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New Technologies, Mobility and Security

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Table of contents

1. Critical Transmission Range for Connectivity in Ad-Hoc Networks
Hossein Ajorloo, S. Hashem Maddah Hosseini, Nasser Yazdani, Abolfazl Lakdashti

2. ScatterFactory: An Architecture Centric Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammad Al Saad, Benjamin Hentrich, Jochen Schiller

3. Performance of Multi-Hop Relaying Systems over Weibull Fading Channels
Salama Ikki, Mohamed H. Ahmed

4. Performance Study of a New MAC Algorithm to Reduce Energy and Delay in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ioannis Gragopoulos, Ioannis Tsetsinas, Eirini Karapistoli, Fotini-Niovi Paulidou

5. A Fast and Efficient Source Authentication Solution for Broadcasting in Wireless Sensor Networks
Taojun Wu, Yi Cui, Brano Kusy, Akos Ledeczi, Janos Sallai, Nathan Skirvin, Jan Werner, Yuan Xue

6. TMN Management Systems using a Grid based agnostic middleware
P. Donadio, A. Cimmino, A. Paparella, B. Berde

7. Direct RF Conversion Transceivers as a Base for Designing Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Systems
Oleg Panfilov, Antonio Turgeon, Ron Hickling, Igor Alexandrov, M Kelly

8. Scalable Communication for High Performance and Inexpensive Reliable Strict QoS
I. Chen, M. R. Ito

9. A User Interface for Resource Management in a Mobile Environment
Badr Benmammar, Zeina JRAD, Francine Krief

10. Application of Reuse Partitioning Concept to the IEEE 802.16 System: Design and Analysis
S. Hamouda, P. Godlewski, S. Tabbane

11. Evaluation of the performance of the SLoPS: Available Bandwidth Estimation Technique in IEEE 802.11b Wireless Networks
AMAMRA Abdelaziz, HOU Kun Mean, CHANET Jean-Pierre

12. Quality of Service Provisioning Issue of Accessing IP Multimedia Subsystem via Wireless LANS
Asma A. Elmangosh, Majdi A. Ashibani, Fathi Ben Shatwan

13. Three-color Marking with MLCN for Cross-layer TCP Congestion Control in Multihop Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Yi-Jen Lu, Chi-Jen Huang, Tsang-Ling Sheu

14. Joint Cross-layer Power Control and FEC Design for TCP Westwood+ in Hybrid Wireless-Wired Networks
G. Boggia, P. Camarda, A. D’Alconzo, L.A. Grieco, S. Mascolo

15. Joint Cross-layer and Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation Design for Multicast OFDM Networks
H. Najafi, H. Taheri, H.R. Amindavar, S.H. Hosseini

16. Handover Optimization for vehicle NEMO Networks
Hai Lin, Houda Labiod

17. Introducing L3 network-based mobility management for mobility-unaware IP hosts
Damjan Damic

18. WiMax-based Vertical handovers for Next Generation Networks
Nadine Akkari, Samir Tohmè, Mahmoud Doughan

19. A System-Level Analysis of Power Consumption & Optimizations in 3G Mobile Devices
N. Sklavos, K. Touliou

20. Runtime software modification method used on COTS system for high-availability network service
Takashi Ikebe, Yasuro Kawarasaki, Naoki Uchida, Shoichi Hirasawa, Hiroki Honda

21. MRC Diversity Reception of OFDM with M-ary Modulation over Frequency-Selective Nakagami-m Fading Channels
Mohamed E. Khedr, Ahmed F. Alnahhal, Roshdy A. AbdelRassoul

22. Performance and Flexibility of Open Source Routing Software1
V. Eramo, M. Listanti, A. Cianfrani, E. Cipollone

23. Emerging Wireless Communication Technologies1
Ghaïs El Zein, Ali Khaleghi

24. Upgrade of a Composite-Star Optical Network
Stefano Secci, Brunilde SansÒ

25. An Adaptive Approach to Optimize Software Component Quality Predictive Models:Case of Stability
Danielle Azar, Doina Precup

26. Transport Information Collection Protocol with clustering of information sources
Mohamed Karim SbaÏ, Chadi Barakat

27. Virtual Authentication Ring for Securing Network Operations
Na Li, David Lee

28. Federated Dynamic Authentication and Authorization in Daidalos
Zhikui Chen

29. Secure and Fast Roaming in 802.11 WLANS
Hassnaa Moustafa, Gilles Bourdon

30. Wormhole Detection Method based on Location in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Kyuho Lee, Hyojin Jeon, DongKyoo Kim

31. An Effective Defense Against Spoofed IP Traffic
Hikmat Farhat

32. On the security of quantum networks: a proposal framework and its capacity
Quoc-Cuong Le, Patrick Bellot, Akim Demaille

33. An adaptive security Framework for ad hoc networks
Vincent Toubiana, Houda Labiod, Laurent Raynaud, Yvon Gourhant

34. Localization with witnesses
Arun Saha, Mart Molle

35. SAACCESS: Secured Ad hoc ACCess framework
H. Chaouchi, M. Laurent-Maknavicius

36. Hiding User Credentials during the TLS authentication phase
Mohamad Badra, Ibrahim Hajjeh, Jacques Demerjian

37. Enhanced Smart-Card-Based Authentication Scheme Providing Forward-Secure Key Agreement
Mahdi Asadpour, Behnam Sattarzadeh, Rasool Jalili

38. A Mathematical Framework for Risk Assessment
Marco Benini, Sabrina Sicari

39. An Efficient Hybrid Chaotic Image Encryption Scheme
M. Asim, V. Jeoti

40. A Model based on Parallel Intrusion Detection Systems for High Speed Networking Security
Sourour Meharouech, Adel Bouhoula, Tarek Abbes

41. A Dynamic Policy based Security Architecture for Mobile Agents
Misbah Mubarak, Zarrar Khan, Sara Sultana, Hajra Batool Asghar, H. Farooq Ahmad, Hiroki Suguri, Fakhra Jabeen

42. A Scheme for Intrusion Detection and Response in Ad Hoc Networks
Marianne A. Azer, Sherif M. El-Kassas, Magdy S. El-Soudani

43. Query Answering in Distributed Description Logics
Faisal Alkhateeb, Antoine Zimmermann

44. WSRank: A New Algorithm for Ranking Web Services
Xiaodi Huang

45. Authenticated Web Services: A WS-Security Based Implementation*
Vincenzo Auletta, Carlo Blundo, Stelvio Cimato, Emiliano Cristofaro, Guerriero Raimato

46. An Architectural Model for a Mobile Agents System Interoperability
Zeghache Linda, Badache Nadjib, Elmaouhab Aouaouche

47. P2PNet: A Simulation Architecture for Large-scale P2P systems
Lechang Cheng, Norm Hutchinson, Mabo R. Ito

48. A Middleware for Managing Sensory Information in Pervasive Environments
Costas Pontikakos, Theodore Tsiligiridis

49. An Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Future Energy Networks
Stamatis Karnouskos, Orestis Terzidis, Panagiotis Karnouskos

50. Internet Topology Based Identifier Assignment for Tree-based DHTs
Lechang Cheng, Mabo R. Ito, Norm Hutchinson

51. A Secure Dynamic Remote User Authentication without any Secure Channel
Ashutosh Saxena

52. Cross-Layer Optimization for Dynamic Rate Allocation in a Multi-User Video Streaming System
C. Yaacoub, J. Farah, N. Rachkidy, B. Pesquet-Popescu

53. Design and implementation of a Decentralized Access Control System (DACS) and an application
Tobias Hof, Eric Robert, Isabelle Barthes, Sèbastien Bastard

54. Monitoring and Security of Container Transports
Jens Ove Lauf, Dieter Gollmann

55. A new approach for anomalies resolution within filtering rules

56. SPMCS: A Scalable Architecture for Peer to Peer Multiparty Conferencing
Mourad AMAD, Ahmed MEDDAHI

57. A New Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol
Pierre E. ABI-CHAR, Abdallah MHAMED, Bachar EL-HASSAN

58. Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map for Alarm Filtering in Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Ahmad FAOUR, Philippe LERAY, Bassam ETER

59. AGDH (Asymmetric Group Diffie Hellman) An Efficient and Dynamic Group Key Ageement Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Raghav Bhaskar, Daniel Augot, Cedric Adjih, Paul MÜhlethaler, Saadi Boudjit


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