Sobh, Tarek

Innovations and Advanced Techniques in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering

Sobh, Tarek - Innovations and Advanced Techniques in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Mobile Robot Localization using Soft-reduced Hypotheses Tracking
L. Banjanovic-Mehmedovic, I. Petrovic, E. Ivanjko

2. Effective Arabic Character Recognition Using Support Vector Machines
Mehmmood Abdulla Abd, George Paschos

3. Extracted Structural Features for Image Comparison
Pornchai Mongkolnam, Thanee Dechsakulthorn, Chakarida Nukoolkit

4. The Functional Model of a Robot System Which Presents a Visual Servoing Control
R.C. Tarca, I.C. Tarca, A. Tripe-Vidican, T. Vesselenyi

5. An Approach to the Design of Optimal Test Scheduling for System-On-Chip Based on Genetic Algorithm
P. Sakthivel, P. Narayanasamy

6. Vision-based Monitoring System for Detecting Red signal crossing
Ritesh Sharma, Sreela Sasi

7. Describing Function and Error Estimation for Class of Nonlinear Systems with Fuzzy elements
Tomislav Sijak, Ognjen Kuljaca, Ljubomir Kuljaca

8. Semantic Object Generation in Tongue Image Analysis
Xie Zhiming, Yang Bao-an, Chai xin

9. Distributed Computing Systems: P2P versus Grid Computing Alternatives
A. Cabani, S. Ramaswamy, M. Itmi, S. Al-Shukri, J.P. Pécuchet

10. Context Sensitive Shape-Substitution in Nastaliq Writing System: Analysis and Formulation
Aamir Wali, Sarmad Hussain

11. Hyperbook authoring environment
Abdoulmajid Hakki

12. XML and the architecture of the Hyperbook
Abdoulmajid Hakki

13. A Novel Image Retrieval System Based On Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machines
Adeel Mumtaz, S.A.M. Gilani, Tahir Jameel

14. Feature Level Fusion of Night Vision Images Based on K-Means Clustering Algorithm
Adnan Mujahid Khan, Bushra Kayani, Asif M. Gillani

15. Chaotic Fractals with Multivalued Logic in Cellular Automata
Amal K. Ghosh, Pabitra Pal Pal Choudhury, Amitabha Basuray

16. Semantics for an Asynchronous Message Passing System
A.V.S. Rajan, S. Bavan, G. Abeysinghe

17. Magnetization Plateau Enhancement via a Simple Computational Model of Organic Spin Sandwiches
A Barrañón, de L. Castillo-Alvarado

18. Affine Invariant Feature Extraction Using a Combination of Radon and Wavelet Transforms
Asad Ali, S.A.M Gilani, Umer Shafique

19. Evaluating the Predictability of Financial Time Series
P. Bagavathi Sivakumar, V. P Mohandas

20. Activity-Based Software Estimation using Work Break down Structure
M.J Basavaraj, K.C Shet

21. Software Estimation using Function Point Analysis: Difficulties and Research Challenges
M.J Basavaraj, K.C Shet

22. Distributed Intrusion Detection System for Sensor Networks
Biswajit Panja, Sherif Rashad

23. Numerical Solution to Horizontal Zero-inertia, Viscous Dam-Break Problem
Blaise NSOM, Mathieu JENNY, Youcef ASKOURA, Frédéric PERON

24. Pixel & Feature Level Multiresolution Image Fusion Based On Fuzzy Logic
Bushra N. Kayani, Anwar Majeed Mirza, Ajmal Bangash, Haroon Iftikhar

25. Approximate Solution to the Diffusion-Reaction Problem with Nonlinear Kinetics in Transient Systems
E. Peralta Reyes, A. Regalado Méndez, G. Vidriales Escobar, C.A González Rugerio

26. Describing Acoustic Fingerprint Technology Integration For Audio Monitoring Systems
Carlos Serrão, Marco Clara

27. AMIEDoT: An annotation model for document tracking and recommendation service
ROBERT Charles Abiodun

28. Intelligent Assistance for a Task-oriented Requirements Management
D. Mueller, P. Dietz, N. Mueller

29. Translation of Safety-Critical Software Requirements Specification to Lustre
Dongchul Park

30. Security In Information Systems: Sociotechnical Aspects
Edison Luiz Gonçalves Fontes, Antonio José Balloni

31. Architecture for Distributed Component Management in Heterogeneous Software Environments
E. Stoyanov, A. MacWilliams, Dieter Roller

32. Assistive Technologies for Physically Handicapped Persons
Emir Skejié, Marijan Durek

33. Mining E-Mail Content for a Small Enterprise
Emmanuel Udoh

34. QWERTY: A System of Logic and Symmetry?
Ernest Hibbs

35. Analyzing the Statistical Behavior of Smoothing Method
Feng-Long Huang, Ming-Shing Yu

36. A System for Association Rule Discovery in Emergency Response Data
George Dimitoglou, Shmuel Rotenstreich

37. Towards Logarithmic Search Time Complexity for R-Trees
Richard Göbel

38. A Novel Approach For Mining Emerging Patterns In Rare-Class Datasets
Hamad Alhammady

39. Integration of Flexible Manufacturing and Change Management Processes in a Service-Oriented Architecture
Hardy Krappe, Stilian Stanev, Jivka Ovtcharova

40. Survey on News Mining Tasks
Hassan Sayyadi, Sara Salehi, Hassan AbolHassani

41. Configuring and Designing Replication in Active Directory
Hemant Kumar Arora

42. Incremental Learning Algorithm for Speech Recognition
Hisham Darjazini, Qi Cheng, Ranjith Liyana-Pathirana

43. Manufacturing Process Modeling
Isidro Moctezuma-Cantorán, Manuel Valdés-Marrero, Jorge Ochoa-Somuano, Isaías May-Canché

44. Architecture for Virtualization in Data Warehouse
J.A. Nasir, M. Khurram Shahzad

45. A Study of Software Protection Techniques
Jan M. Memon, Asma Khan, Amber Baig, Asadullah Shah

46. Code Characterization for Automatic User Interface Generation
Jaroslav Kadlec

47. Lattice Cube Semantic Index Based Mining on XML Documents
Dr. A.M. Natarajan, K. Premalatha, A. Kogilavani

48. Multiscale Contrast Enhancement for Compressed Digital Images with Block Artifacts Consideration
Kashif Iqbal, Asmatullah Chaudhry, Asifullah Khan, Ajmal Bangash

49. An Aspect-Oriented Model to Monitor Misuse
K. Padayachee, J.H.P. Eloff

50. Ontology Development for E-Marketing Mix Model Mapping with Internet Consumers’ Decision-Making Styles
K. M. Sam, P. Lei, C. R. Chatwin.

51. Monitoring Choreographed Services
L. Ardissono, R. Furnari, A. Goy, G. Petrone, M. Segnan

52. Version Manager: A step towards Synthetic-Warehouse-Builder extension
M. Khurram Shahzad

53. Intermingling evolutionary and versioning approach for data warehouse by Versioning-Algebra
Khurram M. Shahzad, J.A Nasir, M.A. Pasha

54. An efficient fault-tolerant scheduling algorithm for precedence constrained tasks in heterogeneous distributed systems
M. Nakechbandi, J.-Y. Colin, J.B. Gashumba

55. A Process Family Approach for the reuse of development processes
Maik Thränert, Andrej Werner

56. Organizational Change Measurement via Change Metrics
M.S. Camara, L. Kermad, A. El Mhamedi

57. Unicode Searching Algorithm Using Multilevel Binary Tree Applied on Bangla Unicode
Md. Akhtaruzzaman

58. Centralized Management System for Mobile Communications with Pocket PCs
M. Popa, A.S. Popa, V. Cretu, M. Micea

59. A Navigation Tool for Blind People
Mounir Bousbia-Salah, Mohamed Fezari

60. Mobile Computing Tools as a Medium to Educate and Empower people with Chronic Conditions
Abhilash Geo Mathews, Dr Richard Butler, Dr Joan Love

61. Design of a fast, low-level fault-tolerant protocol for Network on Chips
Muhammad Ali, Awais Adnan, Michael Welzl

62. Leakage Power Proliferation in Short Channel Cache Memories
N. Mohamed, N. Botros

63. An e-Science Environment for Aerospace Applications on Teragrid
Nam Gyu Kim, Jung-Hyun Cho, Yoonhee Kim, Chongam Kim, Kum Won Cho, Sang Boem Lim

64. Role of Microcracking in Cortical Bones
Natalia B. Romalis

65. Algorithm for Solving the Collisions in Uniform Simple Hashing with Combined Linked Ordered Lists
Tudor Nicoleta Liviana

66. A Comparative Study Regarding a Memory Hierarchy with the CDLR SPEC 2000 Simulator
O. Novac, M. Vladutiu, St Vari Kakas, Mihaela Novac, M. Gordan

67. A Group Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ousmane Thiare, Mohamed Naimi, Mourad Gueroui

68. An Extension of a CCM Environment with an Adaptive Planning Mechanism
Pawel Antoniewski, Lukasz Cygan, Jacek Cala, Krzysztof Zielinski

69. Cross-Trial Query System for Cancer Clinical Trials
Radu Calinescu, Steve Harris, Jeremy Gibbons, Jim Davies

70. User Interfaces for an In-store Sales Process Supporting System
Rainer Blum, Sascha Häberling, Karim Khakzar, Steve Westerman

71. Histochemical and mechanomyographical evaluation of the adaptive potential of human biceps femoris muscle
Raja Dahmane

72. A Hybrid Data Transformation Approach for Privacy Preserving Clustering of Categorical Data
Dr. A.M Natarajan, R.R Rajalaxmi, N. Uma, G. Kirubhakar

73. ANUPAM – Ameya: A Teraflop Class Supercomputer
Rajesh Kalmady, Vaibhav Kumar, Digamber Sonvane, Kislay Bhatt, B.S Jagadeesh, R.S. Mundada, A.G. Apte, P.S. Dhekne

74. Dealing with Concurrent Regions during Scenario Generation from Activity Diagrams
Robert Chandler, Chiou Peng Lam, Huaizhong Li

75. Code Generation and Execution Framework for UML 2.0 Classes and State Machines
Romuald Pilitowski, Anna Dereziñska

76. Laboratory instrumentation and object oriented design for working fluid control in an “absorption heat pump” using Water / Carrol
Rosenberg J. Romero, Antonio Rodríguez Martínez, Enrique Casillas González

77. Towards the Use of Mediated Knowledge-based and User-defined Views in Super-peer P2P Systems
R. Mohamed, C.D. Buckingham, M.B. Al-Mourad, Yaser M.A. Khalifa

78. User Perception on Intelligent Split Menu for Web Browser Data Entry
Saipunidzam Mahamad, Syarifah Bahiyah Rahayu Syed Mansoor, Rajaletchume A/P Annamalai

79. From Information Wiki to Knowledge Wiki via Semantic Web technologies
Sergiu Dumitriu, Marta Gîrdea, Sabin C. Buraga

80. Content Based Video Retrieval Framework Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Tahir Jameel, S.A.M. Gilani, Adeel Mumtaz

81. Separation of Shape and Data
Thomas Nitsche

82. A Negotiation Model for Collaborative Decision Making in Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Tom Wanyama

83. Sensitivity analysis of parallel applications to local and non-local interference
Vaddadi P. Chandu, Karandeep Singh

84. Performance Evaluation of a Xen-based Virtual Environment for High Performance Computing Systems
Vaddadi P. Chandu, Karandeep Singh

85. Interpolation for Super Resolution Imaging
Varsha Hemant Patil, Dattatraya S. Bormane

86. A Content Management Implementation at Intercollege
Vasso Stylianou, Andreas Savva

87. Coordination, Cooperation and Conflict Resolution in Multi-Agent Systems
W. Alshabi, S. Ramaswamy, M. Itmi, H. Abdulrab

88. New Approach to overcome the complexity issues raised by Simple Bitmap Indexing
Yashvardhan Sharma, Navneet Goyal, Som Ranjan Ranjan Satpathy

89. A Game Theoretic Analysis on Incentive for Cooperation in a Self-Repairing Network
Yoshiteru Ishida

90. Resource Allocation And Its Distributed Implementation
Zsolt Tiborx Kosztyán, Andrea Bencsik, Szabolcs Póta

91. Using Service-oriented Architectures towards Rights Management interoperability
Carlos Serrao, Miguel Dias, Jaime Delgado

92. Corrective Actions at the Application Level for Streaming Video in WiFi Ad Hoc Networks
E. M. Macías, A. Suárez, J. Martín

93. Visual Data Mining of Log Files
Guillermo III Francia, Monica Trifas, Dorothy Brown, Rahjimao Francia, Chrissy Scott

94. ITS: A DDoS Mitigating Architecture
Hikmat Farhat

95. Strong Designated Verifier Ring Signature Scheme
Ji-Seon Lee, Jik Hyun Chang

96. Performance of Enhanced Distance Vector Multipath Routing
Kanwalinder Jit Kaur, Dr Jyotsna Sengupta

97. Coded 4-PAM OFDM for High Rate Data Links
M.A Nasr, Heba A Shaban, M.A Mangoud


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