Elleithy, Khaled

Advances and Innovations in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

Elleithy, Khaled - Advances and Innovations in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Adaptive and Extensible Web-based Interface System for Interactive Video Contents Browsing
Adrien Joly, Dian Tjondronegoro

2. Design and Implementation of Virtual Instruments for Monitoring and Controlling Physical Variables Using Different Communication Protocols
A. Montoya, D. Aristizábal, R. Restrepo, N. Montoya, L. Giraldo

3. Online Decision Support System for Dairy Farm
A. Savilionis, A. Zajanckauskas, V. Petrauskas, S. Juknevicius

4. Decision Making Strategies in Global Exchange and Capital Markets
Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas, Viktorija Stasytyte

5. A Simple and Efficient Solution for Room Synchronization Problem in Distributed Computing
Alex A. Aravind

6. Improving Computer Access For Blind Users
Amina Bouraoui, Mejdi Soufi

7. Developing a Multi-Agent System for Dynamic Scheduling Trough Aose Perspective
Ana Madureira, Joaquim Santos, Nuno Gomes, Ilda Ferreira

8. Criminal Sentencing, Intuition and Decision Support
Andrew Vincent, Tania Sourdin, John Zeleznikow

9. An Approach for Invariant Clustering and Recognition in Dynamic Environment
Andrey Gavrilov, Sungyoung Lee

10. Modelling non Measurable Processes by Neural Networks: Forecasting Underground Flow Case Study of the Céze Basin (Gard - France)
A. Johannet, P.A. Ayral, B. Vayssade

11. Significance of Pupil Diameter Measurements for the Assessment of Affective State in Computer Users
Armando Barreto, Jing Zhai, Naphtali Rishe, Ying Gao

12. A Novel Probing Technique for Mode Estimation in Video Coding Architectures
Ashoka Jayawardena

13. The Effects of Vector Transform on Speech Compression
B.D. Barkana, M.A. Cay

14. Software Development Using an Agile Approach for Satellite Camera Ground Support Equipment
D. dos Santos, I. N. da Silva, R. Modugno, H. Pazelli, A. Castellar

15. Priming the Pump: Load Balancing Iterative Algorithms
David J. Powers

16. An Ontology for Modelling Flexible Business Processes
Denis Berthier

17. Routing Free Messages Between Processing Elements in a Hypercube with Faulty Links
Dinko Gichev

18. OPTGAME: An Algorithm Approximating Solutions for Multi-Player Difference Games
Doris A. Behrens, Reinhard Neck

19. Rapid Development of Web Applications with Web Components
Dzenan Ridjanovic

20. Mesh-adaptive methods for viscous flow problem with rotation
E. Gorshkova, P. Neittaanmaki, S. Repin

21. Metamodel-based Comparison of Data Models
Erki Eessaar

22. BEMGA: A HLA Based Simulation Modeling and Development Tool
Ersin Ünsal, Fatih Erdogan Sevilgen

23. Comparison of different POS Tagging Techniques (n-gram, HMM and Brill’s tagger) for Bangla
Fahim Muhammad Hasan, Naushad UzZaman, Mumit Khan

24. Real-Time Simulation and Data Fusion of Navigation Sensors for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
Francesco Esposito, Domenico Accardo, Antonio Moccia, U. Ciniglio, F. Corraro, L. Garbarino

25. Swarm-based Distributed Job Scheduling in Next-Generation Grids
Francesco Palmieri, Diego Castagna

26. Facial Recognition with Singular Value Decomposition
Guoliang Zeng

27. The Application of Mobile Agents to Grid Monitor services
Guoqing Dong, Weiqin Tong

28. Expanding the Training Data Space Using Bayesian Test
Hamad Alhammady

29. A Multi-Agent Framework for Building an Automatic Operational Profile
Hany EL Yamany, Miriam A.M. Capretz

30. An Efficient Interestingness based Algorithm for Mining Association Rules in Medical Databases
Siri Krishan Wasan, Vasudha Bhatnagar, Harleen Kaur

31. NeSReC: A News meta-Search Engines Result Clustering Tool
Hassan Sayyadi, Sara Salehi, Hassan AbolHassani

32. Automatic Dissemination of Text Information using the EBOTS system
Hemant Joshi, Coskun Bayrak

33. Mapping State Diagram To Petri Net : An Approach To UseMarkov Theory For Analyzing Non-Functional Parameters
H. Motameni, A. Movaghar, M. Siasifar, M. Zandakbari, H. Montazeri

34. A Distributed Planning & Control Management Information System for Multi-site Organizations
Ioannis T. Christou, Spyridon Potamianos

35. Supporting Impact Analysis by Program Dependence Graph Based Forward Slicing
Jaakko Korpi, Jussi Koskinen

36. An Analysis of Several Proposals for Reversible Latches
J.E. Rice

37. Implementation of a Spatial Data Structure on a FPGA
J.E. Rice, W. Osborn, J. Schultz

38. Security Management: Targets, Essentials and Implementations
Zhao Jing, Zheng Jianwu

39. Application of fuzzy set ordination and classification to the study of plant communities in Pangquangou Nature Reserve, China
Jin-tun Zhang, Dongpin Meng

40. On Searchability and LR-Visibility of Polygons
John Z. Zhang

41. Swarm Intelligence in Cube Selection and Allocation for Multi-Node OLAP Systems
Jorge Loureiro, Orlando Belo

42. Developing Peer-to-Peer Applications with MDA and JXTA
José Geraldo de Sousa Junior, Denivaldo Lopes

43. A Case Study to Evaluate Templates & Metadata for Developing Application Families
José Lamas Ríos, Fernando Machado-Píriz

44. Application of Multi-Criteria to Perform an Organizational Measurement Process
Josyleuda Melo Moreira de Oliveira, Karlson B.de Oliveira, Ana Karoline A.de Castro, Plácido R. Pinheiro, Arnaldo D. Belchior

45. Institutionalization of an Organizational Measurement Process
Josyleuda Melo Moreira de Oliveira, Karlson B.de Oliveira, Arnaldo D. Belchior

46. Decomposition of Head Related Impulse Responses by Selectionof Conjugate Pole Pairs
Kenneth John Faller, Armando Barreto, Navarun Gupta, Naphtali Rishe

47. GIS Customization for Integrated Management of Spatially Related Diachronic Data
K.D. Papadimitriou, T. Roustanis

48. BlogDisc: A System for Automatic Discovery and Accumulationof Persian Blogs
Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili, Hassan Abolhassani, Zeinab Abbassi

49. Fuzzy Semantic Similarity Between Ontological Concepts
Ling Song, Jun Ma, Hui Liu, Li Lian, Dongmei Zhang

50. Research on Distributed Cache Mechanism in Decision Support System
Liu Hui, Ji Xiu-hua

51. Research on Grid-based and Problem-oriented Open Decision Support System
Xueguang Chen, Liu Xia, Zhiwu Wang, Qiaoyun Ma

52. Development and Analysis of Defect Tolerant Bipartite Mapping Techniques for Programmable cross-points in Nanofabric Architecture
Mandar Vijay Joshi, Waleed Al-Assadi

53. Nash Equilibrium Approach to Dynamic Power Control in DS-CDMA System
J. Qasimi M, M. Tahernezhadi

54. Natural Language Processing of Mathematical Texts in mArachna
Marie Blanke, Sabina Jeschke, Nicole Natho, Ruedi Seiler, Marc Wilke

55. Humanization of E-services: Human Interaction Metaphor inDesign of E-services
Mart Murdvee

56. Introducing The (POSSDI) Process The Process of Optimizing the Selection of The Scanned Document Images
Mohammad A. ALGhalayini, Abad Shah

57. Infrastructure for Bangla Information retrieval in thecontext of ICT for Development
Nafid Haque, M. Hammad Ali, Matin Saad Abdullah, Mumit Khan

58. An Improved Watermarking Extraction Algorithm
Ning Chen, Jie Zhu

59. Building Knowledge Components to Enhance Frequently Asked Question
Noreen Izza Arshad, Savita K. Sugathan, Mohamed Imran M. Ariff, Siti Salwa A. Aziz

60. Semantic Representation of User’s Mental Trust Model
Omer Mahmood, John D Haynes

61. Access Concurrents Sessions Based on Quorums
Ousmane Thiare, Mohamed Naimi, Mourad Gueroui

62. A Dynamic Fuzzy Model for Processing Lung Sounds
P.A. Mastorocostas, D.N. Varsamis, C.A. Mastorocostas, C.S. Hilas

63. A Formal Specification in JML of Java Security Package
Poonam Agarwal, Carlos E. Rubio-Medrano, Yoonsik Cheon, Patricia J Teller

64. Enterprise Integration Strategy of Interoperability
Raymond Cheng-Yi Wu, Jie Lu

65. A Method for Consistent Modeling of Zachman Framework Cells
S. Shervin Ostadzadeh, Fereidoon Shams Aliee, S. Arash Ostadzadeh

66. Beyond User Ranking: Expanding the Definition of Reputation in Grid Computing
Said Elnaffar

67. A Comparative Study for Email Classification
Seongwook Youn, Dennis McLeod

68. Noise Reduction for VoIP Speech Codecs Using Modified WienerFilter
Seung Ho Han, Sangbae Jeong, Heesik Yang, Jinsul Kim, Won Ryu, Minsoo Hahn

69. A Formal Framework for “Living” Cooperative Information Systems
Shiping Yang, Martin Wirsing

70. Crime Data Mining
Shyam Varan Nath

71. Combinatorial Hill Climbing Using Micro-Genetic Algorithms
Spyros A. Kazarlis

72. Alternate Paradigm for Navigating the WWW Through Zoomable User Interface
Sumbul Khawaja, Asadullah Shah, Kamran Khowaja

73. A Verifiable Multi-Authority E-Voting Scheme for Real WorldEnvironment
T. Taghavi, M. Kahani, A.G. Bafghi

74. Stochastic Simulation as an Effective Cell Analysis Tool
Tommaso Mazza

75. Bond Graph Causality Assignment and Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
Tony Wong, Gilles Cormier

76. Multi-criteria Scheduling of Soft Real-time Tasks on Uniform Multiprocessors Using Fuzzy Inference
Vahid Salmani, Mahmoud Naghibzadeh, Mohsen Kahani, Sedigheh Khajouie Nejad

77. A Finite Element Program Based on Object-Oriented Framework for Spatial Trusses
Vedat Togan, Serkan Bekiroglu

78. Design for Test Techniques for Asynchronous NULL Conventional Logic (NCL) Circuits
Venkat Satagopan, Bonita Bhaskaran, Waleed K. Al-Assadi, Scott C. Smith, Sindhu Kakarla

79. Ant Colony based Algorithm for Stable Marriage Problem
Ngo Anh Vien, Nguyen Hoang Viet, Hyun Kim, SeungGwan Lee, TaeChoong Chung

80. Q-Learning based Univector Field Navigation Method for Mobile Robots
Ngo Anh Vien, Nguyen Hoang Viet, HyunJeong Park, SeungGwan Lee, TaeChoong Chung

81. Statistical Modeling of Crosstalk Noise in Domino CMOS Logic Circuits
Vipin Sharma, Waleed K. Al-Assadi

82. A Decision Making Model for Dual Interactive Information Retrieval
Vitaliy Vitsentiy

83. Business Rules Applying to Credit Management
Vladimir Avdejenkov, Olegas Vasilecas

84. Information System in Atomic Collision Physics
V.M. Cvjetkovic, B.M. Marinkovic, D. Ševic

85. Incremental Learning of Trust while Reacting and Planning
W. Froelich, M. Kisiel-Dorohinicki, E. Nawarecki

86. Simulation of Free Feather Behavior
Xiaoming Wei, Feng Qiu, Arie Kaufman

87. Evolutionary Music Composer integrating Formal Grammar
Yaser M.A. Khalifa, Jasmin Begovic, Badar Khan, Airrion Wisdom, M. Basel Al-Mourad

88. A New Algorithm and Asymptotical Properties for the DeadlockDetection Problem for Computer Systems with Reusable Resource Types
Youming Li, Robert Cook

89. On Path Selection for Multipath Connection
Yu Cai, C. Edward Chow

90. Some Results on the Sinc Signal with Applications to Intersymbol Interference in Baseband Communication Systems
Zouhir Bahri

91. Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Energy Coefficient Matrix
Adnan Mujahid Khan, Mudassir Fayyaz, Asif M. Gillani

92. Measuring Machine Intelligence of an Agent-Based DistributedSensor Network System
Anish Anthony, Thomas C. Jannett

93. Image Processing for the Measurement of Flow Rate of Silo Discharge
Cédric Degouet, Blaise Nsom, Eric Lolive, André Grohens

94. A Blind Watermarking Algorithm Based on Modular Arithmetic in the Frequency Domain
Cong Jin, Zhongmei Zhang, Yan Jiang, Zhiguo Qu, Chuanxiang Ma

95. Determination of Coordinate System in Short-Axis View of Left Ventricle
Gaurav Sehgal, Dr. Gabrielle Horne, Dr. Peter Gregson

96. On-line Modeling for Real-Time, Model-Based, 3D Pose Tracking
Hans de Ruiter, Beno Benhabib

97. Grid Enabled Computer Vision System for Measuring TrafficParameters
Ivica Dimitrovski, Gorgi Kakasevski, Aneta Buckovska, Suzana Loskovska, Bozidar Proevski

98. Physically Constrained Neural Network Models for Simulation
J. E. Souza de Cursi, A. Koscianski


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