Gdoutos, E. E.

Experimental Analysis of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures

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Table of contents

A. Invited Papers

1. Modern Photoelasticity for Residual Stress Measurement in Glass
Hillar Aben, Johan Anton, Andrei Errapart

2. Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of Vascular Devices
J. M. Dulieu-Barton, J. Eaton-Evans, E. G. Little, I. A. Brown

3. Micro/Nano Speckle Method With Applications to Material, Tissue Engineering and Heart Mechanics
Fu-Pen Chiang

In-Situ Electron Microscopy Testing of Nanostructures
Horacio D. Espinosa

5. Air Blast Loading of Cellular Media
George A. Gazonas, Joseph A. Main

6. Importance of Full-Field Measurement Techniques for Better Models in Solid Mechanics
Michel Grediac

7. Recent Developments and Applications of Photomechanics Methods for Microelectronics Product Development
Bongtae Han

8. A Tentative Analysis of the Status of Speckle Interferometry in Experimental Mechanics
Pierre Jacquot

9. On the Characterisation of Cellular Materials Used in Sandwich Construction
R. A. W. Mines

10. Three-Dimensional Displacement Analysis by Windowed Phase-Shifting Digital Holographic Interferometry
Yoshiharu Morimoto, Toru Matui, Motoharu Fujigaki

11. Onr Solid Mechanics Research Program Overview
Yapa D. S. Rajapakse

12. Large-Deformation Constitutive Theories for Structural Composites: Rate Dependent Concepts and Effect of Microstructure
Kenneth Reifsnider, Liqun Xing

13. Experimental Mechanics at the Nanometric Level
Cesar A. Sciammarella

14. Mechanical Property Measurement at the Micro/Nano Scale
W. N. Sharpe

15. Characterisation and Assessment of Failure and Fatigue Phenomena in Sandwich Structures Induced by Localized Effects
Ole Thybo Thomsen

B. Tracks

16. Metal-Polymer-Ceramic Nano/Composite Material
M. V. Kireitseu, L. V. Bochkareva

17. Characterization of a New Titanium Dioxide-Polymer Composite Material for Electronic Packaging Applications
Barish Dantal, Anil Saigal, Michael Zimmerman

18. Forming of Fullerene-Dispersed Aluminum Composite by Compression Shearing Method
Noboru Nakayama, Hiroyuku Takeishi

19. Study of the Mechanical Properties of Cellulose/Zro2.Nh2O Composites
Daniella Regina Mulinari, Maria Lúcia Caetano Pinto

20. Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Epoxy/Silica Nanocomposites
M. S. Konsta-Gdoutosa, I. M. Danielb, Z. Metaxaa, J. Chob

21. Global Mechanical Behavior of a Nanostructured Multilayered Composite Material Produced by Smat and Co-Rolling
L. Waltz, T. Roland, D. Retraint, A. Roos, P. Olier, J. Lu

22. Preparation of High Molecular Weight Poly(Vinyl Carbazole) Web by Electrospinning
Won Seok Lyoo, Ki Bum Lee, Young Jae Lee, Hee Sam Kim

23. Preparation of Hydrophilic Antioxidant-Loaded Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Nanoweb by Electrospinning and Its Wound Healing Effect
Sung Jim Lee, Se Geun Lee, Hoyoimg Kim, Jae Ryong Kim, Cha Young, Sun Gil Kim, Won Seok Lyoo

24. Tensile Strength of Surface Nanostructured Copper
H. L. Chan, J. Lu

25. Some Considerations About the Formulation of Constitutive Equations of Organic Materials: Industrial View and Needs
A. Martinet, François Moussy, Florian Trioux

26. Cohesive Properties of Molten Particle Deposited Onto Substrate by a Free Fall
Masayuki Arai, Hirotada Toyama, Yasuo Ochi

27. Evaluation of Wear Resistance of Sputtered Amorphous Sicn Film and Measurement of Delamination Strength of Film by Micro Edge-Indent Method
Masahiko Kato, Jinhua Zheng, Seiji Takezoe, Keijiro Nakasa

28. Preparing of Diamond in the Presence of Ch4-H2 in a Cold Plasma Produced by a Magnetron
Maryam Habibi, Mahmood Ghoranneviss, Reza Naranji

29. High Temperature Behavior of Al Thin Film
C. -S. Oh, J. -S. Bae, S. -H. Choa, H. -J. Lee

30. Bauschinger Effect in Thin Metal Films on Compliant Substrates
J. P. M. Hoefnagels, J. J. Vlassak

31. Practical Problems of Modal Analysis of Aero Engine Blades
Strain Posavljak

32. Optical Techniques for Relief Study of Mona Lisa’s Wooden Support
Fabrice Brémand, Pascal Doumalin, Jean-Christophe Dupré, Franck Hesser, Valéry Valle

33. Residual Stress and Deformation Induced by Laser Shock Peening on Titanium Alloys
Christophe Cellard, Pierre Osmond, Delphine Retraint, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Sébastien Remy, Ana Viguera-Sancho

34. Development and Application of Biaxial Compression Test Device for Metallic Materials
Ichiro Shimizu

35. Measurement of Residual Stresses in Large Engineering Components
F. Hosseinzadeh, D. J. Smith, C. E. Truman

36. Measurement of Interaction Forces Between Wheel and Rail on an Extreme Train Wheelset
R. A. Claudio, J. Duarte Silva, A. J. Valido, P. J. Moita

37. Monitoring and Diagnosis of Drill Wear and the Thermodynamic Phenomenas of Material Removal by Drilling of Stainless Steels
Jozef Jurko

38. Modeling Prosperities Drives Elements of Cars After Heat Treatment Processes by Means Neural Networks
Michal Szota, Jozef Jasiski

39. The Mechanical Strength of Intestinal Anastomoses in Hypothyroid Rats
S. K. Kourkoulis, K. A. Ekmektzoglou, S. -A. Papanicolopulos, G. C. Zografos, I. A. Dontas, T. Xanthos, D. N. Perrea

40. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament of the Knee Joint Under Mechanical Constraints
S. K. Kourkoulis, E. Gogossi

41. Digital Photoelastic Evaluation of Isochromatic Fringe Order in a 3D Model of Complex Rocket Motor Strap- on Joint
K. Ashokan, K. Ramesh, S. A. Pillai, Jeby Philip

42. Smoothing of Digital Photoelastic Data Using Robust Outlier Algorithm
M. Ramji, K. Ramesh

43. 3D Photoelasticty and Digital Volume Correlation Applied to 3D Mechanical Studies
A. Germaneau, P. Doumalin, J. C. Dupré

44. Stress Separation by Means of Phase Shifting in Photoelasticity
Dongsheng Zhang, Yongsheng Han, Dwayne Arola

45. Linear and Non-Linear Algorithms of Photoelastic Tomography
Hillar Aben, Andrei Errapart

46. Generalized Onion-Peeling Method in Integrated Photoelasticity of Axisymmetric Problems
Johan Anton, Andrei Errapart

47. Mechanical Properties of Oil Palm Fibre Reinforced Epoxy for Building Short Span Bridge
Mimi Azlina Abu Bakar, Valliyappan D. Natarajan, Anizah Kalam, Nor Hayati Kudiran

48. Research on the Shear Behaviour of Plain Fabric Prepreg at Lateral Compaction Stage
Lin Guochang, Wang Youshan, Du Xingwen

49. Mechanical Behavior of Soil-Geotextile Composites: Effect of Soil Type
A. I. Droudakis, I. N. Markou

50. An Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Analysis of Composite Energy Absorption Systems
Hakim S. Sultan

51. Experimental Determination of Fiber Mat Permeability of Chopped Fiberglass Mats
Hossein Golestanian

52. Mechanical Properties of Particle Filled Polymers
O. A. Stapoimtzi, M. Charalambides, J. G. Williams

53. Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Acrylic Hydrazide Cured Epoxy; In-Situ Polymerization
R. P. Yadav, P. C. Gope, P. L. Sah

54. Artificial Neural Network Model for Prediction of Fatigue Lives of Composites Materials
Sanjay Mathur, Prakash Chandra Gope, J. K. Sharma

55. Process and Health Monitoring Using Fiber Bragg Grating Distributed Sensor for Vacuum Infusion Process
Soohyum Eum, Kazuro Kageyama, Hideaki Murayama, Kiyoshi Uzawa, Isamu Osawa, Makoto Kanai, Hirotaka Igawa

56. Using DCB and Pull-Out Tests for Experimental Investigation of Rib-Skin Interface Fracture Toughness of Stiffened Composite Shell
A. Korjakins, O. Ozolins, D. Pizele

57. Experimental Tests of Fatigue Induced Delamination in Gfrp and Cfrp Laminates
D. Tumino, G. Catalanotti, F. Cappello, B. Zuccarello

58. Composte Sandwch Structures; Experimental Evaluation and Finite Element Analysis of Mechancal Propertes
S. B. Bozkurt, F. E. Sezgin, O. O. Egilmez, E. Aktas, M. Tanoglu

59. Some New Strength Criteria for Frp Test Methods Substantiation
Alexandre N. Polilov, Nikolay A. Tatous

60. Composite Repair Technology and Its Application
Kuo-Wei Wu

61. Some Influences on the Fatigue Behaviour of Short-Glasfiber-Reinforced Polymers
Ch. Guster, G. Pinter, W. Eichlseder, R. W. Lang

62. Theoretical Research on the Influence of the Interface Wood-Adhesive on the Stiffness of the Composite Panels Made of Wood Lamellas
Camelia Boieriu, loan Curtu, Dumitru Lica, Mariana Stanciu, Adrian Popoi

63. Residual Internal Stresses Determined Experimentally in Hollow Composite Laminates
Horatiu Teodorescu, Sorin Vlase, Dorin Rosu, Mihai Ulea

64. Quasi-Static Compression of Carbon Fibre Square Honeycombs
B. P. Russell, V. S. Deshpande, N. A. Fleck

65. Notch Root Opening Displacement Versus Damage for Particulate Mmc’s
V. Kytopoulos, Ch. Riga, S. K. Kourkoulis

66. Fatigue Properties of 2024-T3 Aluminium Specimens Reinforced With Composite Patches
M. L. Pastor, X. Balandraud, J. L. Robert, M. Grédiac

67. Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Damage Evolution for Pp/Pa Polymer Blends Under High Strain Rates
Zi-Jian Sim, Li-Li Wang

68. Evaluation of Damage and Plastic Properties by Microindentation and Inverse Method
Bruno Guelorget, Manuel François, Jian Lu

69. Acoustic Emission in Adhesively Bonded Joints Composed of Pultruded Adherends
Till Vallée, Andreas J. Brunner, Thomas Keller

70. Impedance-Based Technique and Guided Wave Method for Damage Assessment With Using Smart Materials
Yong Hong, Gao-Ping Wang, Dong-Pyo Hong, Young-Moon Kim

71. Strain Evaluation in the Neck of a Tensile Test Specimen by Espi Strain Rate Measurement
Bruno Guelorget, Manuel Francois, Guillaume Montay

72. Evaluation of Hardening of Plastically Deformed Steels
P. Yasniy, V. Hlado, P. Maruschak, D. Baran

73. Experimental Characterization of Ductile Damage Using Nanoindentation
C. C. Tasan, J. M. P. Hoefnagels, R. H. J. Peerlings, M. G. D. Geers

74. Mechanisms of Plasticity and Fracture in Crys-Tals, Polymers Under Low/Shock-Wave Stresses
Valery P. Kisel

75. Failure Surfaces in Ductile Non Linear Elastic Materials
N. P. Andrianopoulos, V. M. Manolopoulos, V. C. Boulougouris

76. Comparison of Vibration Response Spectrum With Linear and Reverse-Miso Frequency Response Functions for Non-Linear Cushioning Systems
Michael A. Sek, Anthony Parker, Vincent Rouillard

77. The Non-Linear Characteristics of Cushioning Materials
Anthony Parker, Michael A. Sek, Vincent Rouillard

78. Modal Control of Vibrations of a Machine Structure by Using Electromagnetic Exciters
Tetsuo Sato

79. High Strain Rate Behaviour of Aluminium Alloys Using Split Hopkinson Bar (Shb) Testing
G. I. Mylonas, G. N. Labeas, Sp. G. Pantelakis

80. Experimental Investigations of the Dynamics of Plc Bands in Al3%Mg
Leobaldo Casarotto, Rainer Tutsch, Hanno Dierke, Hartmut Neuhäuser

81. One-To-One Resonance Phenomenon on a Nonlinear Quadrangle Cantilever Beam
Myoung-Gu Kim

82. Effects of Leading and Trailing Edge of Current Pulse on Ae Wave
Yoshiaki Akematsu, Atsutoshi Hirao, Kazuro Kageyama, Naotake Mohri, Hideaki Murayama

83. High Precision Operation of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor With Intensity-Modulated Light Source
Nobuaki Takahashi, Hiroki Yokosuka, Kiyoyuki Inamoto, Satoshi Tanaka

84. Creep Measerement of Optical Fiber With a Double Interferometer System
Zhihong Xu, Fahard Ansari

85. A Guideline for Fatigue Testing of Components
Mehrdad Zoroufi, Ali Fatemi

86. New Equipment for Liquid Metal Embrittlement Characterisation for Vertical Axis Testing Machines
J. Carpio, J. A. Alvarez, J. A. Casado, F. Gutierrez-Solana

87. Experimental Random Signals in Industrial Conditions and Applications by Computer Analysis
M. Kopecky

88. Measurement and Identification Techniques for Cracks: Application in Cyclic Fatigue
Julien Réthoré, Stéphane Roux, François Hild

89. Impact of Machining Parameters on Fatigue Behaviour of 15%Sicp-Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites
Ali Mkaddem, Patrick Ghidossi, Samuel Crequy, Mohamed Mansori

90. The Effect of Machining on the Surface Integrity
Ataollah Javidi, Ulfried Rieger, Wilfried Eichlseder

91. Evaluation of KI-V Relation in Ceramics by Using Dt Technique (Crack Length Measurement by Using Compliance Method)
Hitoo Tokunaga, Kiyohiko Dceda, Koichi Kaizu, Hiroyuki Kinoshita

92. Experimental Study of the Out-Of-Plane Displacement Fields for Different Crack Propagation Velocities
S. Hédan, V. Valle, M. Cottron

93. Experimental Study on the Influence of the Shape and the Size of the Specimen on Compression Behaviour of High Strength Concrete
J. R. Viso, J. R. Carmona, G. Ruiz

94. Specimen Geometry and Material Property Uncertainty Model for Probabilistic Fatigue Life Predictions
Prakash Chandra Gope, Sandeep Bhatt, Mohit Pant

95. Photoelastic Studies of Mixed Mode Stress Intensity Factors Under Biaxial Loading Condition
Vinay Kumar Singh, Prakash Chandra Gope

96. Fracture Strains at Holes in High-Strength Steel, a Comparison of Techniques for Hole-Cutting
J. Eman, K. G. Sundin

97. Characterization of Concrete in Mixed Mode Fracture Under Confined Conditions
Oscar I. Montenegro, D. Sfer, I. Carol

98. V-Notched Specimen Under Mixed-Mode Fracture
N. Recho, J. Li, D. Leguillon

99. Genetic Programming in Modelling of Fatigue Life of Composite Materials
Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos, Efstratios F. Georgopoulos, Thomas Keller

100. Fatigue Behaviour of Adhesively Bonded Pultruded Gfrp
Ye Zhang, Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos, Thomas Keller

101. Upper Tail of Material Strength Distribution and Strength Prediction of Bonded Joints Composed of Pultruded Adherends
Till Vallée, Thomas Keller, Gilles Fourestey

102. Crack Propagation in Naval Aluminum Panels
Konstantinos P. Galanis, Vassilios J. Papazoglou

103. Cracked Brazilian Tests of Lamellar Tial
Gunes Uzer, Fu-Pen Chiang, Andrew H. Rosenberger

104. Influence of Concretes Mineralogical Components on Fracture Compressive and Tractive
M. P. Morales Alfaro, F. A. I. Darwish

105. Opening and Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation Under Random Loading
P. C. Gope, S. P. Sharma, B. Kumar

106. Numerical Study of Fatigue Behavior of Spot Welded Joints
M. Zehsaz, S. Hasanifard

107. The Identification of a Hidden Long-Term Plastic Damage Stage During Splitting Tensile Loading of Concrete
Zacharias G. Pandermarakis, Anastasia B. Sotiropoulou

108. The Relationship Between Creep Rupture Life and Microstructure of Aged P92 Weldment
B. J. Kim, B. S. Lim

109. Numerical Simulation of Combined Effects of Heat Treatment and Crack Length on Tensile Panels Integrity
M. Kiric, A. Sedmak

110. Characterization of the Fracture Behaviour of Elastomers Under Complex Loading Conditions
Z. Major, K. Lederer, R. W. Lang

111. Experimental and Numerical Determination of the Local S-N Curve of Shot-Peened Steel Gears
G. Olmi, M. Comandini, A. Freddi

112. Effect of Hydrogen Environment on Non-Propagation and Propagation of Fatigue Crack in a Type 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel
H. Matsuno, Y. Aoki, Y. Oda, H. Noguchi

113. Fatigue Behaviour of Scratch Damaged Shot Peened Specimens at Elevated Temperature
R. A. Claudio, C. M. Branco, J. Byrne

114. Instable Crack Propagation at High Temperature
Nicolas Tardif, Michel Coret, Alain Combescure

115. Driving Forces Formulations During Crack Damage Interactions in a Brittle Material
M. Chabaat, M. Touati, S. Djouder

116. Cohesive Laws of Ductile Adhesives: an Experimenal Study
A. Nokkentved, P. Brondsted, O. T. Thomsen

117. A Study on Stress Intensity Factor of Outer Surface Crack Along the Direction of the Axis of Double Column Composed Dissimilar Material Under Torsion Load
Syuutei Sasaki, Tsutomu Ezumi

118. Fatigue Fracture Mechanism in Ultrelong of Cemented Carbide Wc-Co
Manabu Yasuoka

119. Experimental Investigation Into the Fatigue of Welded Stiffened 350Wt Steel Plates Using Neutron Diffraction Method
B. K. C. Yuen, F. Taheri, M. Gharghouri

120. Importance of Standardization for Fatigue Testing and Fatigue Data Analysis in Very High Cycle Regime
Tatsuo Sakai

121. Fatigue Strength of 7050 T7451 Aluminumo Alloy: Coating Effects
Herman Jacobus Cornells Voorwald, José André Marin Camargo, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi

122. Fatigue on NC2/RTM6 Composites
Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi, Herman Jacobus Cornells Voorwald, Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende, Luigi Ambrosio

123. Evaluation on the Fatigue Strenght of TI-6AL-4V With Wc 10Co-4Cr Deposited by Hvof
Midori Yoshikawa Pitanga Costa, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi, Herman Jacobus Cornelis Voorwald

124. Mechanics Behavior of Sisal Fabric
Andressa Cecilia Milanese, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi, Herman Jacobus Cornells Voorwald

125. Test Conditions Effect on the Fracture Toughness of Hollow Glass Micro-Spheres Filled Composites
C. Capela, J. D. Costa, J. A. M. Ferreira

126. Crack Growth Behavior in the Interface of Repair Welded 1Cr-0.5Mo Steel
Un Bong Baek, Kee Bong Yoon, Hea Moo Lee

127. Modeling of Fatigue in a Low-Carbon Roller-Quenched Tempered Steel
D. Angelova, R. Yordanova

128. Effect of Corrosion Environment Activity on Fatigue in a Low-Carbon Steel
A. Davidkov, D. Angelova

129. Monitoring of the Construction Materials’ Alarm States Are Caused by Both Fatigue and Embrittlement by Liquid Metals
S. Kh. Shamirzaev, E. D. Mukhamediev, G. Yu. Shamirzaeva

130. Evaluation of Residual Stresses During Fatigue Test in a Fsw Joint
S. Pasta, A. P. Reynolds

131. Calibration for Machine Deformation for High Temperature Fracture Testing
S. K. Ray, G. Sasikala

132. Mixed Mode Fracture Toughness of an Adhesive Bonded Joint
M. Alfano, F. Furgiuele, C. Maletta

133. The Relationship Between Creep Rupture Life and Microstructure of Aged P92 Steel
B. J. Kim, B. S. Lim

134. Study the Caustics, Isochromatic and Isopachic Fringes at a Bi-Material Interface Crack-Tip
G. A. Papadopoulos

135. Methods for Measuring Biaxial Deformation on Rubber and Polypropylene Specimens
Ch. Feichter, Z. Major, R. W. Lang

136. Hybrid Testing of Historic Materials
M. Drdácký, O. Jiroušek, Z. Slížková, J. Valach, D. Vavrik

137. Determination of Parameters of Local Approach to Ductile Fracture of Steel Using Combined Experimental-Numerical Procedure
M. Rakin, M. Zrilic, N. Gubeljak, Z. Cvijovic, A. Sedmak

138. Computer Simulation and Experiments to Evaluate Digital Image Correlation Methods
Sven Bossuyt, Sam Coppieters, David Lecompte, Hugo Sol, John Vantomme

139. Analysis of Inertia Effect on a Three Point Bend Specimen Loaded by the Hopkinson Pressure Bar
Xiaoxin Zhang, Gonzalo Ruiz, Rena C. Yu

140. Size and Strain Rate Effects on the Fracture of Reinforced Concrete
Gonzalo Ruiz, Xiaoxin Zhang, Rena C. Yu

141. Modelling and Experimental Investigation of a Composite Cushion Under Impact Loading
Michael A. Sek, Vincent Rouillard, Manuel Garcia-Romeu

142. Concurrent Bending and Localized Impact on Sandwich Panels
Jorgen A. Kepler, Peter H. Bull

143. Discussions on Standardization of Hopkinson Bars Technique
L. M. Yang, Li Song, Li-Li Wang

144. Identification of Strain-Rate Sensitivity Parameters of Steels With an Inverse Method
Lorenzo Peroni, Marco Peroni, Giovanni Belingardi

145. Experimental Parameter Identification for Material Models Including Deformation Induced Volume Dilatation for Thermoplastic Materials
F. Hilberth

146. Experimental Analysis of the Shock Enhancement of a Cellular Structure Under Impact Loading
S. Pattofatto, I. Elnasri, H. Zhao, Y. Girard

147. Compression Testing by Means of Charpy Pendulum
V. Mentl, J. Dzugan

148. Detection and Quantification of Impact Loads in Fibre Reinforced Ploymers
Ch. R. Koenig, D. H. Mueller, O. Focke, M. Calomfirescu

149. Visualization of Mercury Cavitation Bubble Collapse
Msatoshi Futakawa, Takashi Naoe, Nobuatsu Tanaka

150. Three-Dimensional Strain Field Idenfication Using Speckleless Images of X-Ray Ct
Shoji Kuzukami, Osamu Kuwazuru, Nobuhiro Yoshikawa

151. Full-Field Stress Measurement From Strain and Load Data
Giovanni B. Broggiato, Luca Cortese

152. Identification of Orthotropic Material Behaviour Using the Error in Constitutive Equation
T. Merzouki, H. Chalal, F. Meraghni

153. Adjustment of the Boundary Conditions in a Finite Element Model of a Plate Suspended With Springs by an Inverse Method
E. Euler

154. Permeability Identification of a Stereolithography Specimen Using an Inverse Method
Gerd Morren, Hugo Sol, Bart Verleye, Stepan Lomov

155. Measuring Soft Tissue Properties Using Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element Modelling
S. L. Evans, C. A. Holt, H. Ozturk, K. Saidi, N. G. Shrive

156. Strain Characteristics of Materials Fracture Under Lowcycle Plastic Deformation
A. Khromov, D. Fedorchenko, E. Kocherov, A. Bukhanko

157. Formability Analysis of Magnesium Alloy at Elevated Temperature With Experimental and Numerical Method
Lin Wang, L. C. Chan, T. C. Lee

158. Fem Analysis of the Creep Behaviour of Steel Pipes Under Thermal Gradients
F. Vakili-Tahami, F. Talati, A. H. Sorkhabi, O. Arashnia

159. Development of the Advanced Moiré Methods With High Resolution Microscopy at Fml
Huimin Xie, Yanjie Li, Bing Pan, Haixia Shang, Fulong Dai, Satoshi Kishimoto, Zhanwei Liu

160. In-Situ Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures Using Shearography
Y. Y. Hung, L. Liu, Y. H. Huang, Edward C. Y. Yiu

161. Measurement of Thermal Stress in Cob Packaging Structures
Xiao-Yuan He, Fanxiu Chen

162. Surface Roughness Measurement of a Semi-Conductor Wafer Using Laser Scattering Technique
C. J. Tay, S. H. Wang, C. Quan

163. A 20 Kilohertz Optical Strain Gage
W. N. Sharpe

164. An Application of Microscopic Digital Image Correlation to Dental Materials
Dongsheng Zhang, Miao Luo, Dwayne Arola, Ahmad Nazari

165. Active Interferometric System for Mems/Moems Measurement
Jacek Kacperski, Malgorzata Kujawinska

166. Applicability of Time Average Stochastic Moire for Cryptographic Applications
Minvydas Ragulskis

167. Tomographic Reconstruction of 3D Ultrasound Fields Measured Using Laser Vibrometry
Kourosh Tatar, Erik Olsson, Fredrik Forsberg

168. Experimental Detection of One Dimensional Grout Spread Using Image Processing Active Contour Model
A. Ait Alaiwa, N. Saiyouri, P. -Y. Hicher

169. Digital Holographic Method Used to Detect an Object’s Deformation
Wen-Wen Liu, Xiao-Yuan He, Xin Kang

170. Application of Wavelet Transform in the Image Analysis of Soil Microstructure
Wang Wei, Sim Qiu, Hu Xin, Hong Baoning, He Xiaoyuan

171. Image and Complex Correlation Near Discontinuities
Mikael Sjodahl

172. Estimation of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Performances
Laurent Robert

173. Visible, Infrared and Incoherent Light Transport Optical Techniques for in Situ Material Testing
N. Renault, S. Andre, C. Baravian, C. Cunat

174. Evaluation of Shrinkage Stresses and Elastic Properties in a Thin Coating on a Strip-Like Substrate
D. A. Chelubeev, R. V. Goldstein, V. M. Kozintsev, A. V. Podlesnyh, A. L. Popov

175. Full-Field Strain Rate Measurement by White-Light Speckle Image Correlation
Giovanni B. Broggiato, Leobaldo Casarotto, Zaccaria Prete

176. Radiographic Observation of Strain Field and Consequent Damage Zone Evolution
D. Vavrik, T. Holy, J. Jakubek, M. Jakubek, J. Valach

177. Strain Measurement in the Adhesive Layer of a Bonded Joint Using High Magnification Moire Interferometry
P. D. Ruiz, F. Jumbo, J. M. Huntley, I. A. Ashcroft, G. M. Swallowe

178. Wooden Surface Investigation: an Optical Approach Based on Shadow Moiré
L. D’Acquisto, A. Pica, A. M. Siddiolo

179. Shearographic Detection of Delaminations in Sandwich Structures: Investigation on Various Excitation Modes
G. Kalogiannakis, B. Sarens, D. Hemelrijck, C. Glorieux

180. Observation of Fundamental Variables of Optical Techniques in the Nanometric Range
Cesar A. Sciammarella, Luciano Lamberti

181. Processing of a Hrtem Image Pattern to Analyze an Edge Dislocation
Federico M. Sciammarella, Cesar A. Sciammarella, Luciano Lamberti

182. An Approach to Errors Introduced in the Mesh-Free Full-Field Strain Measurement Method
A. P. Iliopoulos, N. P. Andrianopoulos

183. New Improvements in Shearography Techniques
Hernani M. Lopes, Mario A. Vaz, Rui M. Gliedes, J. F. Silva Gomes

184. Dynamic Deformation Evaluation by Electro Motive Force
Tetsuo Kumazawa, Noboru Nakayama

185. Modern Situation in Photoacoustic and Thermoelastic Stress Analysis in Application to the Problem of Mechanical Stress Measurements
K. L. Muratikov, A. L. Glazov

186. Derivation of Uniaxial Stress-Strain Curves for Cast Iron From Samples Tested in Flexure
D. A. Jesson, H. Mohebbi, H. M. S. Belmonte, M. J. Mulheron, P. A. Smith

187. Electromechanical Response of Large Strain Ferroelectric Actuators
Doron Shilo, Amir Mendelovich, Haika Drezner

188. Testing System for Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Micro-Actuators
Y. Ganor, D. Shilo, J. Messier, T. W. Shield, R. D. James

189. Buckling Control of Glass/Epoxy Composite Columns With Pzt Actuators
R. Mini, C. Lakshmana Rao, S. M. Sivakumar

190. Enhancement of Buckling Load of Thin Plates Using Piezoelectric Actuators
R. Indira Priyadarshini, C. Lakshmana Rao, S. M. Siva Kumar

191. Investigation of Twin-Wall Structure at the Nanometer Scale Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Doron Shilo, Guruswami Ravichandran, Kaushik Bhattacharya

192. Design Construction and Testing of a Smart Actuated Helicopter Blade
J. Monreal, G. Giannopoulos, F. Santafe, J. Vantomme, F. Buysschaert, P. Hendrick

193. Multiaxial One Way Shape Memory Effect and Superelasticity
Karine Taillard, Sylvain Calloch, Shabnam Arbab Chirani, Christian Lexcellent

194. Stress Distribution Measurement of Welding Part by Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Hyum-Chul Jung, Ho-Sub Chang, Ki-Soo Kang, Sang-Kyu Baek, Koung-Suk Kim

195. Small Strain Test System for Optical Strain Measurement Systems
R. Steinberger, M. Jerabek, Z. Major, R. W. Lang

196. Determination of the Stress Intensity Factor by Means of the Espi Technique
A. Cirello, A. Pasta

197. Strain Localization Analysis by a Combination of the Espi With a Bulge Test
Guillaume Montay, Bruno Guelorget, Ignacio Lira, Marie Tourneix, Manuel François, Cristián Vial-Edwards

198. Residual Strain and Stress Analysis by Speckle Interferometry Combined With the Drill of a Groove
Afaf Maras, Guillaume Montay, Olivier Sicot, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Manuel François

199. Full-Field Vibration Measurement by Time-Average Speckle Interferometry and by Doppler Vibrometry - a Comparison
Aurélien Moreau, Dan Borza, 1Ioana Nistea, Mariana Arghir

200. Optical Configurations for Espi
Amalia Martínez, J. A. Rayas, R. Cordero

201. Reduction of Pseudo Vibrations in Rotational Measurements, Using Sensor Arrays
M. L. Jakobsen, S. G. Hanson

202. Characteristics of Operational Displacement and Curvature Shapes and Their Effect on Curvature Based Damage Detection Algorithms
Colin P. Ratcliffe, Roger M. Crane

203. Biomimetic Guided Structural Health Monitoring for Civil Aircraft
Eddie O’Brien

204. In-Situ Health Monitoring of Objects Consisting of Visco-Elastic Materials
Karl-Hans Laermann

205. Experimental Safety Evaluation of Roofs
Marc Gutermann, Klaus Steffens

206. Determination of Location and Size of a Through-Thickness Part-Width Crack in Cantilever Beams
L. Kannappan, K. Shankar, A. G. Sreenatha

207. Monitoring Life Expenditure of Power Station Engineering Plant
Andrew Morris, John Dear, Miltiadis Kourmpetis, Alexander Fergusson, Amit Puri

208. Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors for Vertical Pumps With the Current and Vibration Signature Analysis
Young-Shin Lee, Yeon-Whan Kim

209. Unbiased Experimental Reflection Method for the Ultrasonic Characterization of Materials
D. A. Sotiropoulos

210. Fatigue Crack Detection by Acoustic Emission Monitoring in the Course of Laboratory Strength Test
Jiri Behal

211. Residual Stress Measurement Using a Miniaturised Deep Hole Drilling Method
X. Ficquet, D. J. Smith, C. E. Truman

212. Neutron Diffraction Performance Based on Multiple Reflection Monochromator for High-Resolution Neutron Radiography
Pavel Mikula, Miroslav Vrana

213. A Modified Three Point Bend Specimen
Kjell Eriksson

214. Experimental Studies on Wrinkling Behaviors of Gossamer Space Structures
Changguo Wang, Xingwen Du

215. A Momentum Transfer Measurement Experiment Between Contacting Bodies in the Presence of Adhesion Under Near-Zero Gravity Conditions
M. Benedetti, D. Bortoluzzi, M. Cecco

216. On Field Measurement of Forces and Deformations at the Rear Part of a Motorcycle and Structural Optimization
G. Olmi, A. Freddi, D. Croccolo

217. Ballistic Impact Facility - Considerations and Experiences
Peter H. Bull, Jorgen A. Kepler

218. Measurement of Moment Redistribution Effects in Reinforced Concrete Beams
R. H. Scott, R. T. Whittle, A. R. Azizi

219. Mechanical Property Measurement of Flexible Multi-Layered Materials Using Postbuckling Behavior
Atsumi Ohtsuki

220. Friction Coefficients Definition in Compression-Fit Couplings Applying the Doe Method
Dario Croccolo, Rossano Cuppini, Nicolò Vincenzi

221. Residual Stresses of Welded Structures and Their Effect on the Dynamic Behaviour
Joeran Ritzke, Peter Nikolay, Andreas Hanke, Guenther Schlottmann

222. An Experimental Technique to Evaluate the Strength of Adhesive Bonds in Multiaxial Loading
Lorenzo Peroni, Massimiliano Avalle, Dipartimento Meccanica, Politecnico Torino

223. Study of the Substitution of Limestone Filler With Pozzolanic Additives in Mortars
M. Katsioti, D. Gkanis, P. Pipilikaki, A. Sakellariou, A. Papathanasiou, Ch. Teas, E. Haniotakis

224. A Testing Technique of Confined Compression for Concrete at High Rates of Strain
P. Forquin, F. Gatuingt, G. Gary

225. A Wavelet-Based System for Structural Health Monitoring of Aeronautic Structures
I. Dimino, V. Quaranta

226. Homogeneous Administration of Experiments in Material Science for Configuration, Monitoring and Analysis
Ferdinand Ferber, Franz-Barthold Gockel, Thorsten Hampel, Thorsten Pawlak, Rolf Mahnken

227. Material Simulation and Damage Analysis at Thermal Shock Conditions
Franz-Barthold Gockel, Rolf Mahnken

228. Grids Reformation for Effective Strain Measurement of Forming Titanium Tailor-Welded Blanks at Elevated Temperatures
C. P. Lai, L. C. Chan, C. L. Chow

229. Experimental Study of Optimal Process Parameters for Deformation Welding of Dissimilar Metals
T. F. Kong, L. C. Chan, T. C. Lee

230. Mechanical Behaviour of Udimet 720Li Superalloy
S. Chiozzi, V. Dattoma, R. Nobile

231. Solid Phase Change Observation Using Digital Image Correlation
S. Valance, M. Coref, J. Réthoré, R. Borsf

232. Effects of Applied Stress on the Shape Memory Behaviour of Niti Wires
A. Falvo, F. Furgiuele, C. Maletta

233. Study on Micro-Damage of Al Alloy Welded Joint in Aerospace Thermal Cycling Condition
Cheng Jin, Jitai Niu, Shiyu He

234. Development of a Compression Tool for Polymeric Materials
M. Jerabek, R. Steinberger, Z. Major

235. Application of Full-Field Strain and Temperature Measurement and Analysis for Polymer Testing
Z. Major, R. Steinberger, Ch. Feichter, M. Jerabek, R. W. Lang

236. Assessing Lifetime of Polyolefins for Water and Gas Distribution Systems
James Atteck, John Dear, Jean-Louis Costa, Aurélien Carin, Jean-Pierre Michel

237. Experimental Calibration of Computational Constants for Hole Drilling Method
O. Weinberg, J. Václavík, J. Jankovec, P. Jaroš, S. Holý

238. Methods for Sitting Posture Evaluation: Static Posture and Applications
S. Scena, R. Steindler

239. Correct Prediction of the Vibration Behavior of the High Power Ultrasonic Transducers by Fem Simulation
Abbas Pak, Amir Abdullah

240. The Influence of the Insertion Torque on the Pull-Out Force of Pedicle Screws
P. Chatzistergos, E. Magnissalis, S. K. Kourkoulis

C. Special Symposia/Sessions

241. Specific Fracture Energy Determination of Dam Concrete by Large-Scale Size Effect Tests
Amirreze Ghaemmaghami, Mohsen Ghaemian

242. Autogenous and Isothermal Restrained Shrinkage of Hydrating Cement Pastes - Experimental Study
Arnaud Pertue, Pierre Mounanga, Abdelhafid Khelidj, Denis Fournol

243. Exploring the Mechancial Design of Wood at the Micro-And Nanoscale
I. Burgert

244. Wood Adhesive Bondlines by Nanoindentation
Johannes Konnerth, Andreas Jäger, Josef Eberhardsteiner, Ulrich Müller, Wolfgang Gindl

245. 3D Shape Measurement at Different Length Scales Using Speckle and Gap Effect
Fu-Pen Chiang, Gunes Uzer

246. Indentation Hardness and Yield Stress Correlations in Polymers
Thomas Koch, Sabine Seidler

247. Advanced Test Methods for Experimental Characterization of Asphalt Concrete
Ronald Blab, Michael Wistuba, Markus Spiegl, Karl Kappl

248. Autogenous Shrinkage and Creep of Early-Age Cement-Based Materials: Multiscale Modeling With Experimental Identification and Verification
Christian Pichler, Roman Lackner

249. Finer-Scale Extraction of Viscoelastic Properties From Materials Exhibiting Elastic, Viscous, and Plastic Material Behavior
Andreas Jager, Christian Pichler, Thomas Niederkofler, Roman Lackner

250. Ultrasonic Characterization of Porous Biomaterials Across Different Frequencies
Christoph Kohlhauser, Christian Hellmich, Chiara Vitale-Brovarone, Aldo Boccaccini, Dirk Godlinski, Josef Eberhardsteiner

251. Examination of the Optimal Frequency of the Cyclic Load in the Inverse Analyses of the Heat Conduction of Infrared Thermography
Kenji Machida, Shohei Miyagawa, Koich Hayafune

252. Formation Behavior of Shape Recovery Force in Tini Fiber Reinforced Smart Composite
Keitaro Yamashita, Akira Shimamoto

253. Effects of Biaxial Stress Condition for Fatigue Properties of Titanium
Yasumi Itoh, Akira Shimamoto, Do Yeon Hwang, Tetsuya Nemoto, Hiroyuki Matuura

254. An Application of Image-Processing to Stress Measurement by Copper Plating Foil (On the Effect of Frequency, Stress Ratio and Stress Waveform)
Masakatsu Sugiura, Ryuji Ozeki, Masaichiro Seika

255. Fabrication of Cu Nanowire at the Intended Position by Utilizing Stress Migration
F. Yamaya, N. Settsu, M. Saka

256. Numerical and Experimental Study of Bending Behavior of Thin Walled Beams Filled With Metallic Foams.
Gustavo José Cazzola, Francisco Aparicio Izquierdo, Teresa Vicente Corral

257. Evaluation of Off-Axis Wood Compression Strength
Nilson Tadeu Mascia, Elias Antonio Nicolas, Rodrigo Todeschini

258. Mechanical Characteristics of Spectacles
H. Kaneko, S. Kakunai, M. Morita, J. Nishimura

259. Rupture of Bottleneck Seal of Liquid Packaging Bags
Akira Shimamoto, Hiroyuki Aoki, Katsimori Futase

260. Crack Inhibition Effect of Tini Fiber Reinforced Cfrp Composite
Doyeon Hwang, Akira Shimamoto

261. Damage Inspection and Evaluation in the Whole View Field Using Laser
Akira Kato, Tin Aung Moe

262. Behaviors of Young’s Modulus by Constriction of Reinforced Smart Tini-Fiber Composite
Teruko Aoki, Akira Shimamoto

263. Evaluation of Mixed-Mode Thermal Stress Intensity Factor at Various Temperatures
Masahiro Suetsugu, Kouichi Sekino, Takashi Nishinohara, Koji Shimizu

264. Stress Analysis of an Unpressurized Elstomeric O-Ring Seal Into a Groove by Photoelastic Experimental Hybrid Method
Jeonghwan Nam, Jaisug Hawong, O. -Simg Kwon, Songling Han, Gun Kwon

265. Evaluation in Skin by Hierarchical Separation Viscoelasticity Measurement by Rheometer
Tetsuya Nemoto, Zenzo Isogai, Kazuharu Koide, Yasumi Itoh, Hroyuki Matsuura, Akira Shimamoto

266. A New Method for Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Twin Walls
Haika Drezner, Doron Shilo

267. Opto - Mechnaical Reliability Studies of Aln Driven Cantilevers
A. Andrei, K. Krupa, L. Nieradko, C. Gorecki, L. Hirsinger, P. Delobelle, J. Kacperski, M. Jozwik

268. Instabilities in Nanostructured Materials
K. T. Ramesh, S. P. Joshi, B. E. Schuster

269. Use of Instrumented Microindentation to Determine the Global Mechanical Behavior of Nanocrystallised Copper Samples
L. Waltz, B. Guelorget, D. Retraint, A. Roos, J. Lu

270. Fatigue Characteristics of Nano-Structured Tool Steel Under Load Variation by Ultrasonic Cold Forging Treatment
Chang-Min Suh, Gil-Ho Song, Min-Ho Kim, Young-Shik Pyoim

271. Gaussian Decomposition of Non-Stationary Random Vehicle Vibrations
Vincent Rouillard

272. On the Statistical Distribution of Segment Lengths of Road Vehicles Non-Stationary Vibrations
Vincent Rouillard

273. The Statistical Distribution of the Root Mean Square of Road Vehicle Vibration
M. A. Garcia-Romeu-Martinez, V. Rouillard

274. Full 3D Strain Measurement by Digital Volume Correlation From X-Ray Computed and Optical Scanning Tomographic Images
A. Germaneau, P. Doumalin, J. C. Dupré

275. Crack Tip Growth Measurement Using Digital Image Correlation
Phillip L. Reu, Brendan R. Rogillio, Gerald W. Wellman

276. Study on Defromation of a Micro Beam Using Interferometry
W. Sun, X. -Y. He, M. Li, Y. Fu

277. 3D Surface Elastic-Plastic Strain Mapping in Hemming, Bending, and Indentation Tests
Wei Tong

278. Projected Fringe Pattern Analysis by the Fourier Method: Application to Vibration Studies
R. Rodriguez-Vera, C. Meneses-Fabian, J. A. Rayas, F. Mendoza-Santoyo

279. Antiplane Problem of Crack Arrest for a Cracked Piezoelectric Plate
R. R. Bhargava, Namita Saxena

280. Electric-Field Induced Fatigue Crack Growth in Ferroelectric Single Crystals
F. Fang, W. Yang, F. C. Zhang, R. H. Wen

281. Integrity of Piezo-Composite Beams Under High Cyclic Electro-Mechanical Loads - Experimental Results
Lucy Edery-Azulay, Haim Abramovich

282. M-Integral for Piezoelectric Ceramics Using the Exact Boundary Conditions on Crack Surfaces
Yael Motola, Leslie Banks-Sills

283. Failure Pzt Thin Films in Mems
D. F. Bahr, D. J. Morris, M. C. Robinson, A. L. Olson, C. D. Richards, R. F. Richards

284. Charge-Free Zone Model for Failure of Conductive Cracks in Piezoelectric Ceramics Under Electrical And/Or Mechanical Loading
Tong-Yi Zhang

285. Fracture Mechanics for Electroactive Materials
Robert M. McMeeking

286. Fracture in Piezoelectric Ceramics and PZT/Electrode Interfaces
H. Jelitto, F. Feiten, G. A. Schneider, C. Häusler, H. Balke

287. Vibration Phase Based Ordering of Vibration Patterns Acquired With a Shearing Speckle Interferometer and Pulsed Illumination
Peter A. A. M. Somers, Nandini Bhattacharya

288. Recent Developments of Speckle Pattern Interferometer for Bone Strain Measurement
L. X. Yang, H. Yokota

289. Investigation of the Thermal Deformation of Electronic Packages With Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Hans Reinhard Schubach

290. One-Shot Digital Holography Using Polarization Imaging With a Pixelated Micro-Retarder Array
S. Yoneyama, N. Mizuhara, K. Tabata, T. Nomura, H. Kikuta

291. Explosive Embossing of Holographic Structures: Computational Simulation of Procedural Influences to the Reconstructed Hologram
T. Scholz, A. Kraft, E. Reithmeier, G. Helferich

292. Contouring of Diffused Objects by Using Digital Holography
Chandra Shakher, Dalip Singh Mehta, Md. Mossaraf Hossain, Gyanendra Sheoran

293. Nonlinear Bulk Elastic Waves in Layered Solid Waveguides
I. V. Semenova, G. V. Dreiden, A. M. Samsonov

294. Effects of Window Size on Accuracy and Spatial Resolution in Windowed Phase-Shifting Digital Holographic Interferometry
Yoshiharu Morimoto, Torn Matui, Motoharu Fujigaki, Norikazu Kawagishi

295. Identification of Specimen Position and Orientation Using Standard Deviation of Intensity in Phase-Shifting Digital Holography
Motoharu Fujigaki, Youhei Ashimura, Torn Matui, Yoshiharu Morimoto

296. Reflection Hologram Interferometry As Unique Tool in the Course of Residual Stresses Determination
V. S. Pisarev, V. V. Balalov

297. Compensation Speckle Pattern Interferometry in Material Testing Techniques
I. N. Odintsev, V. S. Pisarev

298. Fast Transforms for Digital Holography
L. Yaroslavsky

299. Null Test in Speckle Light by Comparative Digital Holography
Wolfgang Osten, Giancarlo Pedrini, Xavier Schwab, Thorsten Baumbach

300. 3D Pulsed Digital Holography for the Simultaneous Acquisition of Vibration Displacements
Fernando Mendoza Santoyo, Carlos Perez Lopez, Tonatiuh Saucedo, Ramon Rodriguez Vera

301. Digital Holographic Interferometers Cameras for Remote Monitoring and Measurements of Mechanical Parts
Aneta Michalkiewicz, Malgorzata Kujawinska

302. 3-D Micro-Structure Measurement Method Based on Shadow Moiré Using Scanning
Yasuhiko Arai, Shunsuke Yokozeki

303. Measurement of Surface Shape and Positions by Phase-Shifting Digital Holography
I. Yamaguchi, T. Ida, M. Yokota

304. Terahertz Digital Holography
Yan Zhang, Weihui Zhou

305. The Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurement of Sandwich Circular Plates With a Single Fully-Potted Insert Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
Song-Jeng Huang, Hung-Jen Yeh

306. Mechanical Characteristics Determination of Materials and Covers by Means of Micro- and Nano- Stm-Hardness Meter With Semi-Conductor Diamond Pyramids
V. A. Andruschenko, A. A. Bondarenko, V. N. Nikitenko, V. V. Meleshko

307. A New Instrument for Tensile Testings of Thin Free Standing Films at High Strain Rates
Eran Ben-David, David Elata, Daniel Rittel, Doron Shilo

308. Nanocharacterization of Gold/ Gold Contact Surface Failure in Mems Contact Switches
M. Al-Haik, H. Sumali, S. Trinkle, J. M. Redmond

309. Measuring Natural Frequency and Non-Linear Damping on Oscillating Micro Plates
Hartono Sumali

310. Biologically Inspired Mechanics of Wavy Surface Adhesion
Pradeep R. Guduru

311. Embedded Sensors in Rubber and Other Polymer Components
Keith Harmeyer, Michael A. Holland, Gary Krutz

312. Evaluation of Finite Element Based Correction of Layer Removal During Xrd Measurements for Geometries and Stress Distributions of Interest in Aircraft Engines
Yogesh K. Potdar, Karthick Chandraseker, Robert McClain, Mike Hartle, Paul Domas, Rohinton Irani

313. Stress Analysis of Laser Marked Low Carbon Steel
Z. Kalincsak, L. Balogh, L. Borbas, J. Takacs

314. Investigation of Residual Stresses Developement in a Single Fibre Composite With Fbg Sensor
F. Colpo, D. Karalekas, J. Botsis

315. Validation Specimen for Contour Method Extension to Multiple Residual Stress Components
P. Pagliaro, M. B. Prime, B. Zuccarello, B. Clausen, T. R. Watkins

316. Development and Uncertainty Analysis of a Sonic Controlled Drilling Unit on Residual Stresses Measurement by the Hole Drilling Method
A. Albertazzi, M. R. Viotti, W. A. Kapp

317. Strain and Temperature Discrimination and Measurement Using Superimposed Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor
M. Demirel, L. Robert, J. Molimard, A. Vautrin, J. -J. Orteu

318. Monitoring of Lri Process by Optical Fibre Bragg Gratings
S. Vacher, J. Molimard, A. Vautrin, H. Gagnaire, P. Henrat

319. Extention of the Grid Method to Large Displacements
J. Molimard, K. Zhani, C. Desrayaud, M. Darrieulat

320. Time-Dependent Behavior of Ropes Under Impact Loading
A. Nikonov, M. Udov, B. Zupani, U. Florjani, B. S. Bernstorff, I. Emri

321. Material Properties of Mixtures
Samo Kralj

322. Colloidal Emulsions
Gennady Maksimochkin, Sergey Pasechnik, Mitja Slavinec, Milan Svetec, Samo Kralj

323. An Automated Phase Unwrapping Algorithm for Isoclinic Parameter in Phase-Shifting Photoelasticity
Pichet Pinit, Eisaku Umezaki

324. Phase Unwrapping for Absolute Fringe Order in Photoelasticity
Pichet Pinit, Yudai Nomura, Eisaku Umezaki

325. A New Automated Measuring Instrument for Minute Photoelasticity
Kenji Gomi, Kensuke Ichinose, Yasushi Niitsu

326. Effect of UV Illumination Wavelengths on Stress and Temperature in Curing Process of UV Curing Resin
Eisaku Umezaki, Masahito Abe

327. Measurement of Stress and Temperature in Curing Process of Epoxy Adhesives
Eisaku Umezaki, Kazuya Iwanaga

328. Identification of Strain-Rate Sensitivity With the Virtual Fields Method
Stéphane Avril, Fabrice Pierron, Junhui Yan, Michael A. Sutton

329. Identification of 3-D Heterogeneous Modulus Distribution With the Virtual Fields Method
Stéphane Avril, Jonathan M. Huntley, Fabrice Pierron, Derek D. Steele

330. Identification From Multi-Physics Full-Field Measurements at the Micrometer Scale: the Electro-Elastic Coupling
F. Amiot, F. Hild, F. Kanoufi, J. P. Roger

331. Determination of the Elongational Properties of Polymers Using a Mixed Numerical-Experimental Method
L. Robert, S. Hmida-Maamar, V. Velay, F. Schmidt

332. Thermomechanical Behaviour Prediction of Glass Wool by Using Full-Field Measurements
Jean-Francois Witz, Stéphane Roux, François Hild

333. Modeling of Adsorption-Induced Mechanical Loading on Microcantilevers Using Full-Field Measurements
Nicolas Garraud, Fabien Amiot, François Hild, Jean Paul Roger

334. On the Image Correlation Measurement of Displacement Fields With Strong Strain Gradients Or Discontinuities
Wei Tong, Hang Yao

335. Identification of the Local Stiffness Reduction of Damaged Composite Plates Using Full-Field Measurements
J. -H. Kim, F. Pierron, M. Wisnom

336. An Attempt to Identify Hill’s Yield Criterion Parameters Using Strain Field Measured by Dic Technique
H. Haddadi, S. Belhabib

337. Effect of Aluminum Foam and Foam Density on the Energy Absorption Capacity of 3D “S” Space Frames
Roselita Fragoudakis, Anil Saigal

338. High Strain-Rate Compressive Characteristics of a Unidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Laminated Composite: Effect of Loading Directions
T. Yokoyama, K. Nakai, T. Odamura

339. Determination of Vertical Characteristics of Rail Vehicle Suspensions by Drop Test on the Track
J. Chvojan, R. Mayer, P. Polach, J. Vaclavik

340. Dynamic Effects on Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Plates Submitted to Impact Tests
G. Belingardi, M. P. Cavatorta, D. S. Paolino

341. A Method to Measure Crack Opening Displacement of Fast Propagating Crack in Araldite B
Shinichi Suzuki, Kazuya Iwanaga

342. Experimental Investigation of the Static Behaviour of a Hole Drilled Steel Plate Reinforced With a Composite Patch
Nicholas G. Tsouvalis, Lazaros S. Mirisiotis

343. Italian Design Guidelines for the Structural Strengthening With Frp Materials
Luigi Ascione, Luciano Feo

344. Laboratory Tests and Mechanical Models for the Validation of Frp Reinforcement of Masonry Structures
Alessandro Baratta, Ileana Corbi, Ottavia Corbi

345. Adhesion Problems Between Frp Reinforcement and Masonry Support in Existing Building Strengthening
Silvia Briccoli Bati, Luisa Rovero, Ugo Tonietti

346. Quality Control and Monitoring of Frp Applications to Masonry Structures
Renato S. Olivito, Francesca A. Zuccarello

347. Experimental Investigation on Debonding Between Masonry and Frp
Christian Carloni, Kolluru V. Subramaniam, Lucio Nobile

348. Frp Width Effect on Shear Debonding From Concrete
Kolluru V. Subramaniam, Christian Carloni, Lucio Nobile

349. Advanced Composites for Retrofit of Historical Masonry Structures: Dynamic Tests and Comparative Assessment
Gaetano Manfredi, Andrea Prota

350. Applications of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method in Speckle Metrology
María B. Bernini, Gustavo E. Galizzi, Alejandro Federico, Guillermo H. Kaufmann

351. Flaw Detection Enhancement in Lockin Temporal Speckle Interferometry Using Thermal Waves
A. E. Dolinko, G. H. Kaufmann

352. The Spatial Structures of Pseudophase Singularities in the Analytic Signal Representation of a Speckle Pattern and Their Application to Biological Kinematic Analysis
Wei Wang, Yu Qiao, Reika Ishijima, Tomoaki Yokozeki, Daigo Honda, Akihiro Matsuda, Steen G. Hanson, Mitsuo Takeda

353. A New Family of Speckle Interferometers
Luigi Bruno, Andrea Poggialini, Orlando Russo

354. Analysis of Dspi Fringe Patterns Issued From Transitory Mechanical Loadings
V. Valle, E. Robin, F. Brémand

355. Multifunctional Encoding System for Assessment of Movable Cultural Heritage
V. Tornari, E. Bernikola, W. Osten, R. M. Grooves, G. Marc, G. M. Hustinx, E. Kouloumpi, S. Hackney

356. Identification of Some Acoustic Noise Sources in Cars by Speckle Interferometry
Dan Borza

357. Phase Extraction in Dynamic Speckle Interferometry by Empirical Mode Decomposition
Antonio Baldia, Sébastien Equis, Pierre Jacquot

358. Analytic Processing of Experimental Data by a B-Spline Fitting
Luigi Bruno

359. Espi-Measurement of Strain Components on a Cfrp-Reinforced Bending Beam
Erwin Hack, Ann Schumacher

360. Martensite and Reverse Transformation During Two-Direction Simple Shear of Niti Sma
S. P. Gadaj, W. K. Nowacki, E. A. Pieczyska, J. Luckner

361. Transformation Induced Effects in Tini Shape Memory Alloy Subjected to Tension
E. A. Pieczyska, S. P. Gadaj, W. K. Nowacki, H. Tobushi

362. From Thermomechanical Heat Source Reconstruction to the Validation of Mechanical Behavior’s Laws
N. Renault, S. Andre, C. Cunat

363. The Influence of Temperature and Pre-Aging on the Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Nickel Coatings (Ni 200/201)
Hubert Koberl, Heinz Leitner, Wilfried Eichlseder

364. Geometric Scale Effect in Dynamic Tension Tests, a Numerical Analysis
R. Cheriguene, A. Rusinek, R. Zaera, J. R. Klepaczko

365. Effect of a Quasi-Static Prestrain on Subsequent Dynamic Tensile Curves
L. Durrenberger, A. Rusinek, A. Molinari, D. Cornette

366. Self-Healing of a Single Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite
Eyassu Woldesenbet, Rochelle Williams

367. Monitoring and Analysis of Damage Development in Pipelines Due to Exploitation Loadings
Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Tadeusz Skibiski, Jacek Szelazek, Sawomir Mackiewicz

368. Experimental Investigation of Stress Concentrations Caused by Inserts in Sandwich Panels
Nicholas G. Tsouvalis, Maria J. Kollarini

369. On the Progressive Collapse of Micro Lattice Structures
R. A. W. Mines, S. McKown, W. Cantwell, W. Brooks, C. J. Sutcliffe

370. Quasi-Static Testing of New Peel Stopper Design for Sandwich Structures
J. Jakobsen, E. Bozhevolnaya, O. T. Thomsen

371. Optimization of Surface Damping Treatments for Vibration Control of Marine Structure
Ramji Koona, Ganesh Kumar, S. Ranganath

372. Measuring Mixed Mode Cohesive Laws for Interfaces in Sandwich Structures
Christian Lundsgaard-Larsen, Christian Berggreen, Bent F. Sørensen

373. Testing of Sandwich Core Materials and Sandwich Panels Subjected to Slamming Loads
Carl-Johan Lindholm

374. Assessment of Hygrothermal Ageing and Damage in Sandwich Foam Using Tsa.
E. Lembessis, J. M. Dulieu-Barton, R. A. Shenoi

375. Aluminum/Foam Sandwich Beams in Three-Point Bending
E. E. Gdoutos, D. A. Zacharopoulos

376. Researching the Processes Leading to the Failure of Composite Sandwich Structures
Alexander Fergusson, Amit Puri, John Dear, Andrew Morris

377. Impact Energy Absorption in Novel, Lightweight Sandwich Panels With Metallic Fibre Cores
J. Dean, P. M. Brown, T. W. Clyne

378. Dynamic Modulus of Syntactic Foam Core - a Non Destructive Approach
Eyassu Woldesenbet, Phani Mylavarapu

379. Thermal and Mechanical Response of Sandwich Panels in Fire
P. A. Cutter, R. A. Shenoi, H. Phillips

380. Tensile and Flexural Properties of Solid-State Microcellular Abs Panels
Krishna Nadella, Vipin Kumar

381. Mixed Problem for Free Radial Vibrations of a Closed Spherical Sandwich Shell
V. Polyakov, R. Chatys

382. Finite Element for Sandwich Panels Based on Analytical Solution of Constitutive Equations
Arkus Linke, Hans-Gunther Reimerdes

383. Impact Damage in Sandwich Composite Structures From Gas Gun Tests
Nathalie Toso-Pentecote, Alastair Johnson

384. Effects of Missing Cells on the Compressive Behavior of Closed-Cell Al Foam
I. Jeona, Y. Yamadab, T. Yamadab, K. Katoub, T. Sonodab, T. Asahinab

385. Failure Behaviour Investigation of Metallic Open Lattice Cellular Structures
G. N. Labeas, M. M. Sunaric

386. Smart Meshing of Imperfect Structures for the Improved Prediction of Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour
Carol A. Featherston

387. Cyclic Buckling Tests of Cfrp Boxes Under Compression and Torsion
Chiara Bisagni, Potito Cordisco

388. Floor Dynamics for Truss System With Light Gauge Steel and Concrete
S. E. Lee

389. Local Buckling and Postbuckling Behaviour of Thin-Walled Shells (Test Data & Theory)
G. D. Gavrylenko

390. Initial Skin Buckling and Mode-Jumping in Integrally Stiffened Metallic Panels
Adrian Murphy, Damian Quinn, Mark Price

391. Buckling Design Optimisation of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Shells Using Lower Bound Post-Buckling Capacities
Hongtao Wang, James G. A. Croll

392. Metallurgical Reasons of Scattering of Toughness in the Welded Joints of the Construction Steels
E. Bayraktar, D. Kaplan, J. P. Chevalier

393. Study of a Substitution Test for Explosion Tests on Submarines Hulls
Thierry Millot, Aude Menegazzi

394. High Strain Rate Reloading Compresson Testing of a Closed-Cell Alumnum Foam
Alper Tasdemirci, Mustafa Güden, Ian W. Hall

395. Quasi-Static Axial Crushing Behavior of Aluminum Closed Cell Foam-Filled Multi-Packed Aluminum and Composite/ Aluminum Hybrid Tubes
Mustafa Guden, Halit Kavi, Sinan Yuksel

396. Calibration of Ductile Fracture Properties of Two Cast Aluminum Alloys
Hiroyuki Mae, Xiaoqing Teng, Yuanli Bai, Tomasz Wierzbicki

397. State of the Art of Impact Tensile Test (ITT): Its Historical Development As a Simulated Crash Test of Industrial Materials
E. Bayraktar, D. Kaplan, M. Grumbach

398. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Circular Tube Systems Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading
Edmund Morris, A. G. Olabi, M. S. J. Hashmi, M. D. Gilchrist

399. 3D Mechanical Analysis of Axially Loaded Cfrp Confined Concrete Columns
Youliang Chen, Ping Zheng, Jing Ni, Lequn Chang, Feng Yang

400. Conception and Construction of an Impact Machine (100Kj) for Frontal and Skew Shocks
Etienne Pecquet, Jérôme Tchuindjang, Serge Cescotto

401. Influence of Precipitation on the Grain Growth During the Welding of Interstitial Free (Ifs) Steels
E. Bayraktar, D. Kaplan, J. P. Chevalier

402. Analysis of Mechanical Behaviour of Spotweld and Fsw Metallic Assemblies Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loadings
J. Fabis, S. Blanchard, B. Langrand, E. Markiewicz

403. Testing and Modeling of Moisture Diffusion Into Aluminum Particle Filled Epoxy Adhesive
Ramazan Kahraman, Mamdouh Al-Harthi

404. Joining and Mechanical Strength of Selfpiercing Riveted Structure - Numerical Modeling and Experimental Validation
S. Fayolle, P. O. Bouchard, K. Mocellin

405. A Comparative Study on Laser Welded Joints: Mechanical and Metallurgical Aspects
E. Bayraktar, D. Kaplan, B. S. Yilbas

406. Carburization Behavior of Haynes-214 in Ethane-Hydrogen Gas Mixtures
I. M. Allam

407. Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) /Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposites
Tzong-Ming Wu, Sung-Fu Hsu, Chien-Shiun Liao

408. Thermal Properties of Silk/Poly(Lactic Acid) Bio-Composite
Hoi-Yan Cheung, Kin-Tak Lau

409. Crystallization Kinetics and Thermal Behavior of Pcl/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Composites
Erh-Chiang Chen, Tzong-Ming Wu

410. Preparation and Characterization of New Biodegradable Materials: Poly(Lactic Acid)/Layered Double Hydroxides Nanocomposites
Ming-Feng Chiang, Tzong-Ming Wu

411. Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Poly(Lactic Acid)/ Montmorillonite Nanocomposites
Mei-Jan Chu, Tzong-Ming Wu

412. Synthesis and Characterization of Sol Gel Derived Silicon Substituted Porous Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds - Effect of Siliconlevelontheinvitrobiocompatibilityof Si-Hap
A. Balamurugan, J. H. G. Rocha, S. Kannan, A. Rebelo, J. M. G. Ventura, J. M. F. Ferreira

413. Designing Intelligent Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: Blending and Co-Electrospinning Synthetic and Natural Polymers
Peter I. Lelkes, Mengyan Li, Anat Perets, Mark J. Mondrinos, Yi Guo, Xuesi Chen, Alan G. MacDiarmid, Frank K. Ko, Christine M. Finck, Yen Wei

414. The Evaluation of Grain Boundary Difussion Coefficient of Iron Ions in Wustite
Yasushi Sasaki, Manabu Iguch, Mitsutaka Hino

415. Wet Etching Rate in the Cavity of Printed Circuit Board
Katsutoshi Matsumoto, Daiki Takahashi, Kazutoshi Matsumura, Takaharu Suzuki, Shoji Taniguchi

416. Experimental Determination of Preform Permeability Variation With Porosity for Woven Fiberglass and Carbon Mats
Hossein Golestanian

417. Swirling Jet Mixing of a Bath Covered With a Top Slag Layer
M. Iguchi, Y. Sasaki, D. Iguchi, T. Ohmi

418. Dissolution Behavior of Elements in Steelmaking Slag Into Seawater
Takahiro Miki, Mitsutaka Hino

419. Experimental Study of the Stress Relief in Patched Pluminium Specimens
Marie-Pierre Moutrille, Xavier Balandraud, Michel Grédiac, Didier Baptiste, Katell Derrien

420. Stress Separation Using Thermoelastic Data
Eann A. Patterson, Robert E. Rowlands

421. Evidence of Viscoelastic and Elasto-Plastic Dissipation in Metals by Measurements of the Thermal

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics

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