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Problems of High Altitude Medicine and Biology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: 45 Years Of Mountain Medicine
James S. Milledge

2. High Altitude Pulmonary Hypertension And Chronic Mountain Sickness-Reappraisal Of The Consensus On Chronic And Subacute High Altitude Diseases
Dante Penaloza

3. The Cellular Effects Of Hypoxia In The Pulmonary Circulation
Andrew Peacock, Oleg Pak, David Welsh

4. Angiogenesis And Chronic Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension
Saadia Eddahibi, Bernadette Raffestin, Serge Adnot

5. Tetrahydrobiopterin And Pulmonary Hypertension
Lan Zhao, Francis Bahaa, Martin Wilkins

6. Hypoxia-Induced Proliferation Of Human Pulmonary Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells (Pasmc) Is Involved In The Suppression Of Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitors, P21, P27 And P53
T. Ishizaki, S. Mizuno, M. Kadowaki, D. Uesaka, Y. Umeda, M. Morikawa, M. Nakanishi, Y. Demura, S. Ameshima, S. Matsukawa

7. Pulmonary Adaptation To High Altitude In Wild Mammals
Akio Sakai, Ishizaki Takeshi, Koizumi Tomonobu, Matsumoto Takayuki

8. The Lung At High Altitude: Between Physiology And Pathology
Annalisa Cogo, Federica Campigotto, Valter Fasano, Giovanni Grazzi

9. Sildenafil And Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension
Baktybek K. Kojonazarov, Mirsaid M. Mirrakhimov, Nicholas W. Morrell, Martin R. Wilkins, Almaz Aldashev

10. The Role Of Antioxidants In Modulation Of Acclimatization Processes
Ashyraly Z. Zurdinov

11. Gene Polymorphisms And High Altitude Pulmonary Hypertension
Almaz Aldashev

12. Genetic Factors In The Acute Response To Hypoxia In Animals Models
Kingman P. Strohl

13. Who Gets High Altitude Pulmonary Edema And Why?
Peter Bärtsch, Christoph Dehnert, Heimo Mairbäurl, Marc Moritz Berger

14. Effects Of Inhaled Nitric Oxide And Oxygen In High Altitude Pulmonary Edema
Inder S. Anand

15. Altered Autoregulation Of Cerebral Blood Flow In Hypoxia: Relevance To The Pathophysiology Of Acute Mountain Sickness
Robert Naeije, Aurelie Osta

16. Cardiac Limitation To Exercise Capacity At High Altitudes
Sandrine Huez, Robert Naeije, Vitalie Faoro

17. Pediatric High Altitude Heart Disease: A Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension Syndrome
Tianyi Wu

18. Clinical And Functional Features Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease In The Highlanders Of Kyrgzstan
T. M. Sooronbaev, S. B. Shabykeeva, A. K. Mirzaachmatova, G. K. Kadyraliev, Mirsaid M. Mirrakhimov

19. Monitoring The Morphological And Functional Parameters Of Platelets In Patients With Thrombocytopenic Purpura During High Mountain Treatment
Abdukhalim R. Raimjanov, Irina Tsopova, Svetlana Astapova

20. Role Of Exogenous Hypoxia In Treatment Of Chronic Glomerulonephritis
R. R. Kaliev, Mirsaid M. Mirrakhimov

21. Atherogenesis Of Brain Vessels In Conditions Of Hypoxia In Kyrgyz Highlanders
T. K. Kadyraliev, J. K. Rayimbekov, N. K. Rayimbekov

22. Particularities Of Neuropsychotropic Effects Of Mexidol In Various Altitude Conditions
U. M. Tilekeeva, Ashyraly Z. Zurdinov, T. A. Voronina

23. Influence Of High-Altitude Hypoxia On Adaptive And Non-Adaptive Structural Changes In The Vessels Of The Pulmonary Circulation
T. K. Kadyraliev, N. K. Rayimbekov, Ashyraly Z. Zurdinov

24. Acute Oxygen Sensing Mechanisms
E. Kenneth Weir, Jesus. A. Cabrera, Andrea Olschewski, Maria Obretchikova, Rosemary F. Kelly, Rajat Jhanjee, Zhigang Hong

Keywords: Mathematics, Physiological, Cellular and Medical Topics, Sports Medicine, Pneumology/Respiratory System, Cardiology

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