-of-Everything-There-is-Alive”
Carmen Cozma

13. The Educational Aspect of the Primordial Situation of One’s Being-in-the-world
Piotr Mróz

14. Action, Work, and Education in Blondel
Clara Mandolini

15. Husserl’s Phenomenological Analysis of Ethics As a Foundation for Pedagogy
Mobeen Shahid

16. The Philosophical Roots of the Concepts of Equality and Justice in Education
Semiha Akinci

Section IV. Section IV

17. Theories of Nature and Education in the Development of the Human Self in the Eighteenth Century
Oliver W. Holmes

18. Spiritual Experience and the Foundation of Education
Khawaja Muhammad Saeed

19. Self-Cultivation and Educative Responsibility
Angela Ales Bello

20. Merleau-Ponty’s in Northern Feminist Education Context
Virpi Yliraudanjoki

21. Hermeneutic Excellence as a Meta-Ethic
Brian Hughes

Section V. Section V

22. Sensuous Experience and Transcendental Empiricism (F. Brentano, E. Husserl, P. DAle)
Ella Buceniece

23. Learning by Eureka
HalIl Turan

24. Rethinking Education from the Perspective of Life
Roberto Verolini, Fabio Petrelli

25. In Search of a New Model of Education
BronisLaw BombaLa

Section VI. Section VI

26. Art Between Communion and Communication
Osvaldo Rossi

27. Relations with Others in the Face of Lévinas’ il-y-a
Joanna Hañderek

28. Communication in the Teacher Training University
R. Kurenkova, M. Shkineva

29. Humanities in Transcending the Perspective of Experience
Maija Kule

30. Phenomenology of Modern Universalism
N. N. Kozhevnikov


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