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Life in Extreme Environments

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Table of contents

1. Access to glacial and subglacial environments in the Solar System by melting probe technology
Stephan Ulamec, Jens Biele, Oliver Funke, Marc Engelhardt

2. Exploration of Ellsworth Subglacial Lake: a concept paper on the development, organisation and execution of an experiment to explore, measure and sample the environment of a West Antarctic subglacial lake
M. J. Siegert, A. Behar, M. Bentley, D. Blake, S. Bowden, P. Christoffersen, C. Cockell, H. Corr, D. C. Cullen, H. Edwards, A. Ellery, C. Ellis-Evans, G. Griffiths, R. Hindmarsh, D. A. Hodgson, E. King, H. Lamb, L. Lane, K. Makinson, M. Mowlem, J. Parnell, D. A. Pearce, J. Priscu, A. Rivera, M. A. Sephton, M. R. Sims, A . M. Smith, M. Tranter, J. L. Wadham, G. Wilson, J. Woodward

3. Thermostable proteins as probe for the design of advanced fluorescence biosensors
Marcella Champdoré, Maria Staiano, Vincenzo Aurilia, Olesia V. Stepanenko, Antonietta Parracino, Mosè Rossi, Sabato D’Auria

4. Astrobiological significance of minerals on Mars surface environment
Jesus Martinez-Frias, Gabriel Amaral, Luis Vázquez

5. Industrial barrens: extreme habitats created by non-ferrous metallurgy
M. V. Kozlov, E. L. Zvereva

6. Viruses in extreme environments
Marc Romancer, Mélusine Gaillard, Claire Geslin, Daniel Prieur

7. Microbial ecology of submerged marine caves and holes characterized by high levels of hydrogen sulphide
Francesco Canganella, Giovanna Bianconi, Chiaki Kato, Juan Gonzalez

8. Extremely halophilic archaea and the issue of long-term microbial survival
Sergiu Fendrihan, Andrea Legat, Marion Pfaffenhuemer, Claudia Gruber, Gerhard Weidler, Friedrich Gerbl, Helga Stan-Lotter

9. Planktonic microbial assemblages and the potential effects of metazooplankton predation on the food web of lakes from the maritime Antarctica and sub-Antarctic islands
Antonio Camacho

10. Fungi in Antarctica
Serena Ruisi, Donatella Barreca, Laura Selbmann, Laura Zucconi, Silvano Onofri

11. Ecology and molecular adaptations of the halophilic black yeast Hortaea werneckii

Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Ana Plemenitaš

12. Ultraviolet radiation shapes seaweed communities
Kai Bischof, Ivan Gómez, Markus Molis, Dieter Hanelt, Ulf Karsten, Ulrike Lüder, Michael Y. Roleda, Katharina Zacher, Christian Wiencke

13. Life strategy, ecophysiology and ecology of seaweeds in polar waters
C. Wiencke, M. N. Clayton, I. Gómez, K. Iken, U. H. Lüder, C. D. Amsler, U. Karsten, D. Hanelt, K. Bischof, K. Dunton

14. Life expansion in Sørkapp Land, Spitsbergen, under the current climate warming
Wieslaw Ziaja

15. Some views on plants in polar and alpine regions
F. E. Wielgolaski, S. R. Karlsen

16. Desiccation-tolerant plants in dry environments
T.-N. Le, S. J. McQueen-Mason

17. Energy dependant plant stress acclimation
Cristina Dobrota

18. Post-capture investigations of hydrothermal vent macro-invertebrates to study adaptations to extreme environments
Eniko Kadar, Jonathan J. Powell

19. Adaptations to hypoxia in hydrothermal-vent and cold-seep invertebrates
Stéphane Hourdez, François H. Lallier

20. How does the annelid Alvinella pompejana deal with an extreme hydrothermal environment?
N. Bris, F. Gaill

21. Pressure and life: some biological strategies
Florence Pradillon, Françoise Gaill

22. Molecular evolution of haemoglobins of polar fishes
Cinzia Verde, Daniela Giordano, Guido Prisco

23. Metal detoxification and homeostasis in Antarctic Notothenioids. A comparative survey on evolution, expression and functional properties of fish and mammal metallothioneins
Clemente Capasso, Vincenzo Carginale, Marilisa Riggio, Rosaria Scudiero, Piero Andrea Temussi, Francesca Trinchella, Elio Parisi

24. Predicting the impacts of climate change on the evolutionary adaptations of polar fish
Guido Prisco, Cinzia Verde

25. Human challenges in polar and space environments
G. M. Sandal, G. R. Leon, L. Palinkas

26. Hypometabolic induced state: a potential tool in biomedicine and space exploration
Manuela Malatesta, Marco Biggiogera, Carlo Zancanaro

27. A proposed classification of environmental adaptation: the example of high altitude
Jean-Paul Richalet

28. The challenge of the food sufficiency through salt tolerant crops
Adriana Galvani

Keywords: Life Sciences, Microbiology, Plant Sciences, Popular Science in Nature and Environment, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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